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April 18, 2015 - Day 8 - Disney Hotel visits then head home to Los Angeles

Started off the last day packing up the suitcases and doing a final check to see what else I would like to pick up today.   We left for the resort line in the mid morning and went for a trip to all the Disney Hotels.  First up the MiraCosta.   Walked along the covered walkway from the Resort Line and then explored the lobby and common guest areas.   Returned to the monorail and took it to the Gateway station.  Found our way through Ikspiari to the Ambassador Hotel.  Roamed around the lobby and common guest areas then headed back to ikspiari.  Stopped by the Disney Store then boarded the monorail to the Disneyland Station.   Walked to the Disneyland Hotel and wandered around a while before heading back to the monorail.  Disembarked at the Bayside Station and returned to our room to grab the suitcases and check out.  Dropped the suitcases at bell services and returned to the Ikspiari for a late lunch/early dinner.   After eating returned to the hotel and dropped the carryons with some of the group and I went for a final ride around the Resort Line.  I stopped first at the DisneySea stop and walked around the station a bit.  Then the Disneyland stop and did the same.  Walked back to the Gateway and boarded the monorail for a final trip to the Bayside Station.  Walked across the street to the Hilton and waited for the airport bus.   Took it to the airport and waited for our flight to head back to LAX.


Thoughts & Observations
  • It is always sad to reach the end of a trip.  Today was our 14th day and time to head for home after a great time in Hong Kong and Tokyo.  We had a full day ahead of us since our flight was a red-eye.  We spent the morning packing then headed out to explore the Disney Hotels.

  • First stop was Tokyo DisneySea and we took the walkway from the Resort Line to the Hotel MiraCosta.  The exterior as we saw all week looked great and really was integrated into the park.  The front entrance was on the grand side and looked great.  The lobby was very detailed but felt small to me.  It was also crowded.  It was very cool to have views into the park.  The Fashionable Easter show was going on when we walked by. 

  • Next stop was the Resort Gateway Station and the Ambassador Hotel.   Finding the hotel was a bit of a challenge.. we took the long way through Ikspiari which did not help.  The hotel itself was nice and but very busy.  The lines at the shuttle stop were very long compared to the other hotels and what we have seen all week.  Not sure if it was because it was a Saturday or if the hotel is just that busy feeling. 

  • Walked back through Ikspiari and stopped at the Disney Store.  I was expecting a World of Disney type store but it turned out to be just a regular Disney Store like you would find in your local mall.  No real Tokyo Disney specific items.  It was a nice store and large but I was hoping for some resort specific merchandise.

  • We opted to take the Resort Line to the Disneyland Station but it was having some problems this afternoon.  Not sure what but we had to wait while it was down.   One showed up and off loaded only. Then the next showed up and let those guests on then us.  So all in all maybe a 15 minute delay.

  • At the Disneyland Station disembarked and paid a daytime visit to the Disneyland Hotel (the last time I was there was the first evening).  Nothing new to add to my notes from the first day.

  • After our resort tour returned to our room to finish packing and check our bags.  We learned that they had no “cage” or place to lock up/store carryons at the Hilton and they were very nervous about taking a laptop.. so that meant I got to carry mine around the rest of the day.. Not the most pleasant to lug around a large backpack and heavy laptop in addition to my usual camera gear.  But thought this wiser than returning to find it missing.

  • We returned to Ikspiari for a late lunch at TGI Fridays.  Yes I know it is repetitive to eat there.. but it was a decent selection and more reasonable than Rainforest and other options.  Plus I am not adventurous when it comes to food so a known quantity is always good.. especially before traveling. 

  • After eating returned to the Hilton and the others in the group wanted to rest so they pulled up a table/chair and hung out there which meant I could leave my laptop then I set off for one last trip around the Resort Line stopping by the parks and Gateway for some pictures.

  • We knew we were in for a long evening.  The last bus from the Hilton to the airport was around 6:30 and our flight did not leave until 12:30am.  Of course no traffic or delays and we were at the airport by a little after 7:15 I think it was.   They had not opened the check in area and we were stuck waiting for a couple hours until they did which was around 9:00pm.   Of course our flight was late due to a  late departure from LA.. so our 12:30am flight became a 2:00am flight then later.    Even going through security and customs took no time.. maybe 10 minute from when we checked our bags till I was looking at the map to find our gate.  Our gate was one of the last ones so we had a substantial trip, over 600m, to the gate.  With all that we still arrived by 9:30pm and had 5 hours there to wait.   The Tokyo crew tried to make the best of the situation.  They brought drinks, snacks, and sandwiches out around the time we were supposed to leave.  The plane showed up just before 2am.  There was an army of workers there to turn it around quickly and we were boarded and rolling for the runway just after 3am. 

  • The rest of the flight was fairly uneventful.  I slept for about half then watched the flight tracker and a movie.  Luckily it was not crowded so we spread out and each had our own row.    Since we were late getting into LAX we had to be bussed to International terminal and then had to hike the entire terminal to customs.  Why the buses do not drop you off near customs seemed really poor to me.   LAX was more of a madhouse than usual due to construction so getting out of the airport took a long time but we eventually did and returned home to end this great trip.  Thank you for following along and hope I was able to capture some of the experiences and share them with you.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 6.5
Steps 17,359
Moderate Steps 8,772
Moderate Steps/Time 78


Day 8: Part I: Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta Part I: Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta

Packing up then embarking on a trip around the Resort Line visiting the Disney Hotels. This first part features the trip to and look around the DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.
Day 8: Part II: Disney Ambassador Hotel Part II: Disney Ambassador Hotel

The trip to the Resort Gateway station and through Ikspiari to the Disney Ambassador Hotel.
Day 8: Part III: Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Part III: Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The third and final Disney Hotel, the Disneyland Hotel and the trip back to the Bayside Station.
Day 8: Part IV: A last trip around the Disney Resort Line Part IV: A last trip around the Disney Resort Line

A couple final laps on the Disney Resort Line including a stop at the park entrances before heading to the airport and back to Los Angeles.



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