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April 15, 2015 - Day 5 - Tokyo Disneyland's 32nd Anniversary. the morning at Disneyland, afternoon at DisneySea, and evening at Disneyland

Started off this morning seeing sunshine.. one of the few times this entire trip.   Got ready and we left the room just after 8am.  Took the shuttle to the Resort Line and road it around to the Gateway station. Disembarked and walked through the Bon Voyage store then onto Disneyland.   Arrived just after 9am and the masses had started to enter.  Strolled toward the hub and took some Castle pictures then stopped by the American Waffle Company for breakfast (note it does not open till 9:30).   After eating walked through Adventureland and out to Westernland.  Had some time so walked through Critter Country and then back to catch the first cruise of the Mark Twain at 10:05am.   Sailed around the Rivers of America.  Once back ashore headed back to Adventureland and Theatre Orleans to catch the Minnie show.  It was cancelled due to the high wind so the characters and performers made a brief appearance for pictures.  Made our way to the hub just in time to hear they cancelled the Easter Parade because of the wind too.  Walked into Tomorrowland and tried my luck for the Once Upon a Time Lottery and failed to win tickets.  Walked around the hub as it started to cloud up and drizzle so headed for World Bazaar and cover.   Decided to head for DisneySea.  Walked through the Mediterranean Harbor and Mysterious Island on my way to Mermaid Lagoon for lunch.   After lunch wandered through the Arabian Coast going to a ride on the Carrousel then headed back to the harbor to see if they were going to do the Easter Show.  Along the way walked around Mysterious Island and then the Explorers Fort before finding a spot.  The show was cancelled a few moments after I found a spot due to the high winds.   Walked back through the American Waterfront then the Mediterranean Harbor on the way to the front of the park.  Did some shopping along the way.  The rest of my group headed back to the room to take a quick break before the evening and I turned around and decided to circle the park for some daytime/rain free pictures.   Started off in the American Waterfront area.  Spent some time walking along the water then caught a performance of a Table is Waiting before boarding the Columbia to look around.  Wandered back around the Tower of Terror then into Trolley Park.   Spend some time in the New York Streets then walked to the harbor to confirm the last Easter show was cancelled.   It was so back to New York and boarded the Electric Railway to Port Discovery.   Walked to the Lost River Delta and wandered around the Character Meet & Greet then past Indiana Jones and the Raging Spirits attractions before ending up in the Arabian Coast.  Continued on past the Mermaid Lagoon and to through the Mysterious Island.   Made my way to the Mediterranean Harbor and out of the park.  Hopped on the Resort Line and disembarked at the Disneyland Station and headed into the park.  Roamed World Bazaar then rejoined the rest of my group.  Walked around the hub and into Fantasyland.   Decided to grab a bite to eat at the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall.  After dinner took a spin on the Tea Cups and then walked through Fantasyland and into Westernland.   The group had dessert and then we found a spot for Dreamlights, which was promptly cancelled due to weather and in its place another parade of characters.   Watched from Westernland and then hurried around to Fantasyland to catch it again at the end of the parade route.   Then walked back by the Castle and stopped at Snow White’s Grotto on my way to the center of the park.  Found a spot for Happiness on High Fireworks and then Once Upon a Time.  After the shows (which ran as scheduled) joined the masses heading for World Bazaar and continued on to the Resort Line and back to the hotel to call it a night.



Thoughts & Observations
  • This morning woke up to clearer skies.  It was cool and forecasted to be breezy but no rain.  Was up early again so had some time to go through emails and post some items before heading to the parks. 

  • We were ahead of schedule so stopped by the Resort Gateway on the way to Disneyland this morning and walked through the Bon Voyage Store.  Today marked the 32nd Anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland.  There was some merchandise available so I ended up with a pin since it was dated.

  • We opted to walk to the park since we were fairly close and had time to spare still.  The park opened at 9:00am.  The plan today was to see some of the entertainment we had missed and some outdoor attractions.

  • I was disappointed they did not do anything besides the merchandise to mark the 32nd anniversary.   Interesting note I saw merchandise in a handful of shops around the park so there was no rush for it at all. 

  • I did not really pay attention to the opening nor closing times of attractions or dining locations.. I started off this morning zero for two.  The group wanted Waffles so we thought we would stop there first.. well it does not open until 9:30am.  So they waited around and I roamed around taking some pictures.

  • After they ate we thought a ride on the Mark Twain was a good after breakfast idea.  Well it did not open until 10:05 am.  So we hung around about 10 minutes to board.  The River was quiet and it was a nice cruise.. but a bit windy on the upper deck.  I walked around the decks and the ship was in ok shape but it did not sparkle like the one at Disneyland.  It looked like it needed some TLC or at least some down time.

  • Stopped by the Theatre Orleans to see the Minnie Oh! Minnie show.  It was cancelled due to wind.   At show time though the cast came out and performed one song as a photo op.   I thought this was a great substitute and the young kids in the audience seemed thrilled just to see the characters.

  • Next up was to catch the Hippity-Hoppity Easter Parade.  As we approached the parade route it was cancelled.  This time no substitute ran though.

  • Before heading over to DisneySea we tried our luck at the lotter for Once Upon a Time tonight…  we failed.   Wonder if us winning yesterday played into it today?

  • If you were curious it took me about 20 minutes to park hop from Disneyland to DisneySea (and about 15 coming back later).   This was much quicker than Orlando but no where near the ease of Disneyland.

  • This afternoon the plan was to take some better weather pictures and just explore the park.     The lines were longer as we roamed around but still not insane.  I was very happy that I had already visited most of the attractions and could skip the lines and just roam around today.

  • We did try the Caravan Carousel and it was disappointing.  The load/unload time is extremely long.  Add to that the cycle before us someone got sick so they had to stop it and let him off and then restart which took even longer.   They were also only partially loading it.  The positive to this is you were not stuck on the inner row with no view but it did mean a longer wait.   I was stuck toward the center and the view from in there was not very good.

  • The Fashionable Easter Shows were cancelled due to wind.. which was not a surprise but we still hung around just to confirm.

  • Ate dinner at the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall.  This evening it was more crowded than yesterday which translated into a 15 minute wait in line or so.  Not bad but compared to the easy walk through of yesterday.  
    Tip – If you are looking to save a little money.. a drink inside is 300 yen.  There are vending machines right outside restaurant and they are 210 yen for a Coke.

  • After dinner decided to Alice’s Tea Party a spin.  Doing it after dinner is not the best move but I was going to take some pictures/video so I was not planning to spin fast.   The tea cups seemed to spin a little easier or maybe it was because I was not trying? 

  • The wind was slightly calmer this evening.  We found a spot to watch the Electrical Parade Dreamlights but it was cancelled due to weather.  In its place they ran Nightfall Glow.  This was a temporary parade that was used when they were creating Dreamlights.  Guess they roll it out on bad weather nights?  It is only a handful of floats but compared to nothing it is a great substitute. 

  • Made my way to the hub and found a spot to watch Once Upon a Time.  I was far back but it looked ok.   Before that though the Happiness on High Fireworks.  They went off without a problem.  Found it interesting ok to shoot fireworks off but not the electrical parade.  The fireworks were not very impressive from this angle either.  Slightly better than from DisneySea.

  • Closed out my evening with Once Upon a Time.  The clarity and brightness of the projections on Cinderella Castle was incredible.  The show was very well done and a great way to end a day at the park.   Wonder if WDW will be getting a version of this once the hub work is done?

Pedometer Stats
Miles 10.4
Steps 27,481
Moderate Steps 14,519
Moderate Steps/Time 130
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