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April 16, 2015 - Day 6 - Last day in the parks the morning at Disneyland, afternoon at DisneySea, and evening at Disneyland

Today marks the last day of theme park admission for us.  We started off taking the Resort Line to Tokyo Disneyland.   We arrived just as they had started to let the lines in.   I wandered toward the Castle and the others went for some breakfast.  Paused for the band and then some characters before finding my way to Adventureland.  The plan was to visit the Tree House then Tom Sawyer Island.. well I did not check opening times and neither opened until 10am.  So after hiking to each I had to go to plan B and visit Fantasyland.  Went for a spin on Dumbo then Snow White’s Scary Adventure.  Returned to Adventureland to rejoin my group and go for a ride on the Western River Railroad.  Once back they headed for Theatre Orleans and I did a quick hike through the Swiss Family Tree House.  Joined them and watched the Minnie Oh! Minnie show then walked out to Westernland and found a spot for the Easter Parade.  After the parade I walked in front of the castle, through Fantasyland and into Tomorrowland and found a spot to watch the parade a 2nd time.  After that went for a cruise on the Grand Prix Raceway before lunch at the Tomorrowland Terrace.  After lunch  tried my luck for Once Upon a Time seats   (and failed) then I headed for Tom Sawyer Island (the others Fantasyland for ice cream).  I circled the island visiting the Fort, Indian Village, Tree House, Bridges, Cave, and then returned to the mainland and World Bazaar to find my group.  Returned to the Resort Line and headed for DisneySea.  Once in the park strolled through the Mediterranean  Harbor and out to the Fort to find a spot for Fashionable Easter (I wanted to see what happened on the water this time around).  After the show walked out to Port Discovery and took the Electric Railway to the American Waterfront.   Walked the decks of the Columbia and then hopped on a big City vehicle for a scenic trip around.  Some grabbed a bite a the New York Deli then we headed toward the exit.  Ran into the 4:30 Fashionable Easter so took some pictures on the way out to the Monorail.  Bid farewell to DisneySea and returned to Disneyland.   Stopped by the Pan Galactic Pizza for something to eat then the rest of the group went to find a quiet bench and I walked through Tomorrowland and out to Toontown.  Circled the Downtown Area then the Residential side.  Walked through Fantasyland and past the castle to Westernland near Snow White’s Grotto.  Found my group and decided to do a quick run back to Toontown for a souvenir before joining them on a bench for Dream Lights.  Enjoyed Dream Lights then walked quickly through Fantasyland and out toward Toontown to catch the 2nd half of the parade a second time.   Once the parade had finished returned to the hub to find a spot for Happiness on High.  After I did they cancelled it due to weather.  Hung around waiting for Once Upon a Time in the same spot.  After the show headed for the exit to conclude my Tokyo Disney Parks and return to the hotel to call it a night.



Thoughts & Observations
  • Woke up to clear skies and a slightly better forecast today.  It felt warmer and the winds were much calmer most of the day.  That meant the crowds were substantially larger at both parks but still nothing like the misery I was expecting when I planned the trip.  I was very happy to have finished all the attractions on my lists and today was really just trying to see some of the entertainment and enjoy the parks.

  • The plan was for most of the group to eat breakfast and while they were eating I was going to walk the Tree House and Tom Sawyer Island.  Well this failed due to late openings of both attractions.. I should have paid more attention to that but did not really think of it.  So instead I used the time to visit Fantasyland again.

  • There was no wait at all for Dumbo so I decided to go for a spin.  It is a classic style Dumbo, guessing it was the original from 1983 still?   Was really surprised when the cast members started gesturing at me about pictures/video while on board.  I have never experienced that on Dumbo..  but they were fairly adamant about nothing while onboard.

  • Next up walked onto Snow White’s Adventure.   It is not called a Scary Adventure here.. but it just as scary as the one at Disneyland.

  • Returned to Theatre Orleans to catch the Minnie Oh! Minnie show.  This was a great character show with a lot of bright costumes and up beat music.    We were unsure if it was going to be worth trying to catch and after seeing it glad we did go back.  The shows in Tokyo have all been great.

  • Watched the Hippity-Hoppity Springtime parade from Westernland and then caught it a second time in Tomorrowland thanks to the show stop.  The parade has 85 performers, 7 floats and makes three long show stops.  From start to finish the parade is in the park for over 40 minutes.    It runs from April through June, so the Easter festivities in Tokyo are long.    It was a fun parade and the color/details are great.  It has a song that repeats over and over and will drill itself into your head (also FYI they sell CDs with many of the soundtracks including one for this parade).   I enjoyed seeing it but I wish I could have caught the Happiness is Here Parade too (it does not run during the Easter Season)

  • I paused in front of Cinderella Castle and looked out at the hub as the parade was stopping there.  The hub in Tokyo is very large.  For some reason though I never really spent that much time in it..

  • Went for a ride on the Grand Circuit Raceway.   The set up reminds me a lot of Walt Disney World.  Interesting note here is the cars have sensors and will shut off/stop before running into the car in front of you.   It was a nice drive and there were a lot of cherry blossoms still in bloom on the track.   Comparing the four Autopia style attractions I think the best track is Disneyland in Anaheim.. the best cars are in Hong Kong with its track a close second.

  • Paid a visit to Tom Sawyer Island.  It was surprisingly un crowded and at several points I had an area to myself.  Unlike here in the states there were not kids running wild around the Island.  Not sure if I was just lucky or if that is how it always is.  It was great that their tree house is still open as is their fort.   There is also an Indian Village on the Island to play in.  All in all some great views and I could have easily spent more time there.

  • Returned to Tokyo DisneySea in the afternoon and found a spot on the Fortress Explorations for Fashionable Easter.  It was a little breezy but nothing like yesterday and the show went off as scheduled.  It was an interesting perspective and great to see the boats, jet skis and kites.  But you were really disconnected from the show and could not see most of the performers. It was good for a second viewing but I would not recommend it for a first one.

  • Paid a visit to the bow of the SS Columbia and it was a great view of the park and into Tokyo Bay.   I can only image it on a crystal clear day.  I really enjoyed my time up there.

  • There was no wait so went for a ride on a Big City Vehicle in the American Waterfront.  The cars inch along but provide a nice view of the area.  They are round trip and not a transportation vehicle.

  • Returned to Tokyo Disneyland for the evening to catch the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights.  It is an impressive parade and a great upgrade to the classic Main Street Electrical Parade.  I really think Walt Disney World needs a version of this parade, it would play very well down there.  There is a good mix of classic and more modern Disney and Pixar floats in the parade.    I also was able to do something I do not think I have every done at a Disney park.. we sat on a bench and had a perfect view of the parade.  A row of guests sat on the ground in front of us so we were in the second row and it was great!

  • To close out my evening find a spot for Once Upon a Time.  More of the effects were used this evening and the show was even more impressive on a second viewing.  A great way to close out my time in the parks.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 9.0
Steps 23,982
Moderate Steps 15,138
Moderate Steps/Time 133
Day 6: Part I: Disneyland Part I: Disneyland

A walk through Adventureland, Westernland and into Fantasyland. After a couple attractions back to Adventureland for the Western River Railroad and Swiss Family Tree House before catching Minnie Oh! Minnie.

Day 6: Part II: Hippity-Hoppity Springtime Part II: Hippity-Hoppity Springtime

The Disney Easter parade from Westernland including the show stop then from Tomorrowland.

Part III: Tomorrowland, Westernland & Tom Sawyer Island Part III: Tomorrowland, Westernland & Tom Sawyer Island

A race at the Grand Circuit Raceway then off to Tom Sawyer Island before leaving the park.
Day 6: Part IV: Tokyo DisneySea Part IV: Tokyo DisneySea

A last walk around DisneySea including a viewing of Fashionable Easter from the fort. A last ride on the Electric Railway then a walk through the American Waterfront.
Day 6: Part V: Disneyland Part V: Disneyland

A walk through the park including a stop at the Disney Gallery, a pass through Tomorrowland and Toontown plus a look at the Cinderella murals.

Day 6: Part VI: Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights

Part VI: Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights

Video and pictures from Dreamlights, taken from Westernland near Snow White's Grotto and the from Tomorrowland.

Day 6: Part VII: Once Upon a Time Part VII: Once Upon a Time

Pictures and video taken from the hub near the Partners Statue to wrap up my day in the parks.

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