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Dining at the Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom offers the full range of counter service choices that you have come to expect from Disney theme parks each themed to its appropriate area. There menus are fairly standard, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, etc...

Your full service options are somewhat limited here. With Tony's Town Square Café, Cinderella's Royal Table, and Liberty Tree Tavern being your only real choices for a nice sit down meal.



The Geek's Choices

Our favorite place to eat in the Magic Kingdom is Cinderella's Royal Table. This is the restaurant located inside Cinderella's Castle. The views of Fantasyland are cool and the food is great. The restaurant can get really busy during the day and loud too. Our favorite time to go is during the fireworks show. You get an incredible view of the show through the large windows in the dining hall. Also since this is usually later in the evening the crowd is a little tamer.

One specialty that we really enjoy is the fresh Carmel Corn from the Sleepy Hollow food location (located to your right as you come over the bridge towards Liberty Square.


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