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Disney's Port Orleans Resort (French Quarter and Riverside)

Port Orleans and Dixie Landings have merged into one large resort that is now called Port Orleans. The old Port Orleans area is now called the French Quarter. The old Dixie Landings is called the Riverside area.

I stayed at Port Orleans in the summer of 1994. It was a really great resort. The detail and landscaping were incredible for a moderate priced resort. Also setting this one apart from the others (Dixie Landings, Coronado Springs, and Caribbean Beach Resort) is the size. The resort has about ½ as many rooms as the others. But with the combination of Dixie Landings this is no longer true.

In March 2007 I stayed at Port Orleans Riverside for the first time and I really found it to be a great resort. I had not spent much time walking around the resort, usually we would take a boat or bus and just go through the lobby area, but staying there you really have time to explore. I enjoyed the early morning or late night walks around the rivers. In December 2007 I stayed at the companion resort, the French Quarter (hard to believe it had been 13 years since I stayed there last) and found it to be great too, even though the walk to our room from the main building was pretty far (we were in building 1 which is the furthest South and a good 5 minute walk from the lobby).

Note: Even though the entire resort is called Port Orleans there are still separate lobbies. They share busses for most routes. The one exception being leaving the Magic Kingdom where there is a stop for each set up. Also at park opening and closing they sometimes run separate routes so keep your eyes open.

The Geek's Thoughts & Suggestions

Another fun thing do to is rent a bike and ride around this resort. There are several walkways along the river in this resort.

I really enjoyed taking a boat out and cruising up and down the Sassagoula river, which connects Dixie Landings, Port Orleans, Old Key West, and Lake Buena Vista (Disney Springs). Its really a great trip.You do not have to stay at the Resort to utilize the river. I have gone back several times just to cruise the river, or show people the resort.

Dining Options
  • Boatwright's Dining Hall
  • Colonel's Cotton Mill
  • Cotton Co-Op
  • Muddy Rivers
  • Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory
  • Mardi Grogs
  • Scat Cat's Club
  • Bonfamille's Cafe (Closed when they combined)

Quick Facts
  • Port Orleans (French Quarter) - Opened May 17, 1991

  • Port Orleans Reiverside (Dixie Landings) Opened February 2, 1992

  • Combined in 2000
Hotel Statistics

Number of Rooms:
Port Orleans: 1,008
Dixie Landings: 2,048

Suites: None
Concierge: No
Rate Range: Moderate Resort
Restaurants/Snack Bars: 3+3
Room Service: No
Lounges/Bars: 2+2
Pools: 1+6
Gym/Health Club: No
Kid's Programs: No
Baby-Sitting: Yes
Shopping: Yes
Water-Sports: No
Marina: Yes
Beach: No
Tennis: No
Biking: Yes
Reservation Number:
(407) W-DISNEY
Group Reservations:
(407) 828-3200
Meeting Facilities/Sq. Feet: 0


Port Orleans - Riverside - Standard Room (next trip I will get better shots)

Port Orleans - Riverside - Standard Room



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