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All Star Movies Resort

I stayed at the All-Star Movies resort for a week in March, 2000.

The All-Star resorts really surprised us a little. We were expected a really tiny room and not too much else. The room was much larger than we had expected, there were two doubles beds, a table, a couple chairs, and a TV stand in the room. It was good for the price as far as Disney hotels go. We have stayed at a majority of Disney's Resorts and enjoyed them all. My only complaint about the resorts was that it took a really long time to check in to get your key. I guess this is because of the size of the resort. The only other issue that jumps out at me is that Disney constantly reminds you that you are staying at the "economy" resort. The old saying you get what you pay for is true (and I think should be true). For example the only mode of transportation is the WDW bus station and at almost every stop the All-Star bus stop is the furthest one away. This does not sound that bad, but with hundreds of people all trying to get in the right line to get on their bus, and you having to get through them all to get to the far bus stop to get on yours, it can be a little rough.

If your choice comes down to staying at an Off-site resort or an All Star resort I would choose the All-Star. For more info on this check out the planning section of this site.

The All-Star Movie Resort is the newest of the three and it is also located the furthest down the road. Meaning there is an extra few minutes added to every commute time because of this extra distance.



The Geek's Thoughts & Suggestions

When making your reservation, or checking in you might want to find out if any large groups will be at the resort the same time you are. Disney always has various competitions throughout the year, and these people usually stay at the All-Star resorts. This sounds good, but we were there during a cheerleading competition and hundreds of high school cheerleaders staying at your resort can get loud at all hours of the day/night.

Dining Options
  • World Premiere Food Court
  • Sliver Screen Spirits

Quick Facts
  • Opened January 15, 1999
Hotel Statistics

Number of Rooms: 1920
Suites: None
Concierge: No
Rate Range: Value Resort
Restaurants/Snack Bars: None
Room Service: No
Lounges/Bars: 1
Pools: 4
Gym/Health Club: No
Kid's Programs:No
Baby-Sitting: Yes
Shopping: Yes
Water-Sports: No
Marina: No
Beach: No
Tennis: No
Biking: No
Reservation Number:
(407) W-DISNEY
Group Reservations:
(407) 828-3200
Meeting Facilities/Sq. Feet: 0



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