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Public Transportation to WDW

The information listed below is subject to change without notice. Bus lines suggested are based on my experience and the system map of LYNX. Subject to change without notice. Contact LYNX at 1-800-344-LYNX (5969) or visit http://www.golynx.com/ for the most updated information. This information is provided by a Tony Louey, a guest contributor to disngyeek.com and is accurate as of November 2005.

(Unless specified, the term “downtown” itself refers to Downtown Orlando.)

Public transit serving Walt Disney World and beyond…

The Central Florida area (Sanford-Winter Park-Orlando-Kissimmee) is served by an excellent bus system—LYNX. Many of their buses are new, wrapped with bus ads (or have different colors), have Transit TV, they are designed to let you travel car-free!

Visit their website at http://www.golynx.com/

Many bus routes connect with each other at LYNX Central Station. Download the bus map from their website, and figure out where your hotel will be. You may not be able to live right at downtown, but 2 miles away is not bad, as long as you only need to take one bus to connect with 50, the bus that takes you to Walt Disney World via the freeway.

Note: If they are staying in the hotels at WDW area, you can simply take 50 or 56, to the TTC. The destination of 50 and 56 buses “Magic Kingdom” is referred to the employee entrance (should be, but not sure) and not the guest entrance. There are no bus stops for 50 and 56 at guest entrance. All guests should get on and off at “Walt Disney World Transportation Center” and use monorail, boat or buses to get around.

Before you go, buy a one-week bus pass, since you will need it every day. Why before? Since the sales office in downtown Orlando may run out. Most importantly, is that you can use the pass starting right from when you leave the airport, and saves you money! This is a 7-day pass that you can choose your own starting day! Buy it online, and it will be shipped to you for free.

You may also pay your fare of $1.5 one-way (can get a free transfer) or a day pass for $3.5, payable on-board the bus. A 7-day pass costs only $12, so do the math, if you stay in the Orlando area for four days or more, a bus pass is your best bet!

If you come from air…

A. From Orlando International Airport (MCO): 11, 41, 42, and 51

To downtown (Central Station): 11 or 51

Consider the shopping mall is your meal stop, just check the schedules, it’s painless to transfer between buses.

41 travels along Semoran Blvd (State Route 436), while 42 also goes to Prime Outlets and Premium Outlets.

B. From Orlando-Sanford International Airport (SFB): 33

33 to Seminole Centre, 39 to Downtown Orlando (and transfer to other buses to your hotel)

Make sure you confirm which airport you will be landing at!

If you come from the train or Greyhound bus…

C. From Amtrak Orlando station: 40 goes to downtown or Universal Orlando.

D. From Greyhound Orlando station: Get to Orlando station. 48, 49 go to downtown. 30 travels along Colonial Drive.

E. From Amtrak Kissimmee station: 4 to Osceola Square Mall, 55

F. From Greyhound Kissimmee station: same as above.

All you have to remember is, every 30 minutes, 7 days a week, 50 and 56 will take you to World Disney World Transportation Center! Hope on the bus, sit back, relax, watch Transit TV, and enjoy the ride! Many visitors ride the LYNX, what are you waiting for?

Last updated: Nov 18, 2005