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April 11, 2015 - Day 7 - Last Morning in Hong Kong then onto Tokyo

This morning was an early morning with a 4am wakeup call.  We were packed up and in the lobby of the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel at 5am and in a cab to the airport shortly after.  Arrived in under 15 minutes and learned Cathay Pacific was not checking in for our flight until 6:15am.  Waited around then checked in and headed through customs and security.  Stopped for breakfast at McDonalds and then made a quick look through the Hong Kong Disneyland Store before heading for our gate.  Ended up leaving almost an hour late but arrived only 10 minutes late.   Once landed made our way to the Limo Bus and to the Tokyo Disney Resort.  We are staying at the Hilton so checked in, unpacked quickly then headed for the Resort Line and around the Ikspiari for dinner.  Found a TGI Fridays and ate there.   Then wandered around a bit and found the grocery store.   After grabbing some food and drinks for later in the trip most of the group returned to the hotel via the monorail.  I opted to go explore the Disneyland Hotel.  Walked around the lobby and public spaces for an hour or so then walked over to the front gate of Disneyland.  Wandered around a bit then headed back to the Resort Line and the Hilton to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations
  • We had an 8:45am flight so we worked backwards from there and came up with a 4am wakeup call.   Based on getting ready, checking out, the Taxi to the airport, and wanting to be there about 3 hours before the flight.  This turned out to be way too much time and we were there too early.

  • Last night we checked with Bell Services and asked about a Taxi and they took our information and said one would be ready for us at 5:15am.  They said that was probably too early to leave for the airport but we thought early was better.   We arrived in the lobby around 5am and the front desk and bell service cast members both greeted us and were ready (guess we were the only crazy guests leaving at that hour so they assumed it was us).  So checking out took no time since they had it ready for us and the cab showed up shortly after. 

  • It seemed like a waste to spend the night and leave so early but we wanted to get into Tokyo at a reasonable hour and did not want to take a red eye.. so it was our best choice. 

  • Once at the airport learned they would not let us check into our flight until 6:15am so we had to sit in the main building waiting until then.  Guess this is what the cast members were trying to warn us about?  

  • Checkin was uneventful but slow.  The custom and security lines were very quick too.

  • There was a very busy food court at the Hong Kong Airport and a Disneyland store too.   We ended up grabbing something from  McDonalds since we had time and while we waited for the Disneyland store to open.   Then took a quick look around the store.  The most interesting aspect of the store for me was the construction wall graphic.  I thought that would make a great t-shirt.  It featured some of Hong Kong and Disneyland.  Throughout the entire trip, I found very little merchandise that was Hong Kong specific or said Hong Kong Disneyland on it.  I pictured up a couple pins and that was it.  No hats or shirts.

  • We happened to choose a wise spot to wait for the flight.. since when the opened up the boarding we were in the first dozen or so passengers to board since our seat was in the line. 

  • This was my first time flying Cathay Pacific, also first time on a modern 747 (the last one I was on was back in the 80s).   The flight was uneventful.  We left an hour late but only arrived 10 minutes or so late. 
Note: The rest of my notes from this day will be in the Tokyo Trip report.   Thanks for visiting my Hong Kong trip.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 4.0
Steps 10,602
Moderate Steps 4,505
Moderate Steps/Time 40

Our last morning & Flight to Tokyo

A couple last pictures from the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and then the Hong Kong Airport departing for the second stop of our trip, Tokyo.

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