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April 10, 2015 - Day 6 - Hong Kong Disneyland

Started off my morning waking up well before I had planned, but it allowed for some packing time and uploading some videos from last night.  Left the room around 8:30am and walked around the Disneyland Hotel a bit then out along the water before heading over to the park.  Arrived at the front gates around 9:45am (park opened at 10:00am) which allowed those who wanted a waffle for breakfast some time to grab one before the park opened.  At rope drop watched two large masses of guests start to run to their first destination.  One group ran to the left and got in line for pins.  The other slightly to the right and out to Fantasyland for Frozen meet and greet tickets.  Everyone else just sort of walked along (which included us).  We made our way into Fantasyland and went for a ride on Dumbo followed by Winnie the Pooh, the Carrousel, and Tea Cups.  Walked down the parade route and made a quick stop in Tomorrowland to pick up a FastPass and then made our way to Adventureland where we did some shopping then I took a raft out to explore Tarzan’s Treehouse.  Once back on the mainland rejoined my group and we returned to Tomorrowland.   Got in line and waited to pay spend some time with Stitch then we continued on into Fantasyland. I walked out to see the Small World Clock Tower and then we all got in line for the Golden Mickeys.  After the show it was past lunch time so we stopped by the Royal Banquet Hall for a bite to eat.  Then we walked through Toy Story Land and Mystic Point to reach Grizzly Gulch.  Waited around and realized there were no performances going on so stopped by the gift shop in Mystic Point then some of the group decided to go rest and I spent time taking a more detailed look at Toy Story Land and then wandered into Adventureland.  Visited the Liki Tikis and since there was no wait went for ride on the Jungle River Cruise (and actually got wet!)  Once ashore continued on through Adventureland and back to Main Street USA to see what was going on.  Enjoyed a set by the Disneyland Band and then returned to Grizzly Gulch for a more in depth look around.  Around 6:00pm rejoined my group in the hub and spent some time there before working our way up the parade route to find a spot for Paint the Night.   I left them and did a quick loop of Tomorrowland before it started to drizzle.  About 7:00pm they officially cancelled Paint the Night.  The rest of my group decided to return to the hotel room at this point.  I stayed in the rain and wandered out to it’s a Small World for some pictures and a cruise.  Once back roamed Fantasyland and back to Toy Story Land.  Took a bunch of pictures then continued on to Mystic Point and went for one last ride on Mystic Manor.  Spent some time in Grizzly Gulch then back through Adventureland and out to the hub to catch the fireworks at park closing (9:00pm).   Found a spot a half dozen people back near the center.   After the show joined the masses exiting the park and walked back to the Disneyland Hotel to wrap up my evening and days in Hong Kong.

Thoughts & Observations
  • For some reason was up way before my target time again. This meant I had plenty of time to pack and roam around the Disneyland Hotel before heading over to the park for opening.  The 10am openings give you a lot of time in the morning.

  • This morning we walked out back of the hotel and spent some time checking out the maze and then walked along the water.  It was probably the clearest morning of the trip.  It was still overcast but you could see quite a bit of downtown Hong Kong in the distance.   I walked up the path toward the Hollywood Hotel because I was curious if you could see anything interesting/different.   The views across the water were good but other than that not really.  We also walked down by the Pier where a dozen or so locals were fishing.  No other activity as it is not in use at this time.  This was built with the plan to be a water ferry stop to bring guests to the park.

  • We arrived at the park before opening and once again Main Street was open already.   We smelled the fresh Waffles and decided to eat breakfast there.

  • I walked up toward the group of guests at rope drop.   Once they let the crowd go there were two groups running.  One went toward the Adventureland side of the Castle and the other through the Castle.   I eventually caught up with both groups and found out the one on the Adventureland side were Duffy/pin fans for the Pin Trading Days which are really merchandise days and they all wanted the limited edition offerings.  The other group was running to get in line for tickets to the Frozen Meet and Greet.  

  • Speaking of the pin trading days, they handle the distribution much differently than here in the US.   The guests line up and the line wrapped around the left side of the castle and then out into Adventureland almost all the way to the Jungle River Cruise.  Cast Members with carts were going through the line and passing out the merchandise and the line really was just a very long check out line.   That seemed extremely trusting to me to have guests wait well over an hour holding the merchandise.  On the other hand from the guest perspective you knew what you were getting vs getting up there and your item being sold out.

  • Since we were well ahead of the gameplan in terms of seeing attractions this morning decided to roll through some to fill in the “gaps”.  Ones that I had not really planned on experiencing but since I had time I did.  Such as Dumbo and the Carrousel.  There were no lines so this took very little time.  I also doubled back to some attractions to take video and more pictures.

  • Today I picked up a couple FastPasses as souvenirs.  If you have a platinum Magic Access Pass when you put it into a FastPass machine you automatically get three FastPasses..  whether you wanted them or not.

  • I went out to the Island that houses Tarzan’s Treehouse.  The rafts are the same we in the States are used to for Tom Sawyer Island.   The tree house seemed slightly larger than the tree houses at Disneyland and Walt Disney World but the same idea.  The show scenes are the same as the version in Anaheim, or at least seemed it to me.   The island has nothing else on it besides the tree house, the interactive space at the base, and a restroom.  During my visit there was a renovation going on and the tree house is surrounded by bamboo scaffolding.  This allows for work at night and the attraction to be open during the day.  It obstructs the views but it works.

  • Stopped by the Stitch Encounter and waited way too long for such a short show.  Because of the limited number of English shows and our schedule I opted to wait almost half an hour for the show.   The show itself was fine.  For those familiar with Turtle Talk it is the same type of experience.  Stitch appears on the screen and interacts with guests.  There is more of a story line to keep the show moving where as Turtle Talk seems more free form to me.

  • Next up the Golden Mickeys.  Once again the Platinum Magic Access Pass saved us waiting in line and got us great seats.   We walked up about half an hour before the show and the cast member said we were too early and to go find a seat.  We sat across from the theater on a bench.  A few minutes later she came over to us and said we could go in.  She then escorted us to the front of the line and they had set up a small queue under cover (it was starting to drizzle) for us to wait.  Also she said we would want to find a spot on the right since that is where the English closed captioning would be.  This show had the dialog in Chinese.  Most of the songs were in English. 

  • The show follows the same basic format as the versions on the Disney Cruise ships.  You are introduced to your host and the celebrities (Disney characters) arrive.  Then they give out awards to different genres.. for example Action, Adventure, etc…  The sets and cast are both larger than the cruise line versions.   No video was allowed but you could take all the still pictures you wanted.    I enjoyed the show.  It was a typical Disney production but enjoyable.    Also having it in a foreign language was a different experience.  Because of the video and closed captioning it really was not that hard to follow along (plus you could supply your dialog more or less). 

  • We ate at the Royal Banquet Hall in Fantasyland today.  Not sure why we had not found our way there on other days.  We saw the offerings the first evening but for one reason or another it never crossed our minds to go.  In retrospect it was a mistake.  The selection and food inside were good, much better than Tomorrowland where I ate a couple meals.  It was slightly more expensive but still less expensive than a table service location. 

  • I had read on the website that there were a couple groups that perform in the new areas of the park, one in Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and Toy Story Land.  We spotted the Grizzly Gulch group the first day.  So today I went in search of them in the afternoon based on the website schedule.  It turns out that schedule was wrong.  I asked Cast Members and they did not know… the best I got out of them was not today.  So my hunch is they only perform on weekends/busy days? 

  • I spent some time in the afternoon doubling back through the park and trying to round out my picture sets with detail of some of the areas.  Specifically the three new/unique ones for this park.

  • Thanks to an afternoon/evening rain storm the Disney Paint the Night Parade was cancelled again.  So it ran only one time in the four days I was in the park.  This was disappointing, but at least I got to see it once :)

  • I closed out my time at Hong Kong Disneyland with a last trip to Mystic Manor then some night pictures before catching the fireworks and walking back to the hotel.  The firework projections this evening were out of alignment this evening.

  • As we headed back to the Disneyland Hotel on the Park Promenade I spotted three other groups walking. I think this was the most all trip in the evening.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 9.6
Steps 25,583
Moderate Steps 14,441
Moderate Steps/Time 128

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