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April 5 & 6, 2015 - Day 1 & 2 - Travel from Los Angeles to Hong Kong

My Easter Sunday started off with a 4:00am alarm to get ready to leave for LAX at 5:00am.  Arrived at LAX no problem, check-in was a breeze and even TSA screening had a minimal wait so we were at the gate early and we had gate 50B (the first one!).  Luckily due to international and some of my groups frequent flyer status we were able to use the Delta Sky Lounge for a light breakfast and place to wait.  We left LAX on time and arrived in Seattle early.  Decided to grab lunch in the food court in the Central Terminal then went to seek out Delta Sky Lounge.  Had to hike to the far side of another terminal for our flight, arrived a few minutes to boarding and headed onboard.  Then we sat nearly 45 minutes waiting for a group to arrive on a connecting flight from Detroit.  Finally pushed back and were on our way.  Touched down in Hong Kong just after 8:40pm local time on Monday evening (yes we left Sunday morning and arrived Monday evening.. total transit time was about 27 hours from my front door to my room in Hong Kong plus a 15 hour time difference).  We had to disembark and take a bus to the main terminal.  Went through customs, got our bags, and were out waiting for a cab by 9:40pm.  We choose unwisely and it took over half an hour for a cab to show up (we choose the blue line).  Took it to the Disneyland Hotel and checked in.  This process took us a while since we purchased Magic Access cards plus the normal routine.  We were in our room just after 11pm.  Did a quick photo pass through the room then went and explored the hotel for till a little after midnight.  Lights started to be turned off at midnight and I was starting to get tired so returned to the room and went to bed.



Thoughts & Observations
  • We left Los Angeles early Easter morning with a flight in the 8am hour to Seattle to connect to an afternoon flight to Hong Kong.   LAX was a mess as usual even on a holiday thanks to the construction that is going on around the airport.
  • Since we were traveling internationally and some in group have a higher frequent flyer status we were able to use the Sky Lounge at LAX which was also under construction.  The lounge itself was nothing too spectacular but it did offer a nice view of the airport and had some snacks available.
  • The flight to Seattle was uneventful.  We left on time and arrived a few minutes early. 
  • I had never been to the Seattle airport so this was my first new experience of the trip.  The food court/central terminal offered a great view through a large wall of windows.  The food court prices, at Wendy’s, did not seem too much more than regular pricing, seemed less than the usual airport mark up.    
  • After lunch took advantage of the Sky Club here too.  It was a bit of a challenge to find it.  There was little signage.  This lounge was more crowded since it was later in the day but since we had a couple of hours it was nice to have a spot to go and again the view was great.
  • They switched gates on our Hong Kong flight and instead of being right next to the lounge it was the far end of the airport so it took a while to get there.   Once onboard it was announced that we would be waiting for a connecting flight.   We sat for about 45 minutes waiting for a dozen people or so.   I thought this was good for those folks but a bit annoying for us.   Even leaving later we still arrived close to on time.   But it meant that our we spent close to 16 hours on the plane which is a loooong time! 
  • This was by far the longest flight I had ever done and was a bit concerned.  In the end through it was not as bad as it could have been.  We had a couple hours of turbulence but other than that it was uneventful.  I watched several movies, slept, and watched the flight path on the screen to pass the time.
  • The arrival in Hong Kong was smooth but instead of using one of the numerous gates we parked on the tarmac and had to be bussed to customs/bag claim.  The process went quickly and we were on our way to the Taxi area
  • We landed around 8:50am and at 9:40am I was through customs and on our way.
  • Stopped by an MTR information booth to pickup an Octopus card (this is the rail card for Hong Kong).  Again a quick process, only a few minutes.
  • Went outside to find a Taxi and had a choice of three types.  All went to Hong Kong Disneyland.  Of course we choose unwisely and had to wait a long time.  Probably 20 minutes for a cab… longer than the cab ride itself.  Hong Kong Disneyland is only about 15 minutes from the airport.
  • The checkin process at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel was painless and what you would expect from a Deluxe Disney Resort.  The front desk cast members were extremely helpful.  We had several helping us since we were the only ones checking in at that hour.  
  • Our checkin took a bit longer than most since we purchased Magic Access Cards  (Annual Passes) with the room.  So all that paperwork had to be filled out.  We would be in Hong Kong for 4 days and the Magic Access passes were only a few dollars more than a two day ticket and had some great perks.. for example 25% off the room, priority seating at the shows, and bonus FastPasses.  
  • Tip:  If you are a senior citizen, over 65, there are senior rates in Hong Kong for most things so be sure to ask.  You can save a lot of money.  For example MTR trips are $2 hkd vs up to $25 hkd for regular riders.  And at Disney the Magic Access passes are really a good deal.
  • We stepped into our room just past 11pm Hong Kong Time.  So it took us approximately 27 hours from the time I left my house in LA to the time I was sitting on a be in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.   It was a very long day of travel!
  • Even though it was late my disneygeek instincts kicked in and I took a bunch of pictures of the room then went for a walk around the resort for an hour or so to stretch out the legs and see the property.
  • We booked a Deluxe Room with Balcony since there were three of us and we wanted a little extra space.   The room was good size and the Disney touches were great!  Be sure to check out the photos.  Our view looked toward the park and you could hear the sounds from the park.  Also a decent view of the fireworks at night.
  • I would say the room was comparable to a deluxe resort at WDW.  It was larger than the Grand California Rooms.
  • The hotel had free wi-fi throughout and it was really good for a hotel.  I was able to upload pictures and video without it taking hours and hours.  
  • The hotel was extremely quiet in the 11pm and midnight hours as you would expect.    I saw maybe two or three guests in my time exploring.
  • Interesting note at midnight lights start going off around the property.  This included the outdoor lights by the pool as well as some of the hallway lights inside.
  • I called it a night around 12:30am.   Tomorrow the plan is to go tour Hong Kong.

Pedometer Stats
Miles 1.1
Steps 6,449
Moderate Steps 2,997
Moderate Steps/Time 12




Pictures from Day 1 - 2 include some from the trip then a tour of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel


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