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Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel - Lobby

The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is the flagship of the Hong Kong Resort. It is a Victorian theme and fits in along the lines of the Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World of the Disneyland Hotel in Paris. The grounds feature a couple of gardens including a maze made of hedges to explore. The lobby opens up to a view of the maze and beyond it the bay and on clear days you can see the city.

The hotel is a short walk to the parks through the Parks Promenade or you can take a shuttle bus that runs on a regular schedule and stops at the Hollywood Hotel then the park before returning to the Disneyland Hotel.

  • Enchanted Garden Restaurant
  • Walt's Cafe
  • Crystal Lotus
  • Grand Salon
  • Sea Breeze Bar
  • Kingdom Club

Quick Facts
  • Opened September 12, 2005
  • 400 guest rooms
  • Decorating the Chinese restaurant at Disneyland Hotel are 2,238 crystal lotuses because the number sounds like the phrase "easily generates wealth" in Cantonese.
  • The main ballroom at Disneyland Hotel at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is 888 square meters, because 888 is considered a "wealthy" number.

Geek's Thoughts

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel - Room

I spent five nights at the Disneyland Hotel in a deluxe room. We had a view toward the front of the hotel and beyond that was Disneyland. Because of the trees you could not really see much of the park, but you could here it and at night you could see the fireworks from your room. There is a TV channel with the audio even. We found the walk to the park to be very pleasant and extremely empty. Most of the trips we were lucky to spot another group. It is a short walk, and if you have to wait for a bus it is quicker to walk. The room itself was comparable to a Disney Deluxe room at Walt Disney World as you would expect. Because of our limited park time I did not experience the restaurants or take full advantage of the amenities of the hotel. I was more focussed on maximizing my time inside the park.

In the morning I did have some time due to later park openings to roam around the grounds and I really enjoyed it and it was a good way to ease into the day.

A positive note the in room wi-fi was great! I was uploading videos and pictures as if I was at home almost. Not sure if it was because of the time of day, location, luck, or if it is that way throughout the hotel.

Some notes from the trip:

  • The checkin process at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel was painless and what you would expect from a Deluxe Disney Resort.  The front desk cast members were extremely helpful.  We had several helping us since we were the only ones checking in at that hour.  
  • We booked a Deluxe Room with Balcony since there were three of us and we wanted a little extra space.   The room was good size and the Disney touches were great!  Be sure to check out the photos.  Our view looked toward the park and you could hear the sounds from the park.  Also a decent view of the fireworks at night.
  • I would say the room was comparable to a deluxe resort at WDW.  It was larger than the Grand California Rooms.
  • The hotel was extremely quiet in the 11pm and midnight hours as you would expect.    I saw maybe two or three guests in my time exploring.
  • Our last evening we checked with Bell Services and asked about a Taxi for the airport and they took our information and said one would be ready for us at 5:15am.  They said that was probably too early to leave for the airport but we thought early was better.   We arrived in the lobby around 5am and the front desk and bell service cast members both greeted us and were ready (guess we were the only crazy guests leaving at that hour so they assumed it was us).  So checking out took no time since they had it ready for us and the cab showed up shortly after. 
Geek's Pictures & Video
Disneyland Hotel April 9, 2015 - Some random pictures of items I picked up, our room, and then the Ballroom area of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel