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Disney's Hollywood Hotel

Disney's Hollywood Hotel

The Hollywood Hotel takes you to Los Angeles in the 1930s with Art Deco architecture and scenes. It is larger than its sister hotel the Disneyland Hotel and is more economical in amenities and offerings.

The hotel is further from the park in terms of walking because you have to walk around the park to get to the entrance. There is a shuttle/bus that takes you right to the entrance and it runs on a regular schedule.


  • Chef Mickey
  • Studio Lounge
  • Hollywood & Dine

Quick Facts
  • 600 Guest Rooms
  • Opened September 12, 2005

Geek's Thoughts

Disney's Hollywood Hotel - Room

I did not stay at the Hollywood Hotel but I spent a couple hours touring the hotel and got to walk the grounds, the main building and see a couple of rooms. Here are my first impressions:

This afternoon I had arranged for a tour Disney’s second hotel in Hong Kong,  Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.    This hotel is located just down the road from the Disneyland Hotel and features an art deco style and pay homage to Hollywood.   The grounds of this hotel were great to look at.  I really enjoyed the classic cars in the garden area.  There is a quick service/grab and go food option here that the Disneyland Hotel does not have.  The hotel is at a slightly lower room rate than the Disneyland Hotel and it shows in some of the room amenities and size of the room, just as in WDW comparing a Moderate to Deluxe Resort.   



Geek's Pictures & Video
Disney Hollywood Hotel April 9, 2015 - A look around Disney's second Hong Kong Hotel including a check of the rooms, gardens, and more.