Hong Kong Disneyland - Adventureland

Adventureland in Hong Kong spans the area in the US Parks taken by Adventureland and Frontierland. It is on the left side of the hub. Here you will find a version of the Festival of the Lion King show. The centerpiece of the land is a river that hosts the Jungle Cruise and contains an island with Tarzan's Treehouse on it. Adventureland is also the gateway to the newest lands that were built outside the train tracks, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point and Toy Storyland.

Note the Jungle River Cruise is offered in three languages, so choose the queue for the skipper you prefer. Your choices are English, Cantonese, and Mandarin

Attractions & Entertainment
Current Attractions:
  • Jungle River Cruise (Opened: Sep 12, 2005)
  • Liki Tikis (Opened: Sep 12, 2005)
  • Rafts to Tarzan's Treehouse (Opened: Sep 12, 2005)
  • Tarzan's Treehouse (Opened: Sep 12, 2005)
Current Entertainment:
  • Festival of the Lion King (Opened: Sep 12, 2005)
  • River View Cafe (Table Service)
  • Tahitian Terrace (Quick Service)
  • Outdoor Carts
  • Safari Snacks


  • Professor Porter's Trading Post


Quick Facts
  • Hong Kong Disneyland's Adventureland is the largest Adventureland of all the Magic Kingdom parks around the world.

Geek's Thoughts

I spent a fair amount of time in Adventureland. It is a large area and you need to pass through it to reach the newer lands beyond. The area has a distinct smell thanks to the Safari Snacks which cooks up Korean Squid most of the day.

My first impressions of some of the attractions from my April 2015 visit:

  • My first attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland turned out to be the Jungle River Cruise.  Some interesting notes on this version of the Jungle Cruise.  First it takes place on what is usually the Rivers of America and it circles an Island.  The Island houses Tarzan’s Treehouse.   Also the cruise takes place in three languages, you choose a queue based on the language for your skipper and boats arrive for each.  They try to balance the wait times so even if one looks shorter it may not be. 
  • Our skipper was not a native English speaker and it showed.  They went really fast through the spiel and combining the accent, language problem, speed, and sound system and we were left trying to figure things out on our own (we might as well have taken one of the Chinese language boats!).    The skipper had the throttle down for most of the cruise so it was a speedy trip and not a good first impression.  I do have to say the finale was impressive with fire, water, and fog effects.  More on this on a later day with video and pictures.  Due to it being fairly dark and the boat traveling fast my pictures from this first trip really did not turn out. 
  • The other note on the Jungle Cruise here is they really play up the you may get wet joke.  It seemed odd to me but it is everywhere.. on the signs, queue announcements and the skippers themselves.
  • The Festival of the Lion King show takes place several times a day  in Adventureland in a theatre in the round setting very similar to Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World.    We had a Magic Access Platinum Pass (Annual Pass) which entitles priority seating at the shows.  Basically a FastPass so you can bypass the line and have first choice of the seats.  This was a great perk!   All you do is when you show up at the theater show the cast member your card and they direct you to a separate place to wait then into the theater.

    The show itself was very well done with similar floats and costumes as the Orlando version.   This version focuses more on the story of the Lion King and has more narration to that effect.  Interesting the primary singing and narration are in English but they do have some monkeys speaking Chinese for those who do not know English to fill in the gaps I assume (I do not know Chinese so no idea what they were saying).  Also this show had more dance routines and less of a variety show feel than the Orlando version.  

    Overall I really enjoyed the show and I kept saying I was going back for a second showing but the timing never lined up.. I always seemed to be somewhere else or have something else I wanted to see.

  • I went out to the Island that houses Tarzan’s Treehouse.  The rafts are the same we in the States are used to for Tom Sawyer Island.   The tree house seemed slightly larger than the tree houses at Disneyland and Walt Disney World but the same idea.  The show scenes are the same as the version in Anaheim, or at least seemed it to me.   The island has nothing else on it besides the tree house, the interactive space at the base, and a restroom.  During my visit there was a renovation going on and the tree house is surrounded by bamboo scaffolding.  This allows for work at night and the attraction to be open during the day.  It obstructs the views but it works.
Geek's Pictures & Video
Tarzan's Treehouse My pictures from April 10, 2015, I take a raft out to Tarzan's Treehouse and I explore the treehouse and trail around it.
Adventureland My pictures from April 10, 2015 features a look at the Liki Tikis, Jungle River Cruise, and the Tahitian Terrace plus the River View Cafe.
Adventureland A trip aboard the Jungle River Cruise
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