Mystic Point

Hong Kong Disneyland - Mystic Manor

Mystic Point opened in 2013 and is on the far side of the park between Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Land. It features a signature attraction for the park, Mystic Manor. This is a must see attraction in Hong Kong because it is the only place in the world you will be able to experience it. The Garden of Wonders is an area with photo opportunities featuring various illusions.

Note: The rail depot here is for show only. The train does not stop here.

Current Attractions:
  • Garden of Wonders (Opened: May 17, 2013)
  • Mystic Manor (Opened: May 17, 2013)
  • Explorer's Club Restaurant (Quick Service)
  • Frozen Lollipops Carts

  • The Archive Shop

  • Explorer's Club Restaurant (Quick Service)
  • Frozen Lollipops Carts


Quick Facts
  • Opened on May 17, 2013


Geek's Thoughts

My first impressions from my April 2015 trip:

  • I had some time to explore a mostly empty Explorers Club due to it just opening and the rest of the group taking a rest room break.  I was really impressed with the size and detail of the location.  The dining rooms had a lot in them and it was great to walk around and explore. 

  • My other attraction on this abbreviated trip was the signature one for Hong Kong Disneyland.. Mystic Manor.  This features a trackless ride system in what can be loosely called their version of the Haunted Mansion.  The story is unique and music, characters, and effects were created just for this attraction. 
  • I really enjoyed Mystic Manor.   This is by far one of the best attractions in years at any of the parks I have been to.   The classic story elements, music, and ride system lead to a great experience.   
  • Due to there being no line late in the evening I went on it back to back and tried two different cars (3 & 4).  Each car gives you a slightly different experience with different viewing angles.  Over the course of the trip I experienced all four cars more on this on later days.



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