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Walt Disney World Day 7 Report

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Trip Log:

Most of the group was up before sunrise for a 7am fishing trip out of the Yacht Club.   I was not going so I got to “sleep in”.   I did some packing and cleaning up in the room then we set off for EPCOT via the Skyliner arriving just before early entry was to start. They had just started to move the Ratatouille line forward.  I followed it a bit but decided it was longer than my patience so instead took a leisurely walk down to Italy and back to meet the group coming in from Fishing.  They wanted to experience Ratatouille so we waited about 30 minutes, it was posted at 70.   We then set off toward Canada stopping for a snack and more of the group to return to the park.  We all watched Canada Far and Wide then headed for World Celebration.   Visited Imagination before lunch at Connections. Most of the group set off for the Land and then the room to pack.  I let my 7 year old nephew pick our itinerary.  So first up was the Muppets at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Took a bus over and walked out, just missing a show so we had to wait the full preshow.   We exited just before 2pm and he said next he wanted to see the parade at the Magic Kingdom so another bus trip and we arrived on Main Street USA with time to spare so we stopped for some water at Caseys.   Found a spot in Froniterland to watch Festival of Fantasy.  I was lobbying for Animal Kingdom he choose Jungle Cruise instead.  It was posted at 45 took us just over 20 to board.  At this point he decided he wanted to go find everyone else so we headed for a bus trip back to Riviera.  Found the group and then we all set off for EPCOT via the Skyliner.   Did a lap of World Showcase with them as they wanted to do some last minute shopping and snacking.  They decided to head for the pool at the Riviera over sticking around.  I did a second lap of World Showcase then visited with friends near the American Adventure.   We found a spot on the International Gateway bridge 10 minutes before showtime for Luminous the Symphony of Us.  After the show followed the crowd to the Skyliner where I waited about 15 minutes to board.  Returned to the Riviera to pack and call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • I opted to start my day with a quiet walk around World Showcase at EPCOT.   Most of the group went fishing and were to meet us there after their trip.  I thought about joining the early entry queue for Ratatouille but it looked to be 20-30 minutes long and I did not have the patience so instead just spent the time roaming around.  Made it to Italy before they were just about done so strolled back to International gateway to meet them.  I always enjoy quiet time in the parks and this was great.
  • Ratatouille was on the group’s list of remaining attractions. Since today was the last full day we decided to roll the dice and hope the 70 minute posted wait time was wrong.   We were wise to do so as it turned out to be about 30 minutes.  
  • Stopped by Canada to see the film since my nephews had not experienced circle vision before (that they could remember).  I think the older one did on a visit when he was a baby.   They enjoyed it and kept moving around to see the screens. 
  • They really wanted to visit Imagination again so we went through the slow queue again.  There were not that many people but it moved very slowly. 
  • For lunch we stopped by Connections.  It was busy as you would expect at peak lunch time but we managed to find a table and for counter service in the parks was great as it has been since they opened.
  • After lunch most of the group went back to avoid the heat and do some packing.  I took my seven year old nephew on an adventure.   I wanted to let him choose the adventure but I was lobbying to go to Animal Kingdom.  He really wanted to go see the Muppets again.  So we set off for the Studios.   Of course we just missed a show and had to wait the full pre-show time.  This suited his desires perfectly as I think he enjoys the preshow as much or more than the show itself.   He again choose the front row.
  • Next up I was pushing for Animal Kingdom again and he wanted to see the parade at the Magic Kingdom.  We had enough time to make it there so I said sure.. and we set off for the bus and then the Magic Kingdom.  
  • Today was the hottest day of our trip so far.  We walked through some A/C on Main Street USA and stopped for water at Caseys.  They had cups and dispensers out near the Piano for ice water which was great.
  • I wanted a spot in the shade in Frontierland. He wanted to be on the rope line near the start… which of course is in the sun.  Luckily some clouds blew through.  It would be nice to see Festival of Fantasy receive an update.  The parade has been running for a decade now.
  • I again pushed for a trip to the Animal Kingdom after the parade. He compromised on the Jungle Cruise.  The wait turned out to be a little cooler than we though thanks to the switchbacks not all in use and the overhead A/C and fans on. 
  • We headed back to the Riviera to meet up with the rest of the group after the Jungle Cruise.  We just missed the bus so had a lengthy wait.
  • We returned to EPCOT as the sun was setting. Most waits were longer than our patience.  The weather was hot and humid still, I described it as swampy.  We did a lap of World Showcase as a large group before everyone decided to bail on me and head for the A/C and pool at the Riviera.
  • It was my last night and I was staying in the park.  So  I did a second lap and found some friends to visit with who happened to be in the park this evening.  The second lap of World Showcase was much more pleasant as the heat seemed to break a bit.
  • I opted to watch Luminous the Symphony of Us from the International Gateway bridge… this looked good for about half the show.. then the wind shifted and the second half I was in the smoke which was less than ideal but I was not going to move at that point.  
  • Had a moderate wait as the smoke blew through for the Skyliner, about 15 minutes tonight.  I should mention I was in  front of the group all these nights.  The line behind me grew substantially. I would say by the time I boarded each night it was a good 45 minutes for those just entering the queue, probably longer most nights.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 25,564
Miles 11.7
Walking Time 4:05
Total Time 15


WDW Pictures Part 1: EPCOT
Started my day with a quiet visit to EPCOT.
WDW Pictures Part 2: Disney's Hollywood Studios & Magic Kingdom
My nephew was picking the attractions so we visited Disney's Hollywood Studios for Muppets the Magic Kingdom for the Festival of Fantasy Parade this afternoon.
WDW Pictures Part 3: EPCOT
Back to EPCOT for the evening to visit a couple attractions and watch Luminous the Symphony of Us from a location I had not seen it yet.



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