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Walt Disney World Day 5 Report

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Trip Log:

Started my morning sleeping in till a little after 6am.  We were out of the room and down at the Disney Skyliner just before its 7:30am opening time.  There were only a handful of groups so no real wait once they opened the gate.  At the Caribbean Beach Resort station transferred to the Disney’s Hollywood Studios Line again with no wait.  The trend continued with no pause at security or for the early entry scanning.  So we arrived and were waiting to enter the park by 7:45am.  They opened the gates at 8:00 so you could go queue up for the attraction of your choice, early entry started at 8:30.  Most of the group walked out to Rise of the Resistance and we just kept walking.  They had opened the attraction early. By 8:13am we were in the briefing room.  We were exiting the attraction at the 8:30 early entry time and made our way over to Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway to meet the rest of our group and walked onto it with no wait at all, right into the pre-show without stopping.   8:51am back outside and heading to Toy Story Land.  8:58am half the group got in line for Slinky Dog and the rest of us visited the Swirling Saucers followed by Toy Story Mania.  Then watched the others ride Slinky. They walked off at 9:40am and we all headed to Galaxy’s Edge for Smugglers Run.  The wait was posted at 20 took us 16 minutes.   Then hiked over to see the 10:45am Indiana Jones Stunt Show.  Followed by a flight on Star Tours before lunch at Rizzos/Backlot Express.   After lunch we visited the Muppets then were done at the Studios.  Most the group hopped on the Skyliner back to the hotel.  I opted to walk to EPCOT stopping at the Boardwalk to check out the construction.   Once at EPCOT walked to World Celebration Gardens to see Forces of Nature then stopped by Connections for something to drink then a second Forces of Nature show.  Walked through Canada, stopping to listen to the band then through the United Kingdom to the International Gateway to meet the rest of my group.  Almost all of us headed toward World Celebration. Stopped at Imagination then Living with the Land followed by Journey of Water before a snack break at Connections.  Next up Spaceship Earth followed by the Gran Fiesta Tour.  Made our way around World Showcase picking up at Pretzel in Germany.  Most of the group was leaving so I walked with them to the International Gateway then returned to the American Gardens Stage for the Garden Rocks concert.  Listened to some music before setting off for World Celebration Gardens for a bit.  Returned to the International Gateway bridge to watch Luminous then joined the Skyliner queue to head back to the Riviera to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • This morning we decided to head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to take advantage of the early entry time.  We were expecting delays at the Skyliner station so we headed down just before its 7:30am opening time.   Turned out to be a handful of groups in front of us so there was no delay.  Same at the transfer station the DHS line.  This meant we arrived much earlier than planned and had to wait about 15 minutes for them to open the gates and let us in.
  • Thanks to Rise of the Resistance opening before park opening we were through the attraction just as the early entry time was starting and we were able to visit a number of attractions with no wait at all this morning.  
  • The early entry worked out nicely for us and by 10:45am we had rolled through Rise of the Resistance, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Swirling Saucers, Toy Story Mania (others did Slinky Dog instead of those two) and Smugglers Run. 
  • After lunch I decided to walk over to EPCOT so I could take a look at the Boardwalk projects.   A block of rooms along the Boardwalk are being renovated.  The Corn Dog stand and Bakery are both still under construction.  Both projects seem to be moving along a snails pace. 
  • Forces of Nature by AntiGravity is an acrobatic show in World Celebration Gardens (even though the app says it is in World Showcase).   It features a handful of performers on a spinning apparatus.  It continues the tradition of quirky EPCOT entertainment.  I thought the venue was less than ideal with almost no shade and extremely limited seating unless you sat on the ground (which was rather hot in most the area).   The show itself was ok. I found it to feel drawn out and repetitive. I kept waiting for them to do something different and it seemed in the same vein the entire show.   It is great to see entertainment in the area and I would like to see more variety it adds to the atmosphere of the gardens (and park as a whole).
  • Spent some time roaming around World Celebration and World Nature and visited a number of the attractions.  The Butterfly garden felt really busy when we visited, guess our timing was not great.   The small details added to the green houses of Living with the Land were fun to see.  
  • As the sun set World Showcase was busy but less so than the previous nights as you would expect given it was Sunday. 
  • We decided to purchase a large pretzel from Germany as a snack this evening.   It was ok but the one’s at Pym’s in Disney California Adventure we thought were better.
  • Walked by Garden Rocks and the group performing tonight we did not care for, they had a good crowd, we just did not like the music.
  • I had good Skyliner luck this evening with an under 10 minute wait after Luminous the Symphony of Us.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 29,953
Miles 13.71
Walking Time 4:47
Total Time 14:00

WDW Pictures Part 1: Disney's Hollywood Studios
Started my day with resort guest early entry at the Studios to visit a number of attractions and eat lunch.
WDW Pictures Part 2: Disney's Boardwalk Resort
Walked to and through Disney's Boardwalk Resort to check out the ongoing projects.
WDW Pictures Part 3: EPCOT
Spent the afternoon and evening at EPCOT visiting several attractions and taking a couple laps around World Showcase before Luminous the Symphony of Us.


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