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Walt Disney World Day 2 Report

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Trip Log:

Was up as the sun came up this morning and out to catch a bus to the Magic Kingdom around 7:30.  Arrived at the park and made my way to Tomorrowland just as they did the early entry rope drop.   The rest of my group headed for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  Decided to walk by the PeopleMover and it was not open yet so headed out to Storybook Circus to take some pictures.  Got a call to meet the group and take one of my nephews, he decided not to ride.   So we went on the Speedway followed by Buzz Lightyear then met up with the group so they could all go on Goofy’s Barnstormer.   Back to Tomorrowland for a second round with Buzz then PeopleMover.  Caught the Adventure Friends Cavalcade near that Castle then walked through Adventureland.   Waited about 15 minutes for Pirates then took a raft out to Tom Sawyer Island to spend some time.  After circling the island and exploring the caves we went back to the main land.  Decided to take the Disneyland Railroad around to Main Street USA.  Caught an Express Monorail to the TTC then transferred to the EPCOT line.   Spent some time in the gardens and picked up the Annual Passholder magnet at Creations.  Hung out in World Discovery until it was time for our 2:00pm reservation at Space 220.  After eating most of the group went back to the hotel and a few of us went to visit Journey into Imagination.  At this point the remaining people left for the hotel too.  I roamed around World Celebration then made my way out to Morocco to register for the Annual Passholder Lounge.  Received the text in about 15 minutes so went inside to take a look around.   After my visit stopped by the Garden Rocks concert at 5:30 to see Southland.  Then continued around World Showcase taking a look at the topiaries.  Stopped at Canada to see the band then doubled back to World Celebration Garden to hang out for a while and get some work done  Thought about Test Track but it was down, walked over a couple times and no sign of when it would return.   Watched the lights then returned to World Showcase to find a spot for Luminous near the International Gateway.  After the show walked quickly to the Skyliner but was met with nearly double the wait today.   Took it back to the Riviera and called it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • This morning the App Bus Times were not showing up. The wait between buses seemed on the longish side too considering it was park opening time.  It was on the regular 20 minute cycle it appeared. 
  • I decided to go visit Tomorrowland during the early morning time while the rest of my group was in line for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  My plan was a relaxing ride on the PeopleMover.. this turned out to not be a good plan as the attraction did not open early.    So instead I wandered around and went to check out the Smellephant statues.. not a wise use of the early entry time but I had no agenda.  All the statues were installed and looked ready to go  (they did soft open later in the day I found out).   Overall they seemed on the quirky side.  Not sure I am a fan of them but they do not look completely out of place. 
  • Turned out to be an ok move as one of my nephews decided he did not want to go on the Mine Train so I swung by the queue to get him.
  • We went to the Speedway.  Only one track was open and they were still adding cars.  So what should have been a near walk on turned out to be a slow wait.  We then went on Buzz and exited as the rest of the group was returning from Fantasyland.
  • We wanted to visit the Jungle Cruise but it was backed up already and did not look like something we wanted to wait that long for. So instead we got in the Pirates queue. It moved in starts and stops and turned out to be the posted wait time.
  • The nephews had never been on Tom Sawyer Island so we headed out there to let them run a bit and to check out the island since it had been years since I visited.   Overall the feel is the same as it has always been and it was a relaxing time away from the regular crowds of the Magic Kingdom. 
  • The line for Annual Passholder magnets at Creations in EPCOT was more manageable today and it took under 5 minutes to move through and get our Stitch magnets. 
  • For lunch today we visited Space 220. This was my first time dining there.  Overall we had a good meal and the kids really enjoyed it.  
    • Experience: I found the elevator ride to the station and back to be a highlight.  The main dining room reminded me of the Coral Reef but with space.  I found the exit sign reflections on the screen to be very annoying and distracting.   Our table was on the second terrace near the main walkway so we had an ok view. I thought there should be at least one more terrace. The tables/bar seemed a bit far back and many on the same level.       I was not a fan of the seats themselves. They were not comfortable and hard to move.  I did not find the experience that immersive from our table.  I thought the back and side walls could have used something more.
    • Food: I am not a fan of Prix Fix menus since I typically do not like the appetizers or desserts.  I opted for the steak and fries for my lunch.  The meal was cooked properly and tasted good.   I saw nothing in the appetizer options nor additional sides I wanted and the plate already came with a bunch of fries so doubling up on that did not make sense.  The table ate my appetizer so it did not go to waste but I ended up having to pay for something I did not want which bothers me.  I prefer a la carte menus so you can pick want you want.
  • The nephews really enjoy visiting the Imagination attraction.  So we had to stop there and the line was backed up to the door and took longer than I have waited in years for the attraction.   
  • An Annual Passholder lounge opened yesterday in Morocco in the former restaurant space.  Given that today is the second day there was a queue to sign up for the virtual queue.   They said it would be 45-60 minutes to enter. I received a text in 15 so the estimate was off in a good way.   Inside the lounge they gave you a button and there was water and snacks plus a photo op with Genie from Aladdin.    It was busy with the tables mostly full and guests queued up for Genie.  Overall there was a lot of activity and it did not feel “relaxing”.   The water was cold and the snacks were limited selection but plentiful.    I enjoyed visiting the restaurant but it felt small for the venue. I think having the meet and greet in the middle added to the busy feel.  
  • I made my way out to the Garden Rocks concert, a local country band was performing this evening. As I stood and watched I felt some water… then more water.. so I moved quickly to cover by the American Adventure. I could still hear the concert but was out of the sprinkles.  There was no rain forecasted and it was just enough to make the ground a little wet. The cloud passed and it dried out nearly instantly.  
  • Stopped by Canada to catch the band there. I had not seen them before, it was a Canadian Country band and I found them entertaining. 
  • I wanted to visit Test Track but every time I checked it was down this evening.
  • I arrived only a few minutes before show time so drew a less than ideal spot for Luminous this evening, quite a few people back.   But I was closer to the International Gateway this evening hoping for a shorter wait this evening.  
  • My plan did not work.  Prior to Luminous the Skyliner was stopped several times adding up to several minutes of delay (some of my group went back early and said was a good 5-10 min worth of delays.   So when it came time for me to leave my wait today was nearly double yesterday due to it already being backed up.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 23,977
Miles 10.97
Walking Time 3:54
Total Time 14:44


WDW Pictures Part 1 - Magic Kingdom
Arrived at the Magic Kingdom for Early Resort Guest entry and spent the morning enjoying the park including a visit to Tom Sawyer Island.
WDW Pictures Part 2 - Travel to EPCOT
The Monorail trip from the Magic Kingdom to EPCOT including a check of the Polynesian Tower and a some Flower and Garden Pictures at EPCOT.
WDW Pictures Part 3 - EPCOT - Lunch at Space 220
Lunch at Space 220 in EPCOT World Discovery.
WDW Pictures Part 4 - EPCOT
Closed out my first day at EPCOT with some time in World Showcase checking out some of the topiaries and entertainment plus World Celebration Gardens and Luminous the Symphony of Us.


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