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Walt Disney World Day 7 Report

Monday, December 11, 2023

Trip Log:

Woke up just before 7am and packed a bit before heading to the bus stop.   Arrived at Disney’s Animal Kingdom just before 9am.   Used the early entry and made our way to Pandora where we walked onto the River Journey.  Then continued on up the trail to Africa.  Kilimanjaro Safari was posted at 20 minutes but only took about 15.  Then strolled through Gorilla Falls.  Wandered around the Tree of Life on our way to Dinoland USA for the 11am Finding Nemo show.  After the show grabbed some lunch from Flame Tree and Restaurantosourus.  It was just after noon and we were done at the Animal Kingdom so took a bus to the Boardwalk to see the gingerbread house then headed back to the room since we could not park hop yet. After packing a bit we set off for EPCOT.  Stopped by the United Kingdom and caught the tail end of Command Performance then found a spot to sit and wait for the 3:50pm Canadian Holiday Voyageurs.  After their set made our to World Celebration and decided to visit Spaceship Earth.  The attraction was having issues with several stops and starts while we were in line.  In the Rome scene we stopped for about 10 minutes then continued on only to stop again right before entering the garage near the top.  This time after 10 minutes the house lights came on and they came by to walk us off.  Next up we visited the Land and the posted 25 min wait turned out to be 35 minutes for Living with the Land Glimmering Greenhouses.   Spent some time in World Celebration Gardens then made our way to France for some snacks and them in Morocco.  The plan was to go see the Candlelight but the wind was blowing right in your face out there so we decided to skip that and head for a warmer location to wait. Ended up at Connection Eatery.   About 30 minutes before Luminous we found a spot in Canada to watch the show.  After the show walked back to the Beach Club to end our last night in the parks this trip.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • It was a cold morning, starting out in the 40s.  As we walked to the bus stop around 8:15am it had just reached 50.  The rain had blown through but behind it was a cold front.
  • We started our last full day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  The bus wait was minimal but the park entry was slow going.   The park opened at 9am and we arrived about 10 minutes prior to that. So we used the resort early entry process which put us ahead of most of the guests waiting at the entrance. 
  • Since the Safari had not opened yet we decided to stop by Pandora where the River Journey was posted at 15 minutes and turned out to be a walk on. 
  • After our cruise we walked out to Safari which was posted at 20 minutes. It turned out to be 15 minutes.  Seems the animals liked the cold this morning as we saw quite a few out and moving around, or maybe they were just moving around to stay warm?
  • We had rolled through our objectives for the morning and were looking for a place to warm up for a bit so decided to stop by and watch the Finding Nemo Musical before lunch.    The show is not my favorite but it was the direction we were going on climate controlled. 
  • Decided to grab an early lunch with some ordering from Flametree and others from Restaurantosaurus.   Our meals were decent but really hurt to pay nearly $30 for two regular (not chili or cheese, just plain) foot long hot dogs and french fries.  ($27.24) 
  • We decided to take the bus to the Boardwalk since we had time to kill today. It was around 12:30 only so no park hopping for a while.   We walked out and right onto a bus.  It still took just over 20 minutes to reach the Boardwalk.
  • The Boardwalk Resort has a gingerbread display as usual, this year it seemed to have a bit more detail.  Still only a portion of the Boardwalk though unlike several years ago where it was more.
  • We still had about an hour until you could park hop so we went back to the room to catch our breath and pack a bit. 
  • Spent the rest of the day at EPCOT.  Stopped by to see the bands in the United Kingdom and Canada and then watched a couple of the barges move into position for Luminous.  It was interesting watching them drive them around and use a smaller boat to help turn them faster.
  • Stopped by Spaceship Earth which we had not visited this trip yet.   The wait was under 10 minutes but we did stop a couple of times for some reason.  Boarded our time machine and we were off. It seemed odd but cast members were manually closing the doors.   As we passed the Roman soldier our vehicle stopped for close to 10 minutes.  We continued on then it stopped again just outside the garage near the top.   After about 10 minutes the house lights came on and they said we were going to be walked off.  Once they started opening the cars and walking us down it took almost 20 minutes to reach the exit.  We walked along the ride track from where we were down to near the Renaissance scene where they took us through a door then series of stairwells and hallways. We exited right at the ride exit.  Our total time from the queue until exiting was about an hour.
  • As we exited they scanned your ticket or Magic Band and you were given Lightning Lane – Select Experience each which was good for one attraction before park closing. You were limited to the old tier 1 FastPass attractions (Spaceship Earth, Living with the Land, Journey Into Imagination, Short films, Mission Space, Nemo and Friends or Turtle Talk).  The choices were not great and with only two of the three of us having gone on Spaceship Earth it meant we were not really going to use it.
  • The Glimmering Greenhouses were posted at 25 minutes so we decided to bite the bullet and wait since the rest of my group had not seen them at night. Turned out to be about 30 minutes due to the LL return being so backed up.
  • The plan was to watch the Candlelight Processional then find a spot for Luminious but it was cold so we opted to spent some time in World Celebration Gardens and Connections staying warm then around 9pm set out for World Showcase Lagoon to find a spot out of the wind with a decent view. 
  • We ended up near Canada with a fairly protected spot right along the fence line.  This turned out to be a another great view of the show and a perfect way to end our last night.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 20,726
Miles 9.49
Walking Time 3:25
Total Time 14


WDW Pictures Part 1 - Disney's Animal Kingdom
Spent my last morning at the Animal Kingdom visiting Pandora, Kilimanjaro Safari and Find Nemo.
WDW Pictures Part 2 - Disney's Boardwalk Resort
Stopped by the Boardwalk to see the gingerbread display and ongoing projects.
WDW Pictures Part 3 - EPCOT
Spent my final evening at EPCOT including being walked off Spaceship Earth, a visit to the Glimmering Greenhouses and Luminous the Symphony of Us

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