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Walt Disney World Day 6 Report

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Trip Log:

Today I was up early again and in the Chronos Club by 7am for breakfast.  Then down to the lobby to meet a friend soon after.   Caught a bus to Disney’s Hollywood Studios arriving just after 7:30am and used the resort early entry.  Was in line for Rise of the Resistance before the park opened.  At 8am the line started moving.  Next up Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway which took under 10 minutes.   Walked over to Toy Story Land and hopped in line for Toy Story Mania.   Strolled through Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and then then out to Sunset Blvd.  Back into Toy Story Land and caught the tail end of the drummers set.  Grabbed lunch at Rizzo’s then headed for the park exit.   Caught a bus the Polynesian Village.  Stopped for a Dole Whip and took a boat to the Magic Kingdom.  Boarded the Express Monorail and then transferred to the Epcot line.    Took a bus back to Coronado Springs to take a break.   For the evening we set out to Epcot.  The bus was at the station waiting for us when we arrived.  Once at Epcot stopped by Connections for a bite to eat then wandered around World Showcase and found a seat for the 6:45pm Garden Rocks Concert.   Stopped by Germany for Groovin Alps at 7:30 then back for the 8:00pm Garden Rocks.   After the performance strolled around World Showcase and found a spot near Mexico to watch Epcot Forever.  After the fireworks joined the mass exiting the park and headed for the bus stop to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • This morning set out early for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  I was not in a big hurry and managed to arrive about 15 minutes prior to resort guest opening.  Found no wait at security and the park open.   Decided to head out to Rise of the Resistance first and get in line.   Guests were being allowed to queue up but the attractions were not open yet.  At Rise it looked like they were holding guest outside the building and then at the park opening time (resort guest opening time) they let you inside.  The queue kept moving and we were at the briefing room quickly. 
  • Runaway Railway was next on the list and the wait turned out to be under 10 minutes, again we kept moving the entire time.
  • Encountered the same minimal wait at Toy Story Mania.  So I was able to roll through the three attractions I wanted to ride by 9:30am.   The queues were starting to back up at this point though so spent some time roaming the park.   The lack of entertainment is also present at the Studios with the only group on the schedule being the Green Army Band.  
  • Decided to have an early lunch at PizzaRizzo.  It annoys me that they you cannot order pizza by itself or with a substitution for the salad on the app so you have to go to a register.  And to penalize you for not mobile ordering Disney opens only one register so it is a slow process.   Also learned that you no longer save any money ordering just a Pizza.  The cast member rung it up with no salad but the receipt showed the same price as the one with the salad.  She tried a couple times and no matter what she did it charged the same. So seems the days of saving a few bucks is over.   She offered to substitute a drink, chips or dessert for the salad.  We went with chips. 
  • We were done with the Studios and still had a couple of hours until we could park hop.  So decided to go to the Polynesian for a Dole Whip and then take some transportation around to get some construction pictures of the Polynesian and Epcot. 
  • Returned to Epcot for the evening and decided to eat at Connections.  As far as Disney quick service goes the burgers there are among the best in our opinion.  It was not crowded and the food was good. 
  • Epcot felt crowded with a lot of people roaming World Showcase, but wait times were not bad.  Only the usual suspects had really long waits, namely Remy and Frozen. 
  • Spent some time enjoying the entertainment in World Showcase.  Stopped by for the Garden Rocks Concert this evening.  Jo Dee Messina was the performer and there were seats available so we took one on an aisle to enjoy the show.   Also took in a set by the Groovin’ Alps group in Germany. 
  • Ended up by Mexico again for Epcot Forever due to the wind. 
  • While on the bus I took note of the time and it took 5 minutes to exit the Epcot parking lot, 5 minutes to Reach the Coronado Springs gate and about 7 minutes to reach Stop 1 where I disembarked.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 20,104
Miles 9.2
Walking Time 3:17


WDW Pictures Part 1 - Disney's Hollywood Studios
Took advantage of the Resort Guest Early Morning Entry this morning to enjoy several attractions with minimal waits.
WDW Pictures Part 2 - Disney Transportation Adventure
Took the long way back to Coronado Springs from Hollywood Studios. Took the bus to the Polynesian, Boat across the Seven Seas Lagoon, Monorail to TTC then Epcot before boarding a bus back to the resort.
WDW Pictures Part 3 - An Evening @ Epcot
Spent the evening at Epcot enjoying the Jo Dee Messina at Garden Rocks and roaming around World Showcase before Epcot Forever.

Addition Blog Picture Posts from today: