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Walt Disney World Day 5 Report

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Trip Log:

Started off the morning out of the room around 7am and walked over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to take advantage of the Resort Guest early entry.  First up we visited Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.  We walked right into the preshow room.  Made our way to Toy Storyland and some walked onto Slinky Dog Dash and the rest onto Toy Story Mania.  Swirling Saucers were next then into Galaxy’s Edge and Smuggler’s Run.   After our flight saw Rise of the Resistance posted at 40 minutes so decided to wait, it was under 30.  Walked right into a showing of the Muppets then over to catch Indiana Jones.  Stopped for Lunch at the Backlot Express (some went for Pizza) then we paid a visit to Star Tours followed by Lightning McQueen Racing Academy.  The nephews were fading so took the Skyliner to EPCOT then boat back to the Boardwalk so they could rest.  While they rested I set off for the Magic Kingdom.   Watched the Festival of Fantasy Parade from Frontierland and then made my way around the Castle to Tomorrowland for a spin on the PeopleMover.  Once back roamed around Tomorrowland and Fantasyland then returned to the hub for Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire.  Walked to Town Square and met up with the rest of my family.  They headed for the Little Mermaid and I went back to Frontierland for the Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade.  Walked through Fantasyland and met them near Storybook Circus.   Decided it was time to eat so ordered from Cosmic Rays and found a seat.  After eating caught Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade then rejoined my group in Tomorrowland and went for a second PeopleMover voyage.  Once back on the ground wandered around Tomorrowland and Main Street USA on our way out of the park.  Walked over to the Contemporary and made a quick visit to the 4th floor then found a spot to relax out by Bay Lake.  Went on a fireworks cruise and spent time on Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon.  Watched the Electrical Water Pageant followed by Disney Enchanted before heading back to dock at the Contemporary.  Walked back to the Magic Kingdom and caught a bus back to the Boardwalk to wrap up the end.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • This morning we planned to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios and see if we could roll through most of the attractions there.  We decided ahead of time we were not going to use Genie+ or Lightning Lanes this visit but instead just go with early mornings and opportunity attractions.   This morning we left the room at 7:00am to walk over to the park for 7:30am resort guest early entry.  We ended up having a great morning and by the time we took a lunch break at 11:30am we had visited:  Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Slinky Dog Dash, Toy Story Mania, Alien Swirling Saucers, Smuggler’s Run, Rise of the Resistance, Muppet Vision 3D, & Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. 
  • Runaway Railway was our first stop because the nephews wanted to ride.  They did better this visit than the January 2021 visit.  They still were not fans of all the loud noises, even with headphones on they complained. 
  • I was really surprised we were able to knock out all three Toy Story Land attractions in 30 minutes.   We had some great luck with the day and timing.
  • Same with both Galaxy’s Edge attractions, we lucked out.  Smuggler’s run did not allow for free time on the Millennium Falcon.  They kept you in line and if you wanted to run over for a photo at the booth or somewhere you could. 
  • For lunch stopped by Rizzos to grab some pizzas for some of the group then met everyone at the Backlot Express.  Again I was met with the limitation of the mobile order app so I had to go to the register.  It was really backed up.  Due to several groups of kids and others that had to pay with cash there were a couple dozen people in line for the 1 register that was open.  There were four cast members trying to get you to mobile order though.
  • To allow people to rest and for some fun we took the long way back to the Boardwalk, using the Skyliner to EPCOT then Friendship Boat to the Boardwalk.  It is a much more peaceful and enjoyable way to go back than the walk or long Friendship Boat ride.
  • We then headed over to the Magic Kingdom in the afternoon.   I watched the Festival of Fantasy Parade from Frontierland.  I found it funny the crowd erupted in a cheer when a cloud temporarily blocked the sun. It was the only crowd reaction I heard.
  • Decided to take in a showing of Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire.  Your options to be in the shade are extremely limited and far from the stage. I opted for shade until the finale to minimize my time in the hot afternoon sun.
  • The Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade is new since my last visit. It has a lively sound track and a good number of characters.  The guests and cast really seemed into it.  I am glad to see the Cavalcades are still running in addition to the main parade.  I enjoy them more than the old Move It, Shake It Dance Party.
  • For dinner we decided on Cosmic Rays since it had the most variety and air conditioning for the group.  We mobile ordered and it took quite a while from when we said we were there until the food came up.  I was standing and watching and the orders were coming up slow and it seemed most cast members were just waiting for the food to come out.   My meal was not good. I should have taken the burger back for being undercooked but I did not want to wait again.  It was a greasy, dripping mess and more on the medium side in terms of doneness.
  • This evening we booked a fireworks cruise out of the Contemporary to celebrate mother’s day.  Also the nephews do better being further back from the fireworks.  It had been a number of years since my last fireworks cruise. 
    • The current pricing is $399 plus tax for the boat which an accommodate up to 10 people.  There is an annual pass discount. Interesting note on this you pay the full price when you book and then have to ask for the discount which will be credited later, same as Fishing Excursions.    As of 5/18 we have not received the money back yet.
    • When you check in they issue life vests for the kids. Also if you have strollers they will lock them up for you during the cruise.
    • We met our captain for the evening at the Contemporary Marina at 7:30pm.  And were out on Bay Lake around 7:45pm.  We circled Discover Island and cruised Bay Lake for about 30 minutes before making our way over to Seven Seas Lagoon.  Several other boats were out doing the same thing. I think there were a dozen cruises this evening.   We pulled into the cove near the Polynesian (where the DVC will be build) and watched the Electrical Water Pageant from there then moved to in front of the Magic Kingdom for Disney Enchantment. After the show headed back to the Contemporary to end the evening.
    • Onboard the boat there was a basket of snacks and a cooler with soda and water.  It was a little offering and the kids enjoyed the treats.  I found none of the that appealing.
    • Our captain was a relatively new cast member taking part in the College Program. She was friendly and carried on a conversation with everyone on the boat.
    • There were audio issues with the Electrical Water Pageant and we were unable to hear the show.  Every now and then you heard a little audio but it was not good.  This was disappointing to me as I wanted to hear/see the 50th anniversary tribute.  We did see it but without the audio it was lacking.
    • The Magic Kingdom fireworks always look great from the Seven Seas Lagoon and Disney Enchantment also looked good. The audio for this was slightly better, seemed some boats had speakers turned up as audio would drift in/out as we jogged back and fourth during the show.
  • After the show we walked back to the Magic Kingdom from the Contemporary.  Most people were exiting the park so we were walking up stream.  The Magic Kingdom security check was took longer than usual as they went through every bag from the strollers and myself.  We hiked around to the bus stop and within a few minutes we were onboard a bus and on our way back to the Boardwalk. 

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 28,754
Miles 13.6
Moderate 22,423
Walking Time 197


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