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Walt Disney World Day 3 Report

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Trip Log:

This morning was up before 6am and out the door by 6:30am to make our 7:00am fishing excursion out of the Yacht Club.  During our two hour trip we spent the first 45 minutes at EPCOT then time near the boat dock for Hollywood Studios before finishing up near the Atlantic Dance Hall at the Boardwalk.  Once back ashore returned to our room and then set off for EPCOT.  Roamed around World Showcase taking in the sights and visiting some shops.  Since it was Cinco De Mayo went on the Gran Fiesta Boat Ride and then continued on to the front of the park and grabbed lunch at Connections Eatery.  After lunch paid a visit to Spaceship Earth on the way out of the park.   It was nearing 2pm so we could park hop so caught a bus over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.   Winged Encounter was just starting so stopped for it then continued on to Africa.  Took the train out to Conservation Station and wandered around a bit before returning to Harambe.  Stopped for a snack and then watched the Celebration of the Festival of the Lion King show.  After the show made my way to Asia to watch the Lion King KiteTails show.  Then headed to the front of the park to meet up with the rest of my group (some had gone to Everest other Starbucks).  We took a bus back to the Boardwalk.  Regrouped and then walked over to the Beach Club to grab a bite to eat on my way to EPCOT.  Caught a performance by Alberta Bound then Canada Far and Wide Circle Vision.  Walked by the media event for Guardians of the Galaxy then out to World Showcase Lagoon for Harmonious.   After the show had to walk through the smoke lingering at the International Gateway on my way back to the Boardwalk to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • This morning we were up before the sun rise and walked over to the Yacht Club Marina around 6:30am for our 7:00am fishing excursion on Crescent Lake.   It had been a while since we fished out of the Yacht Club so it was a nice change of pace.  The morning excursion still spends some time in World Showcase Lagoon, so it was great to be out on the lake again and enjoying a peaceful EPCOT.  The Harmonious barges are just as large and ugly from the water (you get a similar view from the Friendship boats).  It was Cinco De Mayo so we started the day fishing off of Mexico.  Everyone was catching fish and having a great time so the trip was a success.  We moved out of EPCOT before park opening and spent some time by the Hollywood Studios dock and then by the Atlantic Dance Hall before returning to the Yacht Club. 
  • After fishing took a leisurely daytime stroll around World Showcase while the park was still relatively quiet.  It is nice to see World Showcase open to walk around early. Note many of the shops and dining locations do not open until later in the day. 
  • Decided to stop by Connections Eatery for lunch.  This was not the best plan as today happened to be the media day there so one dining room was blocked off for filming and media had taken up tables throughout to eat and work.  So that meant limited options for regular guests.  We lucked out and found a table big enough for our full group.  We also visited with several friends who were at the event.   As a test I mobile ordered when we entered the restaurant and my brother got in line.  He managed to get his food about 5 minutes ahead of me.  Neither route was quick though, I did not record the times but it was a good 30-45 minutes.
  • We headed for Animal Kingdom from EPCOT.  We did not have a long wait for the bus, but due to roadwork the bus had to take a longer route to reach the park. We ended up driving by Pop Century and Art of Animation.
  • We arrived at Animal Kingdom just after 2pm and found it a good sign that the number of guests leaving was substantially more than those entering with us.  Wait times were still moderate but looking better than earlier in the day when we checked.
  • Had great timing and was able to walk right onto a train to Conservation Station.  The station itself still feels odd with the animation academy taking over the center of the space making it awkward to enter/leave.
  • Once we returned to Africa the Safari line was short so we decided to go.  We drew a very monotone/dull guide/driver.  Add in not many animals this afternoon and it was not a good experience.  My two nephews actually fell a sleep mid ride.
  • The Lion King show is still running the truncated version, which means no aerialist or Tumble Monkeys yet.  Both are returning by summer.  We were able to walk in and only wait a few minutes.  The show is still good but not great without those performers.
  • I stopped to watch the 5:15pm KiteTails show.  The sun was still quite hot so I opted to watch from the shade of the Flame Tree BBQ area.  The main viewing areas were mostly empty except for a few scattered guests in the sun and a small crowd squished into the limited shade.
  • For dinner we were not that hungry but a hot dog sounded good. We ended up grabbing one at the Beach Club Marketplace.  The foot long hot dog was good but I was thought the options and pricing were out of line.  You were forced to pay for a chili cheese dog even if you did not want the chili or cheese and it came with nothing.  For three hot dogs it was over $35, we did not purchase any drinks, sides or dessert.. that was just three hot dogs and only one with the chili/cheese the other two were plain.
  • Spent the evening walking around EPCOT. The crowd felt moderate.  For mid-week in early May maybe a bit heavy.  
  • I walked by the Guardians of the Galaxy area to see if you could see any of the media event.  To my surprise you could hear well and there were vision boards showing the stage area.  Unfortunately I missed the opening remarks but caught some of the band and DJ. 

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 24,856
Miles 11.7
Moderate 18,648
Walking Time 167


WDW Pictures Part I - Fishing Excursion
An early morning fishing excurions in World Showcase Lagoon and Crescent Lake waterways.
WDW Pictures Part II: EPCOT
Spent the late morning at EPCOT walking around World Showcase.
WDW Pictures Part III: Disney's Animal Kingdom
An afternoon visit to the Animal Kingdom including KiteTails.
WDW Pictures Part IV: EPCOT
Concluded my day at EPCOT with a stroll around World Showcase and Harmonious

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