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Walt Disney World Day 8 Report

Wenesday, December 14, 2022

Trip Log:

I started off the morning packing up and then checking our bags with Bell Services.  Decided to walk over to Epcot this morning.  Took a left after passing through the International Gateway and strolled through the United Kingdom and Canada on our way to the Land.  Soarin was a walk on so went for a flight.  Then went under the sea next door to visit Nemo and Friends.   Stopped by to see Figment next and then visited the Creations store to do some shopping.  Decided to finish our final lap around World Showcase passing by Mexico, Norway, and China.  Stopped by Germany for some caramel corn then headed for the American Adventure to listen to the Voices of Liberty.  After this performance some ate outside then we continued to France where we stopped for some snacks.  It was after noon and time to head back to the Boardwalk for our 1:15pm bus.  Picked up our bags and boarded the bus when it arrived.   At MCO checked our bags, got some food, then through TSA.   Stopped by the Sky Club for a while waiting for the flight then boarded and had a more or less on time trip home. 

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Today we headed for home on an evening flight.   That meant checking out and storing our bags at the Boardwalk for the day.  I really missing the Resort Airline Checkin service that used to be part of Magical Express. That service saved a lot of time at the airport and was a big convenience not having to worry about getting bags on/off the bus and to the airport.
  • EPCOT felt quiet this morning.  We were able to walk right onto Soarin, Nemo and Imagination.   Living with the Land was at about 20 minutes so we skipped that.
  • On our final lap around World Showcase we stopped to pick up caramel corn in Germany and take advantage of the Annual Passholder special of 30% off merchandise that applied to it.
  • We also used the Annual Passholder discount for a meal at the American Holiday Table.
  • For dessert we stopped by France and had good luck with a short line at the bakery and a nice outside table was available. 
  • Arrived back at the Boardwalk to pick up our bags and the process took longer than usual. They could not locate them. Seems the cast member did not write our full name so they could not quickly match up the tags. 
  • We had our bags with plenty of time to spare.  I received a text from Mears that our bus was near.  Turns out it was sitting down by the convention center waiting for our departure time.  We were first on the bus and left on time.  It then stopped at Pop Century and Caribbean Beach Resort before leaving Disney property, which took about 35 minutes.   We were happy we called the day before and left an hour earlier for the airport. We hate rushing and like having extra time.  The initial pick up time of 3 hours before the flight would have been really tight with the extra 35 minutes and if you had to wait in the regular airline line and TSA line you would be cutting it close.  Delta regular bag drop looked to be a good 20-30 minutes and regular TSA was posted at 45-50 minutes. We used Priority and TSA Pre-check and stopped for a quick sandwich so it was about 40 minutes from bus to club for us.  I was surprised to see no waits for food in the food court, I guess with the backed up TSA line people did not have time to eat.
  • The Delta Sky Club was very full with no many open seats. We lucked out and got seats together thanks to a group leaving at just the right time.
  • Our flight left roughly on time and was uneventful.  It was a long flight and we had to go quite a ways north to try and avoid storms, we flew by Springfield Missouri.   There were a couple times we hit rough air and had to wear seatbelts but overall not bad.  The food was really poor again and the plane was the same type as our outbound so no free Wi-Fi either for T-Mobile customers.
  • Our arrival at LAX was very smooth.  Our bags were in the first 50 or so off the plane, the bus to the parking lot showed right up away.   From the time we touched down until I was at my car was under and hour and it was two hours total from touchdown till we were pulling into our driveway at home which is near record time.  The only hiccup was our parking ticket did not scan so we had to talk to a customer support person which took a few minutes.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 12,039
Miles 5.7
Moderate 9,729
Walking Time 82


WDW Pictures Final visit to Epcot & Journey Back to Los Angeles
Spent my last morning at Epcot taking a final lap through the park and visiting a couple attractions along the way, then traveled back to Los Angeles.

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