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Walt Disney World Day 8 Report

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Trip Log:

Woke up to a cool and foggy final morning.  Packed up dropped our bags with bell services then headed out to the Magic Kingdom.  We were walking over as the park opened at 9am.  Strolled up Main Street USA and took a left into Adventureland.  Paid a visit to the Jungle Cruise then the Tiki Birds.  Dole Whip snack time for most of the group and others visited with the Country Bears and Chip and Dale in Frontierland.  Then we visited the Haunted Mansion.  Doubled back to visit the Country Bears since they were open now.  Walked back through Adventureland to Main Street USA and made our way to the Resort Monorail for a final ride back to the Contemporary.  Ordered some lunch at the Contempo Café then headed back to Bay Lake Tower to get our bags and wait for the Magical Express bus.  Only had one stop on the way to the airport at the Contemporary.  Arrived at MCO and dropped our suitcases, went through TSA screening and then hung out near our gate waiting to board and head back to Los Angeles.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Our final morning of this trip started off on the foggy side. You could barely make out the Contemporary outside our window. So this meant no final views to try and hold us in the room longer. We packed up and took our bags down to Bell Services to check them in for the day. Based on what we experienced when we arrived with the slow bell services team we opted to drop the bags vs waiting for them to find their way up to our room. This process still took time as it seemed they were understaffed and the CM who was working the podium actually ended up loading our bags.
  • We really missed the airline check in service at this point. Being able to check all our suit cases and not have to worry about them again at this point is a luxury we really enjoyed.
  • We set out for the Magic Kingdom, by the time we arrived at the park the fog had started to lift. This morning our plan was to visit several classic attractions including the Jungle Cruise, Tiki Room, Country Bears and Haunted Mansion. Wait times were minimal and it was nice to move from attraction to attraction with no hassle. The Country Bears do not open until 11am and the first shows seemed fairly full. Most available seats were filled. The theaters are set up with every other row blocked off and space between groups too.
  • For lunch today we decided to take the Monorail back to the Contemporary and eat at the Contempo Cafe. Used the mobile order and found it odd you could not get a plain burger. Closest was one with bacon on it. You could get cheese and other toppings removed but not the bacon. So I was a little annoyed having to pay for cheese and bacon I did not want.
  • The Magical Express bus showed up on time and we were first to board. They assigned us several rows in the back of the bus. Only one other stop at the Contemporary and one other group boarded there and they put them in the front half of the bus, so we were really spread out.
  • Orlando airport was really really quiet. Delta check in had several lines open and no guests. We drew a fairly unfriendly person in one of the two lines we used, but the process was quick.
  • Security was really quiet. I did not have pre-check so I walked up to an empty queue for the regular checkpoint and walked right through. There were no other guests. Just me and a handful of TSA agents. The rest of the group had pre-check and it took them much longer as there were a couple of groups down there.
  • Note most of the food options once out to the gates were closed. This was late afternoon on a Tuesday.
  • The flight home was maybe half full. People were spaced out with middle seats open and quite a few open rows scattered throughout the plane. The boarding and deplaning process did not go as smooth as the inbound flight. The first issue was a group traveling with a lot of kids were scattered around so they tried to move the seats together which slowed the boarding process down. Then when we reached LA some people stayed seated while others sprung up and tried to push toward the exit causing those that had stayed seated to jump up and cut them off and create traffic in the aisle. It was fairly close to a regular disembark process unfortunately.
  • Los Angeles airport was calm, just as it was when we left. Delta still has a lot of construction going on and could really use additional signs to find the different baggage carousels as well as loading areas for shuttles.
  • The parking shuttle was a little slow coming but once it got there the driver was friendly and quickly got us back to our car.
  • The drive home was uneventful with light LA traffic even.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 10,821
Miles 5.1
Moderate 6,087
Walking Time 54


WDW Pictures Part I: Bay Lake Tower Grand Villa
A final look around our Grand Villa before checking out.
WDW Pictures Part II: Magic Kingdom
Spent the morning at the Magic Kingdom enjoying some classic attractions including an extended look at the Jungle Cruise.
WDW Pictures Part III: Contemporary & Trip Home
A final look around the Contemporary before heading home.

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