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Walt Disney World Day 7 Report

Monday, January 25, 2021

Trip Log:

Started off my morning well before sun rise getting ready for a 7am fishing trip on Bay Lake.  After our excursion it was back to the room to change then to catch a bus to Epcot.  We arrived around park opening (11am).  Spaceship Earth was a walk on so went for a ride.  Then walked through Future World East.  Took a quick look into the preview center and headed into World Showcase.  Stopped by Mexico for the Gran Fiesta Tour then continued on around stopping at the KidCot spots for stickers and some shopping.  For lunch some ate at the Regal Eagle and others in France.  Then we all met up in Japan and finished our loop of World Showcase.  Stopped by the Seas with Nemo and Friends before heading back to the bus.  Went to the room to drop some items off then walked over to the Magic Kingdom and caught a boat to Fort Wilderness.  Ate P & J’s Southern Takeout at a picnic table outside across from Pioneer Hall.  After dinner most caught a boat back to MK then returned to the hotel.  I caught a bus to Wilderness Lodge then transferred to a bus to Hollywood Studios.  Once there walked up Hollywood Blvd and waited for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.  Then walked back and hopped on the Skyliner to Epcot.  Strolled through World Showcase and around the West side of Future World on my way to the front of the park to catch a bus back to the hotel to wrap up my final full day in the parks.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Started our morning with a fishing trip on Bay Lake. This morning was warmer than the other day and another relaxing couple hours out on the lake. The Fishing today was not as good though with only bass caught and a lower number than the first day.
  • There was no Magical Express information on our door this morning. After 9am when leaving for the park I stopped by the front desk and they had a stack of them, they had not distributed them for the day yet.
  • This morning we walked down to the catch the bus to Epcot and saw a long line ahead of us. We got in the end of the Epcot line and were guessing 2-3 buses of guests ahead of us. The Epcot bus pulled up and we realized there were really two lines ahead of us.. the Epcot and in front of that Disney's Hollywood Studios. So we made it onto the first bus to arrive as well as a group or two behind us even.
  • Spaceship Earth was a walk on so we decided to go for a ride. The post show area is really sad to arrive at with almost everything off and abandoned. It is really poor show and seems they could do something to make it feel less of a ghost town.
  • Went for a cruise on the Gran Fiesta Tour in Mexico. The queue felt really tight with the Plexiglas. Luckily we did not have to use the switchbacks since it was empty. Each group was getting their own boat, but the wait was still only a couple boats. It was disappointing that the Donald Duck figure in the finale had not returned yet. It broke before our visit.
  • I decided to try the KidCot quest with the nephews. They really enjoyed the zip lock baggy looking like a briefcase and putting the cards inside. The first couple of countries they were really into it and excited but by the time we reached Germany (#4 only) they were pretty much done and did not care anymore. We continued on and collected all 12 cards though since I had not done that before but many of them they stayed in their strollers near the lagoon and adults had to go find the location and get the card/sticker for them.
  • We decided to head out to Fort Wilderness for dinner and lucked out with catching a boat. We arrived at the dock and one looked like it was getting ready to leave. We joked that was ours.. turned out it was.. and the CM held it and reopened the door to let us board. So there was no wait.. great way to start the trip.
  • Our dinner this evening was P&J's Southern Takeout. The menu includes items you usually find at Trails End or Hoop Dee Do. We found a picnic table across from Pioneer Hall and figured out our order. We opted to order in person vs mobile because we wanted to do some substitutions and a la carte pieces of chicken. The meal was the best of our trip I think. The food was all fresh and tasted great. There was plenty to eat for everyone and the price per person was a deal compared to other meals.
  • Because we arrived so late we were unable to visit the new Barn but I did get to see it from the road. It is a much larger structure but the area as a whole has lost some of its feel. The construction site for the new DVC project is on hold so there has been no activity for months and its just cleared land for the most part with a mound of dirt and other infrastructure pieces laying around.
  • The buses at Fort Wilderness are always a challenge for me. I told the driver I was going to switch to a park bus and he said he had to make a run and then would loop back to the transfer point. With no other bus in sight he said it was probably the quickest route. So I boarded. Turned out to be wise as the run he talked about meant he went to Wilderness Lodge so I just hopped off there and boarded a bus to a park there. It worked out perfect.
  • I arrived at Disney's Hollywood Studios about 30 minutes before closing. Security and park entry had no waits and went really quick. I made it to the queue for Runaway Railway about 15 minutes prior to park closing. So by the time I exited the attraction the park was closed.
  • Headed out of the park and hopped in line for the Skyliner. The line stretched toward the bus stops but was moving quickly. I was in line around 7:08pm and in a Gondola at 7:14pm. Arrived at International Gateway at 7:32pm and I was in the park a few minutes later.
  • Since the park closed at 8pm and I already missed all the entertainment for the day I enjoyed a stroll through park to the front. As I walked the park felt a little more crowded than past days.
  • When I reached the bus stop I had some great bus luck and was able to walk right onto a waiting bus.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 24,045
Miles 11.3
Moderate 16,906
Walking Time 152


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