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Walt Disney World Day 4 Report

Friday, January 22, 2021

Trip Log:

Started off the morning with a  6am wake up call, grabbed some breakfast and we were down at the boat docks for a 7am fishing excursion.  Spent a couple hours on Bay Lake then headed back to the room to change and hopped on a bus to Epcot.   Arrived a little before posted park opening and the gates were open so we walked right in and headed to the Land.   Walked right onto Soarin’ then Listen to the Land.  Decided to eat an early lunch grabbing some food from Sunshine Seasons and eating outside.  Next up the Seas with Nemo and Friends followed by Imagination.   Spent some time roaming around the Chalk Art and then Mexico, Norway, and China waiting for the rest of my group.   We all went for a cruise on Frozen then strolled around World Showcase to the International Gateway. Hopped on the Skyliner to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Half the group headed back to the room via bus at this point and the rest of us went into the park.   I went for a second trip on the Runaway Railway and the others headed to Toy Story Land and Midway Mania.   I roamed around Toy Story Land for a while they did Slinky Dog.   After their ride we caught a bus to the Grand Floridian then took the Monorail back to the Contemporary.   Picked up dinner at the Sand Bar and joined everyone back in the room to eat and call it an early evening.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • This morning our group had a 7am fishing excursion booked on Bay Lake leaving from the Contemporary.   One interesting change from past trips is you had to pay for the entire trip when you booked and then if you have an annual pass you would receive a credit after the trip.  The old policy was the discount was taken and then you paid.   It was nice to spend a couple of relaxing hours out on the lake to start the day.  The group did ok fishing catching several including some variety including several bass a crappie and a bluegill.
  • After fishing we regrouped and then headed for Epcot which did not open until 11am today.  We arrived before park opening with no problems and the gates were already open.    We walked over to the Land and onto Soarin then Living with the Land.  It was a little early but with limited dining options in Future World we opted to grab an early lunch from the Sunshine Seasons and eat it outside. 
  • This was my first chance to see much of the Festival of the Arts during the day.  My previous visits were at sunset or after sunset and brief.  The chalk art was the most impressive and stood out as we made the rounds.  The character and figment art around World Showcase was interesting to see but it was a miss with my nephews.  Neither was overly interested in seeing them or seeking it out.
  • Frozen features dividers between rows so they can load more guests in the boats. This made for a really short wait even through the queue stretched out to China it kept moving.  The dividers did little to help with the water problem.  You did not get splashed but water still got in the boat and onto the seat so you exited with wet shorts/pants.
  • Since we were in World Showcase and working to minimize steps for some of the group we opted to take the Skyliner to Disney’s Hollywood Studios then they could catch a bus back to the room with minimal walk vs hiking to the front of Epcot. They really appreciated it. 
  • Hollywood Studios was not busy at all and wait times were moderate for most attractions. Slinky Dog was the longest wait in the park and that was well under an hour.  The group headed to Toy Story Land while I paid a second visit to the Runaway Railway.   On a second ride through you could pick up more details. 
  • The Nephews had not ridden the Monorail so we opted to take a bus to the Grand Floridian so he could.   This was a mistake. The bus was slow coming then a driver change. It took a very long time to get there.
  • For dinner we were not that hungry and just grabbed some hot dogs from the Sand Bar and ate back in the room.  The hot dogs were foot long and cooked on the grill to heat them up so they tasted fresh and were still hot when we reached the room to eat them.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 21,648
Miles 10.2
Moderate 14,248
Walking Time 126

WDW Pictures Part I: Fishing & Epcot
Started the day off with an early morning fishing trip on Bay Lake. Then the rest of the morning and early afternoon at Epcot checking out the Festival of the Arts.
WDW Pictures Part II: Disney's Hollywood Studios
Spent some time at Disney's Hollywood Studios then took the long way back to the Contemporary.


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