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Walt Disney World Day 7 Report

Monday, May 13, 2019

Trip Log:

Decided to start our day heading for Epcot.  Arrived just after 9:30 and made our way to Soarin to use a FastPass and then used another for Living with the Land.  It started to rain lightly as we walked quickly next door to use a FastPass+ for Nemo.  Spent some time exploring the Seas waiting out the rain cell then made my way over to the Electric Umbrella to grab and early lunch.   While eating managed to pick up FastPasses for Frozen at 1pm.  So after eating made our way out toward World Showcase.  Passed Mexico and Norway and as we were near China it started to drizzle again.. and quickly picked up.  It was pouring by the time I walked quickly into the Reflections of China entrance.  The show was just loading so decided to take in the film.  After the film it was still pouring so spent some time in the gift shop then walked quickly across the walkway to the Shanghai Disneyland exhibit.  The rain let up and we headed for Norway to use the FastPass+.  It was raining when we exited so spent some time in the gift shop then made our way from covered spot to covered spot, trying to avoid the large cloud bursts.   Eventually made it to the Pop Century bus and back to the room.  Dried out for a while and packed up the room.   The rain just about stopped as we set out for dinner.   Hopped on the first bus that showed up which happened to be for the Animal Kingdom.  Once there transferred to the Swan/Dolphin/Boardwalk Bus.  The rain stopped and we were ahead of schedule so disembarked at the Boardwalk and walked around a while and made our way over to the Dolphin for dinner at Shula’s Steakhouse.  After dinner took a Friendship Boat to the Yacht Club (while others took it all the way to Epcot) and walked along the shore to the International Gateway to meet my group.   Once in the park walked quickly to the American Adventure and made it into the 7:30pm showing with a minute or two to spare.  After the show watched Lovin’ Spoonful perform for Garden Rocks.   After their set strolled around World Showcase Lagoon to the FastPass+ viewing area for Illuminations.   Watched what will most likely be my final viewing of the show (no planned trips before its run ends in September).  After the show joined the masses heading for the exit.   Boarded the Pop Century Bus and returned to the resort to wrap up my final evening.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • This trip thanks to some favorable weather and not a lot on the to do list we were ahead of schedule.  This morning decided to head to Epcot for a while.  Ended up being able to pick up several FastPass+ throughout the morning and used them for Soarin, Living with the Land, Nemo, Frozen and Illuminations.   The Frozen FastPass was picked up a little over an hour before riding so it was a nice find.
  • Today the rain showed up a bit earlier and we pushed our luck to use the Frozen FastPass.  We were waiting for the FastPass+ time and the skies opened while near China.  Ran inside and watched the film then visited the gift shop and gallery waiting for the rain to let up.  It did and we ran next door to Norway to ride Frozen.   Once done it was pouring again. 
  • Decided we had enough of being out in the rain and inbetween big bursts moved quickly from covered area to covered area with the goal being the bus back to Pop Century to dry off and do some packing before dinner.  The only plus of the rain was it kept the bugs down!
  • We had a dinner reservation at Shulas.  The original plan was to just walk there from Epcot but with the rain we ended up having to get there from the hotel.  So decided to take a bus to Animal Kingdom and transfer there.  With the weather I was not sure what the situation would be like at the Studios and I did not walk to walk in the rain.  We lucked out and walked right onto a bus and then a Animal Kingdom walked off, across the walkway and onto the other bus with no waiting.  The process still took about 45 minutes from our room to the Boardwalk.
  • Dinner at Shula’s was great food as usual.  The service was a little off this evening.  For example the bread did not come until we asked for it twice.  But the order was right and food hot.  They have altered the menu with some new starters, sides, entrees and sauce changes.  The base steaks stayed the same though so no changed with my order.
  • After dinner made my way to Epcot for my last evening and to walk off some of dinner. 
  • Stopped by the American Adventure and was surprised to see the show was more than half full.   It was a larger crowd than the last several times.  I was there for the 7:30pm showing.
  • The Garden Rocks Concert this evening had the Lovin’ Spoonful performing.  They put on an ok show, I knew more songs at this performance than the other groups I had seen this week.
  • Used a FastPass+ for my final viewing of Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.  I goofed up though and did not really pay attention to the wind.   Of course this evening it was blowing to the north so right in my face!   This meant a fair amount of smoke.  No fireworks remnants this evening though so that was a plus.
  • After the show walked quickly to the bus stop and caught up with the smoke again.. so had to walk through it and wait in it till it blew through.
  • I really do not understand why Disney Transportation schedules bus driver switches during park closing time and when they do why they change at a station not out in the lot before assigning a bus to a stop.   Our stop was held empty waiting for a bus and once it did show up they switched drivers and loaded a scooter.  This meant a really slow load time.  During this time the line went from about 2 buses to stretch out of the queue and down the walkway.  Probably four or five buses by the time I left.  I was extremely lucky and made it onboard as the last person, thanks to a kind bus driver and other guests in the front that let me squeeze in.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 20,898
Miles 9.8
Moderate 15,285
Walking Time 134

WDW Pictures Disney's Animal Kingdom, Caribbean Beach Resort & Disney's Hollywood Studios
My final day featured a morning visit to Disney's Animal Kingdom then a look from the Caribbean Beach Resort at Skyliner & Riviera projects before a quick rainy stop at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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