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Walt Disney World Day 7 Report

Monday, December 10, 2018

Trip Log:

Started off this chilly morning catching a bus to the Magic Kingdom.  As I walked into the park the Main Street Trolley Show was just starting so I stopped to watch it then made my way up to the hub through the crowd.  Decided to go to Tomorrowland and go for a ride on the PeopleMover.  Once back walked around to Fantasyland and then Liberty Square.  Some in the group stopped for funnel cake and then we grabbed a hot dog at Casey’s before picking up some Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards on the way out.  Some of the group caught a bus back to the Boardwalk, the rest of us a Ferry Boat to the Transportation and Ticket Center then Monorail to Epcot.  At Epcot strolled through Future World and out to World Showcase.  Went to the left and continued on to Germany.  Picked up some caramel corn for the group then continued.  Some more of the group exited at International Gateway and I continued to Canada to watch the Canadian Holiday Voyageurs.   After their set walked quickly to the American Adventure and caught a couple songs by the Voices of Liberty then the American Adventure show.  After wards returned to the International Gateway and headed for the Beach Club to see the gingerbread Carousel followed by the train in the Yacht Club.   Continued around the lagoon to the Boardwalk to join the rest of my group.  We all walked over to the Dolphin and ate dinner at Shula’s.  After dinner I caught a boat to the Studios.  Strolled up Hollywood Blvd and spent some time in the Echo Lake area then Sunset Blvd.  Roamed around and watched the Sunset Seasons Greetings show for a while then stopped by the Star Wars Launch Bay before heading out to Toy Story Land.  Went for a spin on the Swirling Saucers, which took about 10 minutes only, then returned to Hollywood Blvd. for Disney Movie Magic followed by Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam!  After the show joined the mass of guests exiting the park.  Decided to hike to Epcot and then go to the FastPass+ area for Illuminations.  After the show met some friends and walked back to the Boardwalk to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Today was a very cold day with the highs topping out in the low 60s and a good breeze.    Thanks to decent weather we had already checked off everything on the must see list so today was relaxing day roaming the parks.
  • We started the day again with a long bus line for the Magic Kingdom, not as bad as last time though as we made it onto the first bus, but had to stand.
  • The Magic Kingdom felt busy again as we entered and walked around.   
  • The Main Street Trolley show was once again trolley less.  Instead the large blue horse drawn cart was out and being used.  We walked in as they rolled into Town Square so stopped found a spot for the performance.   I think this show is a great way to kick off a visit to the Magic Kingdom. 
  • Once again the People Mover had a line, only about 5 minutes, but still there were a good number of guests for a morning visit.
  • We ate an early lunch with some of the group at Sleepy Hollow, which had a slow moving line as usual and the rest heading to Casey’s.  There was a queue to get in the door so I decided to give mobile order a try.  I had never used it at Walt Disney World, but do on a regular basis in Anaheim.   The order process went smoothly and was about the same.  I inform the app that I was there and then found my way to the mobile pick up entrance.   Once inside Casey’s was a bit chaotic with guests everywhere waiting for orders and others trying to order.  I noticed the queue outside was moving ok but guests were just walking in from the mobile order door and the seating area and hopping in line.  There was no crowd management.  There was a cast member directing those from the main door but everything else was a free for all.   I watched guest come in get in line, order, get there food and leave before my order was ready.   My order was just a hot dog and fries.. nothing special.   Finally my phone indicated the order was ready so I worked my way up to the counter and a few moments later the food came out and was delivered to me.   It was interesting that it notified me the food was ready before it had come to the window.  In Anaheim the notifications go out once the food is at the counter.  In the end the process was not bad but I do not think I saved any time and based on my observations it seemed ordering at the counter may have been faster this visit. 
  • Some of the group decided to take the Ferry Boat then Monorail to Epcot the rest a bus back to the Boardwalk.   I walked right onto a waiting ferry, they actually held it for us and left as soon as we boarded.   Once at the Transportation and ticket center walked up and waited for a Monorail.   I received a text from the Boardwalk portion of our group that they had arrived back at the hotel before the Monorail showed up!   They also lucked out and walked onto a waiting bus.  I found it interesting if they would have walked to Epcot they would have beaten us to the park.
  • Once at Epcot the slowness continued with a long and slow security line.   I really hope the construction near the entrance is to build a new ramp to allow Monorail guests that have already been screened at the Magic Kingdom to enter Epcot without having to be re-screened. This seems like it would be a win for just about everyone.  Less guests to screen means shorter waits and possibly even less cast members needed.
  • Once in Epcot we were heading for Germany to pick up some items for family at home.  The Friendship boat was only running on the east side (Canada to Morocco), so we did the hike out. 
  • Stopped by the Beach Club and then Yacht Club lobbies to check out their Christmas decorations.  The Beach Club’s gingerbread carousel has a new theme this year but the overall look of both lobbies is the same as usual, no drastic changes jumped out to me. 
  • For dinner we made our way over to the Dolphin and Shula’s.   The Dolphin new lobby decorations are disappointing compared to the large tree and train the previous lobby had.  Dinner at Shula’s was great as expected.   We have had very consistent and good meals every time dining there over the years.
  • After dinner I took a Friendship boat to the Studios since I had time and to save some steps.  Realized it was my first time doing so this trip.   It was nice to be inside vs out in the cold.
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios did not feel crowded this evening.  Being a weeknight plus the cold seemed to keep the crowd down.  I spent some time enjoying the Christmas Decorations and visiting Toy Story Land again.  I went for a spin on Alien Swirling Saucers since there was a short wait and I realized I had not taken pictures of the queue.
  • Made my way to Hollywood Blvd a few minutes before Disney Movie Magic started and there was plenty of space then I stuck around for Jingle Bam. 
  • As soon as the show ended I turned and headed for the park exit and the hike to Epcot.   I took a look at my pedometer and it turned out to be 1.9 miles from my spot on Hollywood Blvd to the FastPass+ viewing location for Illuminations.  It took me about 37 minutes to make the hike.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 24,351
Miles 11.5
Moderate 18,561
Walking Time 166

WDW Pictures Part I: Magic Kingdom, Epcot & Resorts
Spent the morning at the Magic Kingdom and then a walk through Epcot before visiting the Beach & Yacht Club Resorts.
WDW Pictures Part II: Disney's Hollywood Studios & Epcot
After dinner spent some time at the Studios to catch Jingle Bam! then closed out my last evening at Epcot.


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