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Walt Disney World Day 6 Report

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Trip Log:

Started the morning off with passing thunderstorms and heavy rain at times so we hung out at the Boardwalk.  Once the storms cleared we ventured out to Epcot for lunch.  Ended up at the Liberty Inn because we wanted to catch a performance of the Voices Of Liberty.  After their set returned to the Boardwalk to catch a bus to the Animal Kingdom.  Made our way out to Gorilla Falls and took a look around.  Then used a FastPass for the Safari followed by a quick visit to Pandora before the 6pm Festival of the Lion King show which we had a FastPass to.  After the show walked by Asia and over to Dinoland.  Grabbed dinner there then decided to head for Epcot.  Paid a visit to Spaceship Earth then the Gran Fiesta Tour in Mexico.  Strolled around World Showcase Lagoon and found a spot to watch Illuminations from the International Gateway Bridge.  Walked back to the Boardwalk and called it an evening.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • This morning woke up to rain with some heavy storms blowing through mid morning.   We made the decision to hang out at the Boardwalk and spent some time working in the room and starting to pack.  The storms blew threw in the morning and by lunch time it was clearing and we ventured out.  It was disappointing to loose a morning to rain, but compared to the amount of rain we had in May this was great!
  • We ended up walking over to Epcot for lunch since we wanted to see a couple things in World Showcase.   The park was very calm and pleasant to walk around.  
  • Stopped by the American Adventure for a Voices of Liberty Concert.  The group is performing as Dickens Carolers and are on our must see list each year. 
  • This was also my first visit since the “Creating Tradition: Innovation and Change in American Indian Art” exhibit opened in the gallery.   I thought it was an interesting display to walk around and it was nice to see something new in the space. 
  • Decided to loop back through the Boardwalk and catch a bus to the Animal Kingdom.  Our plan was to go there in the morning but the rain pushed that so we thought why not go in the afternoon.  I was able to move my Safari FastPass+ to the afternoon.
  • We visited Kilimanjaro Safari as they were doing the transition to the night time routes and Safari.   It was still daylight but they had already re-routed tucks past elephant country.  Also the hyenas were out already.   Many animals had gone in for the evening or were working their way in though so it was an uneventful trip.
  • Used a FastPass+ for the Festival of the Lion King.  Nothing new to report from this great show, except for our performance they were one lead singer short.
  • As we were walking around I picked up a random FastPass for my 3rd of the evening and the attraction went down so it turned to a multi experience for the park.   Since I wanted to get going to Epcot ended up just scanning but not riding an attraction.  Before doing so I did not even think to see if the Pandora attractions were available.  I just assumed no since it was a standard tier that went down.  Then to top it off I was unable to find any attractions I wanted to book at Epcot.
  • My final stop of the day was back to Epcot.  I could not find a FastPass+ so ended up waiting in line for Spaceship Earth.  Turned out to be under 15 minutes only.  Once onboard we stopped at least a half dozen times, sometimes for a couple minutes.  Not sure if they were having problems or just that many guests needing extra time to board/disembark.
  • Since it was a Sunday the park felt less crowded than the previous two evenings as I strolled around World Showcase.
  • During Illuminations most of the shells were in use again like a couple nights ago, not quite the full show but most.   Noteworthy none of the burst from the perimeter this evening.
  • Tonight was the first night this trip that I saw work lights and workers at the International Gateway Skyliner station.    They looked to be setting up for the evening as I left the park and walked back to the Boardwalk.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 22,375
Miles 10.25
Moderate 17,853
Walking Time 161

WDW Pictures Epcot & Animal Kingdom
A rainy morning followed by a visit to Epcot, then Animal Kingdom then back to Epcot to close out the night.


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