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Walt Disney World Day 8 Report

Wedneday, May 3, 2017

Trip Log:

Started off the morning finishing packing and then clearing out of the Villa.  Dropped our carry-on bags with Bell Services, checked out, and then suitcases with the airline check-in counter.  Boarded a bus to the Magic Kingdom and wandered around Main Street USA and out to Tomorrowland.  Went for a spin on the People Mover then took the train from Fantasyland to Frontierland.  Walked along the Rivers of America and into Liberty Square.  Some went for an early lunch at the Columbia Harbour House and the rest of us decided to head back to Tomorrowland and hop on the Express Bus.  Unfortunately this planned ran into a road block.  Our bus pass did not work so we had to circle back to guest services in Liberty Square.  Since we were going to miss our FastPass+ for Frozen decided to join the others for lunch then all go to Guest Relations.  They fixed our transportation but it was too late so we took the long way to Epcot.   Took the Ferry Boat to the TTC then the Monorail to Epcot.  Once there I stopped to renew my annual pass and the others went to guest relations to see what could be done about missing our FastPass+ because of their Express Bus issue.   We met up again and they had given us a replacement Frozen FastPass+ plus some others to use.  Walked out to Norway and went on Frozen.  Had a little over an hour until it was time to leave so did a slow walk around World Showcase lagoon and found a spot in the shade to relax and spend some final moments in the park.   Strolled back to the Boardwalk to get our carry-ons, change clothes, and wait for the Magical Express Bus.  At MCO grabbed a bite to eat then out to the gate to wait and fly home to end this trip.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • The last day ritual was as always.. pack up, drop carry-ons with Bell Services, tell the front desk we are gone, and drop suit cases at the airline check-in.    All went smooth, but the airline check-in took a long time.  There was no line or backup, we walked right up, but it took them 10-15 minutes to check us in and tag the bags.

  • Thanks to good weather and moderate to light crowds I had accomplished everything on my checklist except one thing. So today we set out with no real goal except at some point to take the monorail from the TTC to Epcot to see the Flower Quilts from above.   

  • Decided to start the day at the Magic Kingdom since that fit the plan.  Once at the park the crowds were moderate but wait times were more than our patience so ended up doing a transportation theme, the Train and PeopleMover.  
  • Had a late morning FastPass+ for Frozen at Epcot and it was getting close to that time.. not enough time to do the Monorail trip now so decided to do the Express Transportation over, ride, then come back.   All was working out well as we arrived at the checkin podium a few minutes before the bus was to leave.   They scanned our MagicBand and it did not work…   they said our transportation had expired.   I purposely waited until the second day of our trip to purchase it so the 7 days would take us through the last day.  The cast member was little to no help.  Basically said we could not ride and to take it up with guest relations.   I happened to have our receipt even (since we checked out of the hotel this morning) showing when it was purchased and they did not even want to look at it.  The cast member put zero effort into resolving the issue.  I was frustrated so left the area and decided to grab lunch before going to guest relations.   Stopped by the Liberty Square Ticket Office and the cast members there called up the record and said that was odd.. seven days should have been today.  They could not figure it out but instead of spending effort on it just added a complimentary day on for today for us.   We explained that we missed our FastPass+ because we missed the bus.  They said they could not give us a FastPass for Frozen.. only Epcot guest relations can do that and said to try there.       

  • Since I was at the ticket counter and my Premier Pass expired in a few days I asked if I could renew.  Unfortunately they could not do Premier Passes and said any front entrance ticket booth could.

  • We decided to take the long way to Epcot and went for a cruise on the Ferry Boat then Monorail ride.   Nothing to note from the trip.. except it would be really nice if they moved the Epcot security so when you exit the Monorail you are in the secure zone still and would not have to go back through.

  • There was no line at the ticket booths at Epcot so I decided to renew my pass and let the others go to see about the FastPass+.   Turns out they cannot do Premier passes either.  I had to go to the guest relations/will call window and purchase it there.    The process was slow as usual.  Not sure why they can’t make it so you can renew them like regular passes.  In reality what you are doing is purchasing a new one each time.   The cast member processing my order at first made a comment about how the new pass would expire 13 months from today not the 13 months from my expiration date in a week.  I found this odd.  In the end she changed it but I think I lost a day only.

  • The rest of the group had finished well before me and were very successful.  They got a new Frozen FastPass+ as well as a couple regular FastPass+’s added to our account for today. 

  • It was kind of a sad state as we sat there in Future World talking and realizing we could walk onto anything with a FastPass+ and having no desire/reason to.    We were going to park hop one last time but decided to go use the Frozen FastPass+ first. 

  • It took us much longer than planned to get through, FastPass+ return was backed up to the door.    We had a little over an hour until the planned time to go back to the Boardwalk to leave for the airport so decided to do a final lap of World Showcase vs going somewhere else.

  • Picked up our bags no problem, changed and were ready for the Magical Express a half hour early.   We decided to wait outside and a bus showed up so we left early for the airport.

  • The Magical Express had one stop after the Boardwalk..  Caribbean Beach Resort.  As we drove through there were a lot of fences going up as they were preparing for the construction to begin.

  • Nothing of not from rest of the trip nor the airport.  We had TSA-precheck so no real wait at security.  Orlando security always seems busy and a little chaotic.  It was the same story today. 

  • Our plane was late arriving and Delta moved our gate.  The boarding process was a little crazy/busy.  The crew was making every effort to get going so they can try to make up some time.  In the end the efforts were good and we landed only a few minutes late.  Then we just kept taxing.  I joked saying there was not gate.  We stopped at the far side of the airport and the captain came on saying there was no gate and we would be sitting there for 10-20 minutes then moving to a gate.  About 10 minutes later he updated us still no gate and an additional 15 minutes.  Several minutes later came on saying they were giving us a new gate but we would have to be towed in.   Eventually we made it to a gate then had to wait while they tried to line up the jetway.  Finally made it off the plane!  It was not a good way to end the trip.   But on a positive note our bags were the first ones off the plane so no wait at baggage claim.

  • With the new shuttle restrictions the pickup area for the parking lot shuttle was not as crazy as past trips.  They have split the services up and half use only the upper level and the other half the lower level.  So shuttles only make one trip around the airport now.   Traffic was moving quicker than usual from what we saw.

  • Closed out the trip with the drive home which thanks to the later hour and Caltrans meant a series of lane and a full freeway closure.. so it took almost twice as long to get home as usual.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 14,512
Miles 5.54
Moderate 11,758
Walking Time 105
WDW Pictures Magic Kingdom & Epcot
Spent our last morning at the Magic Kingdom then over to Epcot before catching a Magical Express Bus. Also some Caribbean Beach Resort pictures from the bus.


Other Picture sets from today: