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Walt Disney World Day 4 Report

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trip Log:

Started the morning catching up on some work then heading out to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Lucked out and the bus was pulling in as we showed up so no wait at all and we arrived at the park just after park opening.  Trekked out to the Safari and used a FastPass+ then decided to take in a showing of Wonders of Flight.  Some grabbed some food from Yak and Yeti and I walked through Asia.  We then headed for the Express Bus to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Ate lunch at PizzeRizzo then used a FastPass+ for Toy Story.  Roamed around Sunset Blvd for a while then boarded an Express bus to Epcot.  Wandered around the front entrance topiary then stopped by the Garden Center (former Wonders of Life).  Made our way to World Showcase and hopped on a boat near Canada and took it to  Morocco.  Strolled through Japan and then caught a performance by the Voices of Liberty.   Then the American Adventure.  After the show made our way to Norway to use a Frozen FastPass+.  Then headed back around to the Liberty Inn for dinner followed by the Garden Rocks concert featuring Expose this evening.  After the concert strolled around World Showcase and caught a set by Alberta Bound in Canada.  Then met up with some friends and visited until Illuminations.  After the show visited some more and was one of the last guests out of Epcot.  Walked back to the Boardwalk to wrap up the day.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Due to our ongoing issues with the MagicBands opening our room the front desk ended up giving us three bonus FastPass+ each for today and tomorrow that could be used on any attraction at any park, except for Frozen.    Thought this was a nice surprise.  The room entry issue is still not resolved, we were also given a traditional card to use as a backup.  The theory today is it is the door, which seems odd since two of three bands work ok.

  • First stop today, Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Decided to pay a visit to Kilimanjaro Safari since yesterday we did not get on.  It was very nice being able to just show up and walk on and not have to pay attention to the return time..  The burlap fencing was still up and no signs of any new animals.  There were three Zebra out in the area.. maybe some of them were new to that area?  Cast members were again no help in giving a definitive answer when we asked.

  • Decided to head to the Studios for lunch.  The Express Transportation buses pick up backstage in Africa.  They use part of the Kilimanjaro truck parking lot.  Interesting to note the route they take.  They go backstage around the safari and out the back gate onto Bear Island Road then turn onto Western Way.  I would have assumed they would go by Pandora and out the front gate. 

  • Ate lunch at PizzeRizzo since I had a taste for pizza and I like what they serve.  The Studios is the last place to still serve the old style pizza.  All the other parks have moved to flatbreads now.. which I am not a fan of. There were quite a few more guests inside this trip than in December when we visited, guess the reduced hours and eating mid day make a difference. In December at one point we were the only ones upstairs. This time I would say it was close to half full upstairs and almost full downstairs.

  • Since we were in the Studios decided to use another of the FastPass+ for Toy Story before catching a bus to Epcot.

  • Took an Express Bus to Epcot.  While waiting the Cast Members said they would give us a prize if we answered three trivia questions correctly.  I assumed the prize would be sitting on the air conditioned bus.. turns out it was a FastPass voucher good for anything at Epcot except Frozen.  And it did not have to be used today.. it was good for seven days from date of issue. 

  • Once back at Epcot stopped by the Festival Center/former Wonders of Life and took a look around.  It was really quiet.  We roamed around and did a little shopping then left.  They were playing some video at the stages while waiting for presentations but no making of video showing in the theater as they had done in years past.

  • We had a regular FastPass+ booked for Frozen Ever After today.  So went and used that.  I did not think fast enough and was put in the first row. This meant I got quite wet on the drop.  The standby line when we road was 120 minutes.

  • Made my way out to American Adventure with the goal of watching the concert this evening.  Had some time so grabbed dinner at the Liberty Inn.  It was not crowded but it was extremely noisy.  A lot of really loud people and sound echoing.  Not sure why since it was not even close to full.  But it was a very loud meal.   Also learned that if you want a burger here and no fries you do not save any money, like you can at other places.  You can substitute but you have to something.  Also they do not reduce the cost if you want a burger without cheese.  This is how Disneyland does it too, but almost all other WDW locations charge you for what you order and take off for items you do not want.

  • Tonight Expose was performing as part of the Garden Rocks concert series.  I really miss the old groups, the Flower Power acts.  The more modern (if you count 70s and 80s as modern) groups they have just are not as interesting to me.  The days I have gone the past couple of years there have always been plenty of seats.

  • As the sun set we roamed around World Showcase enjoying some of the entertainment then visiting with friends.  Our original plan for the day was to use our last FastPass+ for Illuminations but with the way the wind was blowing and since we were visiting we ended up walking out to the bridge by France to watch the show this evening.

  • A plus from this vantage point was we could watch the Star Wars fireworks over France, the drawback is both shows started the same time tonight.

  • After the show I hung out visiting with friends for a while then headed back to the Boardwalk being one of the final guests out.  At the International Gateway only one security cast member remained and we chatted for a while before I finally exited.  From when I left the bridge, through the conversation which lasted quite a while, then the walk to the Boardwalk only one trio passed me.  Once I reached ESPN Club this changed and the Boardwalk was alive with activity and guests enjoying the mild evening.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 23,446
Miles 8.8
Moderate 17,517
Walking Time 160


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