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Walt Disney World Day 8 Report

Monday December 14, 2015

Trip Log:

Started off my last morning packing up to head home.   Checked the suitcases in at the resort then dropped the carryons with bell services before venturing out for the morning.  First stop today Animal Kingdom.  We had a 10:30 FastPass+ time and arrived at the park just after that and hiked out to Africa for a ride.  Once back strolled through the Market and around by Asia.  Ended up in Dino land to grab a bite to eat then circled by Everest for a last look at the construction.  Made my way to the front of the park and out to the buses.  Took one over to the Magic Kingdom.  Wandered up Main Street USA and into Liberty Square.  Boarded the Liberty Belle and went for a cruise.  Then walked through Fantasyland and past the Castle to Tomorrowland with the goal to visit the PeopleMover but it was not moving..  guests were onboard but no movement.   Since I only had about 20 minutes made my way back to Main Street and did a couple Sorcerers stops then picked up some cards on the way out to the bus.  Returned to the Beach Club, picked up my carryons, changed, and waited about 45 min for my Magical Express bus.  Boarded and headed for the airport and then plane back home to Los Angeles to wrap up this trip.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Our last morning started off with the normal routine of packing up and checking out.  We ran into an issue with the Airline Checkin.  The boarding passes they delivered to the room were for only two of three traveling.  One was duplicated.   Upon checking in they ran into a problem assigning bags to that third person and printing the boarding pass at the counter.   We ended up having to go inside to the concierge and they printed the boarding pass.   It was a 10-15 minute delay but just another one of many this trip it felt like.
  • The last morning started off like most of the others with a long wait at the bus stop.  After a good 15 minutes an Animal Kingdom bus finally showed up.  They loaded the wheel chair and then guests.  As we were about to pull out after being crammed in a second bus showed up right behind it.   I do not understand why you have a cast member out there at the bus stops but no information.   If they knew a second bus was literally a minute behind why not tell guests and give them the option to cut the line to get the first one moving and out of the way and give more guests seats?
  • We had a FastPass+ for the Safari that I made last night.. but it was not needed.  The Standby line seemed to be moving quicker actually. 
  • Nothing new to report from the trip except we saw a Jungle Trek with only 2 guests in it.  That would have been a great personalized experience. 
  • The Thirsty River Bar and Trek Snacks opened.  This is in the former location of the FastPass distribution machines for Expedition Everest.  It is an interesting re-purposing of the space.  There are two separate counters/area one for the bar and one for the snacks and both have two sides.  So it is a very open location.  There is no real seating in the area though so that is a challenge.  Assuming this is in preparation for Rivers of Light?   Or if nothing else you could go sit there during the day potentially? 
  • Next up I headed to the Magic Kingdom to join some of my group that had traveled there for lunch.  We both experienced substantial, over 15 min waits for the bus. 
  • The Magic Kingdom felt more crowded today than previous days.  Waits in Fantasyland were pushing an hour for some like Small World and over for Peter Pan and the Dwarfs Mine Train.
  • We opted for a lesser wait and the Liberty Belle.  The boat was fairly crowded too.
  • The plan was to close out the Magic Kingdom with one last PeopleMover trip.  Unfortuantely it was stopped when we walked by.  Vs waiting for it to start and risk getting stuck ourselves we kept walking.
  • Since I had an unaccounted 20 minutes figured I would do a couple Sorcerers stops and pick up some more cards.   Over the years I have accumulated one set of cards 1-60 (the general cards) and was only a couple cards shy of my 2nd and 3rd sets.   I would really like to see some updates maybe even seasonal ones to add to the game play.   It is fairly repetitive if you have done it before like me.
  • Back to the Beach Club to grab our carryons, change and wait for the Magical Express Bus.  Nothing interesting to report.  The bus was on time and had two stops.. the Boardwalk and Caribbean Beach.  The traffic due to construction near the airport delayed us (seems like they have been working on the interchange for years now). 
  • I really wish the food court and shopping at MCO were after security.   It is so hard to just how long it is going to take to get through security and I find myself not wanting to spend time in the shops or linger after eating.  This time we noticed the lines were fairly long as usual but luckily we had TSA pre-check so it took less than 5 minutes to get through the line and screening. 
  • The flight back to Los Angeles was uneventful.  We actually arrived early.. of course no gate so we got to sit in a far corner of LAX and pulled into the gate just about on time.
  • LAX was busy and traffic everywhere as usual.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 13,211
Miles 5.0
Moderate 10,050
Walking Time 88


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