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Walt Disney World Day 8 Report

Monday December 15, 2014

Trip Log:

The last morning is always a bit depressing. Packed up and while waiting for the rest of the group to do the same I went for a walk. Strolled out to the water and then hopped on a Friendship launch to the Swan/Dolphin. Went into the Swan and took a look at the chocolate display then walked across to the Dolphin and saw their tree, train and sugar showpiece. Then I walked passed the Yacht Club and back to the Beach Club to my room one last time. Grabbed all the bags and went to the airline check in for the suitcases then bell services for the carryons. Then headed for the bus stops and the Animal Kingdom. Made my way out to the Safari for one last trip. Once back walked out to Pangani, but no sight of the babies yet, still too cold out. Went for lunch at Pizzafari then made my way to the bus stop and over to Epcot. Boarded a Monorail to the Transportation and Ticket Center then Ferry boat to the Magic Kingdom. Took the WDW Railroad to Fantasyland then walked to Tomorrowland and went for a trip on the People Mover. Once back made my way to Main Street then back to the bus stops. Returned to the Yacht Club, picked up my carryons and waited for the Magical Express bus. Then off to the airport and home to wrap up this trip.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • It was a great morning, weather wise, but sad since it was my last. Started off taking a quick walk over to check out the Swan chocolate display, which looked about the same as last year. Then the Dolphin to see the tree and train which had some Frozen characters along for the ride.

  • Checked our bags at the Beach Club, no problems with the airline checkin. Such a nice service to not have to worry about getting them to the airport.

  • First park today was the Animal Kingdom. The park felt more crowded today than past days. Used a FastPass+ for the Safari that we had booked last night then stopped by Pangani. No gorillas again due to the cooler morning.

  • Decided to take the long way to the Magic Kingdom today. It was a long wait for the Epcot bus (we saw three Magic Kingdom buses whole waiting). Then we again had to wait for the Monorail. Once we reached the Magic Kingdom the plan was to take the Ferry Boat, but what we had not planned on was the Express Monorail was down so the Ferry Boat was very crowded.

  • The Magic Kingdom felt busy too. Even the PeopleMover had a wait. It took about 10 minutes to get onboard.

  • We had great bus timing to return to the Beach Club. We walked out and one was there. Figured it would be long gone by the time we reached the stop but as luck would have it they were changing drivers. So we boarded with no problem. This got us back to the Beach Club 45 minutes ahead of schedule.

  • A Magical Express bus showed up and the driver said he had space so we left a half hour early for the airport vs waiting around the Beach Club. After the experience last time of getting there and feeling rushed we wanted to leave time.

  • At the airport since we were early grabbed a bite to eat in the food court then headed for security checkpoint. Lucked out again and was through security in under 5 minutes. I think that is a record for me in Orlando.

  • The flight home was only about half full so there was plenty of space onboard if you wanted to spread out. Also due to this we boarded quicker than expected and left a few minutes early and arrived early.

  • Our good travel luck ran out at LAX.. We arrived at terminal 6 but our bags were at terminal 5 so that meant a long hike. Then the airport was near gridlock so it took almost half an hour to get from terminal 5 to clear the airport on the shuttle back to the parking lot.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 13,525
Miles 5.1
Moderate 10,139
Walking Time 89


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