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Walt Disney World Day 7 Report

Monday, May 5, 2014

Trip Log:

Started off my last day at WDW this trip packing up and dropping the suitcases at the airline checkin counter and the carryons with bell services.  Then it was off to the Animal Kingdom for some of us and the Magic Kingdom for others.  I arrived at the Animal Kingdom around 9:30am and made my way out to the Kilimanjaro Safari to use a Fastpass+ reservation that was made last night.  After the Safari wandered through the park and back to the entrance to catch a bus to the Magic Kingdom.  Made my way up Main Street USA to the hub and walked by the street party that was going on.  Grabbed a bite from Cosmic Rays and joined the rest of my group at the Harbour House.  After eating some decided to go back and relax and I stayed and wandered around the Dwarfs Mine Train area for a while then finished a quest of the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and then picked up some new cards in Liberty Square.  Went and found some of my group on Big Thunder then we took the train around to Main Street.  They decided to hike to Adventureland for Dole Whips and I wanted a last look at Epcot so I exited the park and took the Ferry across to the TTC then the Monorail to Epcot.   Made my way to the bus stops and caught one back to Kidani.  Met up with everyone in the lobby, got our carryons, changed for the flight home, and relaxed a bit before heading out to catch our Magical Express bus.  The bus showed up right at 3pm as scheduled then proceeded to the Jambo House, Art of Animation, and Pop Century.  We arrived at the airport later than usual thanks to all the stops, it was after 4:30.  Grabbed a quick burger as we were walking then it took about 20-25 minutes to get through security.  Arrived at the gate at 5:15pm and boarding was already underway.  Got in line and found our seats to head for home and wrap up this trip.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Today marks the end of this Walt Disney World trip.  Knowing you are heading home later in the day always puts a damper on the day.. but luckily we had great weather today and a later flight.  So we woke up, finished packing, and used the Airline Checkin option and dropped our bags before heading to the parks for a few hours.

  • The Airline check in area at Kidani is really small.  It is inside the main lobby tucked into a corner.  The 5 of us, 8 bags and carryons blocked it all up.. another family was also trying to check out and we were right on top of each other.   Once really convenience of this setup was that Bell Services was right next to it, just turned 90 degrees and handed off our carryons.

  • We decided to visit the Animal Kingdom first and Fastpass+ actually worked nicely for us to get onto the Safari with minimal hassle.  But since this was the only attraction we were going to do then we were moving on to another park we were out of FastPass+ options for the day already.   The system really does discourage park hopping the way it is set up.   The current rule is you have to use all three at your first park then go to a kiosk in the second park.  Hopefully this changes as the system continues to evolve.  Seems they can use GPS and allow you to make changes based on the park you are in.

  • When we arrived at the Magic Kingdom it was getting crowded already.  Seems another day of nice weather had brought the crowds out. 

  • I opted for an early lunch because I was hungry and this turned out to be a wise move.  Some of my group that were in the Magic Kingdom already showed up to eat about half an hour after I did and it took them substantially longer to get their food and a table since the noon rush had kicked in by then.

  • Today the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was cycling some trains when I first arrived then it stopped and no more activity.  No soft openings this trip.

  • I stopped to play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom to complete a mission.  I am currently making my way through the medium difficulty level and it is more work than the easy one.    Again today there was no real wait at any of the kiosks.  Not sure they are doing a better job of spacing guests out of if the popularity has dropped that much.   They were more strict on giving out new sets of cards.  You had to play at least a couple portals before they would give you a pack.  Originally you could get one new pack a day no matter what.  I was pleased because I finally got the missing card for my first complete set.  My second set is only missing a couple cards now.  And I have a stack of triples and more that is probably about 6 inches high now.

  • Decided to take a relaxing trip on the Walt Disney World Railroad to end my visit.  Always a fun way to see the park and a nice trip.

  • Opted to take the long way back to the resort so after my train ride took the ferry across to the monorail then caught a bus to Kidani.   The Ferry Boats coming into the Magic Kingdom were packed.  Heading out there were less than a dozen guests on board with me.

  • My Magical Express bus was right on time but it was nearly an hour from when the bus pulled up until we cleared Disney property.  We had to stop at Jambo House, Art of Animation, and Pop Century.  Then at the airport there were delays too with all the bus spots full.  So we were picked up at 3:00pm and made it to the food court at the airport at 4:30pm.  We grabbed a very quick bite to eat (burger as I walked by McDs and to the security checkpoint, no more than 5 minutes) then headed for the security line which was long.  Only 1 of the 5 of us had TSA precheck and he was through in a minute or two.  The rest of us it took almost half an hour to make it through the maze of lines at the screening checkpoint.  By the time we reached the gate boarding had begun.  We felt very rushed and it seemed the Magical Express got us there later than usual because of all the stops.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 13,712
Miles 5.1
Moderate 13,712
Walking Time 87