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Walt Disney World Day 8 Report

Monday, December 16, 2013

Trip Log:

Started my last day packing up and checking out of the Boardwalk.  After dropping the suitcases at the airline check and carryons at bell services hopped on a bus to the Animal Kingdom.  While en-route booked Fastpasses for the Safari for later in the morning.  Upon arriving at the park wandered through park spending some time on Discovery Island walking the trails.  Slowly made our way back to the Safari to use our Fastpass.  After our ride ended up grabbing lunch at Pizzafari (and some at Flame Tree).  Then we strolled through Asia and back to Africa.  Took the Wilderness Express out to Conservation Station and went to see if anything was going on, it was not.  After returning to Harambe slowly walked toward the park exit.  Took a bus back to the Boardwalk to retrieve our carryons and then board the Magical Express bus back to the Airport to close out this Walt Disney World trip.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Always tough to reach the last day of a vacation but they always come...

  • First stop after packing was the airline checkin and the process was a breeze this trip. No one there when we arrived and it took almost no time to check our bags in and be on our way.

  • Decided to spend our last bit of park time at the Animal Kingdom. The park was not too busy.

  • Today I did something new.. I used Fastpass+ Hard to believe it took me all the way to day 8 to use it but with the low crowds and easy to get traditional Fastpass coupled with my frustrations with the the new system I had no real need. But today on the way over one member of our group went on the app and booked us a return time about an hour from when we left the hotel. It took quite a few minutes but it worked and it did save us a hike out to pick up traditional Fastpasses. I am going to do a full posting on my myMagic+ experience but in a nutshell I was not overly impressed or pleased with it.

  • Circled the trails a bit and roamed around the park, it was a very pleasant late morning/early afternoon and a relaxing way to conclude the trip.
  • Headed for the Boardwalk around 2pm for our 3:15pm departure. Arrived with over half an hour to spare and just hung out in the lobby and then out at the Magical Express stop.

  • Magical Express picked up on time and went on to stop at Caribbean Beach before heading to the airport. As we drove around property DisneyParks Blog videos played on the screens. Once we hit the highway a new video featuring the same cast as the arrival video plus an MCO representative played. The video no longer features the characters and seemed more dry to me. I only half way paid attention.

  • The airport was busy as usual and security took a good 20 minutes to work my way through. The others in my group had pre-check and walked through in less than a minute!

  • Nothing too interesting to report from the flight home or arrival at LAX except the normal we arrived and the gate was not ready so we had to sit on the tarmac and wait an extra 20 minutes. Always fun after a 5 hour flight. Then LAX was a traffic nightmare and you had to inch along to exit the airport.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 9,866
Miles 3.7
Moderate 7,076
Walking Time 64