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Walt Disney World Day 6 Report

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Trip Log:

Started off the morning heading for the Magic Kingdom.  Walked in the park and went for a grand circle tour on the Walt Disney World Railroad.  The rest of the group was hungry so on Main Street they ventured Starbucks for breakfast.  Once they had eaten we all moved on to Adventureland where I did a couple of portals for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  Ended up in Liberty Square and went for a trip on the Liberty Belle.  Continued on around and into Fantasyland and hopped on It’s a Small World.   After our cruise wandered through Fantasyland and walked by the Castle and decided to grab a bite at Cosmic Rays.  After eating strolled back down Main Street and caught a bus back to Boardwalk to meet some visitors for the day. The plan was to venture out to Epcot for the afternoon and evening but due to me not feeling 100% then some rain I called it an early day and just hung out at the Boardwalk the rest of the day only venturing as far as the food kiosk on the Boardwalk for dinner.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • We arrived at the Magic Kingdom just after opening and there were a large number of guests arriving for the day. Weekends are generally more crowded and today appeared to follow that trend. Even with all the guests streaming in the wait times were mild throughout the morning.

  • Decided to go for a Grand Circle Tour of the Magic Kingdom aboard the Walt Disney World Railroad since I had not spent much time on the rails this trip. I always enjoy the uncrowded morning runs around the park.

  • The rest of the group was hungry and ventured into Starbucks on Main Street for breakfast. I took a quick look around then found a nice chair to relax on and watch the crowds/castle. Whenever someone asks me about what to do in a Disney Park that the regular guest does not I always have the same answer... spend some time just relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere. Pick a spot and sit for half an hour or so and just watch the world go by. It is very relaxing and will help you to recharge.. plus you never know what you will see/experience.

  • Small World has reopened and we went for a cruise to see if anything had changed. Overall the attraction looked in good shape so maybe just some general work went on. The last room had a handful of LCD screens. They were on but had static images. Guessing these will be used as part of the myMagic+ system someday soon.

  • Learned that Cosmic Rays hot dogs still came in the larger/fresher buns. So stopped in there for a quick bite for lunch. It was a much wiser choice than their burgers!

  • The plan for the afternoon/evening was to roam Epcot with some relatives but I was still fighting a cold and opted instead to stay around the Boardwalk while the rest of the group went on. This meant loosing several hours of park time but I was hoping the investment would pay off as I would be closer to 100% tomorrow. This sort of worked.. I was better and pushed through the last two days ok. Also throughout the afternoon/evening a rain storm blew through with some heavy rain at times.

  • For dinner I grabbed some food from the stand along the boardwalk. Went with the chicken strips and was disappointed to find out it was the one item you had to order a basket for. The chicken was not very good. The fries turned out to be decent though. Also interesting to note you could not use your room charge there.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 7,622
Miles 2.8
Moderate 5,872
Walking Time 53