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Walt Disney World Day 5 Report

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Trip Log:

Started off the morning heading for the Magic Kingdom.  Arrived around 8:30am and hung out in front of the train station with the crowd waiting for the opening ceremony.  They ran the show at 8:45am then opened the gates to head into the park.   Roamed around Main Street and the hub.  Watched the Spring Trolley show then walked through Adventureland and out to Big Thunder.  Hopped on the WDWRR and took it to Storybook Circus.  Roamed around there a bit then walked through Fantasyland and out to the new Fantasyland.  Doubled back through Fantasyland and stayed in the area for a bit.  Then walked by the Storybook Circus to see if the Giggle Gang was out.   Decided it was lunch time so grabbed something from the Starlight Café.   Then walked back through the Circus and circled around to Tomorrowland to go for a spin on the Carrousel of Progress.    Next up a trip on the Express Monorail to the TTC then transferred to the EPCOT line.  Unfortunately the rain started while enroute so that meant no good pictures and I then had to walk through the park in the rain.  Walked through Future World and out to World Showcase.  Paused in Canada to watch Off Kilter for a minute then continued on to the Beach Club to catch a bus to Downtown Disney to meet some relatives.  Found them at Ghirardelli and visited for a while.  Once done it was back on the bus, this time to the Grand Floridian where I transferred to the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom.   While in Town Square caught an abbreviated Flag Retreat due to the weather.  Then decided to take a ride on the WDWRR.  I disembarked at the Storybook Circus and as I made my way to Tomorrowland the skies opened.  Managed to find a dry spot to sit and wait for the rain to pass.  Spent almost an hour in the area avoiding the rain.  Grabbed a hot dog and then went for a ride on the People Mover.   The rain had let up so wandered through Fantasyland and around to Liberty Square.  Walked through Frontierland and into Adventureland.  Decided to visit the Enchanted Tiki Room.  Afterwards wandered back through Liberty Square and into Fantasyland where I went for a cruise on Small World.  Once back walked around the Castle and down Main Street.  Only had a few minutes until the Main Street Electrical Parade was supposed to start so found a spot and waited.  It was delayed twice due to weather.  I wandered around to the front of the train station for some pictures then heard the music  queue up so returned to Main Street for the parade.  After the parade headed for the bus, Pop Century and bed.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Decided to head to the Magic Kingdom for opening again. Luck was with me today and I walked out and and right onto a bus. The downside to this was I arrived a half hour before opening and had to stand out front of the Train Station waiting around.

  • This morning upon entering the park there were a lot of street cars and other transportation options running up and and down Main Street USA. Something that I am not used to seeing here, but is very common at Disneyland well into the afternoon hours. They had a horse drawn trolley, three cars and the fire truck I believe.

  • I caught the Spring Trolley show which is part of the limited time magic offerings. It seemed about the same as last springs from what I can remember and no indication of the promotion.

  • I stopped by Storybook Circus a couple of times to try and catch the Giggle Gang. It seemed as if they were not following the printed scheduled. I caught the end of a jugging act twice then saw two clowns walking throughout the area. But never caught the show today.

  • I saw a performance of the Royal Majesty Makers and was a little disappointed. It was not all that entertaining to me. I guess if I had a child participating it may have been but there was very little for the rest of us to enjoy at the show I caught. You would think with a small band and two leads it would have a little more something to it.

  • Stopped by the Carrousel of Progress, a must see for any disneygeek, and was surprised to find the show 2/3 or so full.. and the weather was mild so guests were not hiding from it they actually showed up to see the show.

  • As the day went on the off and on showers were extremely annoying and the downpours even more so. I spent nearly an hour hanging out in Tomorrowland watching the pouring rain.. decided it was not worth venturing out into it.

  • Took a bus over to Downtown Disney to drop by and say hi to some other relatives that stopped by today.. of course I got the call to go meet them when I was furthest from a way to get there. I was just exiting the Monorail at Epcot. I decided to walk through the park and take a bus from the Beach Club. This sounded good in my mind but took forever thanks to the rain coming down and then over a half hour wait for a bus to show up at the Beach Club.

  • I hung around the Magic Kingdom and dodged the rain all afternoon/evening. I am always amazed at peoples reaction to the rain. You get those that think they are going to melt.. then you have the other extreme where they are dragging their kids and gear through the down pours for some odd reason. And listening to people plan their routes is just as much fun. I think invasions of countries took less planning in years past than what they go through to get from one side of Tomorrowland to the other.

  • I watched the Main Street Electrical Parade from Main Street. It was delayed a couple of times due to the weather and some elements did not make the trip up the street, such as the canopies over the dancers in the Cinderella unit.

  • I left before Wishes and the bus to leave the Magic Kingdom was there when I walked up... but it was still almost 20 minutes till we pulled away. It off loaded, then off loaded an ECV. Then it loaded an ECV and as he was closing the ramp up a wheelchair showed up. He put the ramp back out and let them board. Then as he was closing up a second time another ECV showed up. He talked to them then the wheelchair folks decided they could transfer to a seat so they did and he un-tethered the chair and loaded the second ECV. Then finally let those of us waiting board. It was a nice gesture by the driver but seems another bus would have been along in a couple minutes this time of night and after two loaded its time to board and hit the road!

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 22,186
Miles 8.4
Moderate 15,743
Walking Time 138