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Walt Disney World Day 4 Report

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trip Log:

Started off the morning arriving at EPCOT for the park opening.  Wandered around Future World and ended up at Test Track.  Went through the Stand by line and then looped back through and did the single rider line.  Decided to move on and roam around Future World a while longer as the weather turned colder and looked like it was going to rain.  Made my way out toward World Showcase then around past Canada and the United Kingdom to the International Gateway.  Walked to the Boardwalk and hopped on a bus to Downtown Disney to meet some relatives for lunch.  We ended up  cruising up the river to Port Orleans Riverside for the meal.  Then walked along the river to the French Quarter.  Decided to take a bus to the Magic Kingdom and launch over to the Wilderness Lodge.  Walked the grounds a bit and then hopped on a bus back to Downtown Disney with them.   Once there said our good byes and we boarded a bus to the Yacht Club.   Stopped for dinner at Beaches and Cream and then returned to EPCOT.   Decided to hike around World Showcase so retraced my route from the morning then ventured on by Mexico, Norway, and China.  Stopped to watch the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats and then continued on to Germany and Italy.  Paused by the American Gardens Stage to see a little of the Village People and then carried on through the rest of World Showcase.  Found a spot for Illuminations and then joined the masses heading for the exits.  Took a bus back to Pop Century to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Today was an overcast and cool day, very odd for April in Orlando. It threatened rain most of the day and we had some periods of sprinkles but nothing too major.

  • I started the day off at Epcot with a visit to Test Track and a couple of times through to experience the different queues. Back on Day 1 I used a Fastpass. This morning I went through the Standby and Single Rider lines. I was there right after park opening so I only had to wait a few minutes in the stand by line, actually people kept pushing past me as I tried to take pictures and see what was in the queue since there was no line. There were a handful of exhibits and then you merge in with the Fastpass return before entering the rooms to design your car. I was a little frustrated today because my kiosk did not work and jammed up about 20 seconds into the design process. So I just sat there with a screen that did nothing and a car that basically a stock car since I could not change anything. The couple minutes of design time really drags by slowly when you cannot participate. The single rider experience was a little different. There are smaller kiosks and you basically choose from a prebuilt design, no customization options to keep the line moving.

  • After Test Track I spent some time roaming around Future World checking out some of the topiaries. As the morning went on the temp and clouds made it seem like it was going to rain at any moment. I decided to head out a bit early to meet up with the rest of my group that had gone to Downtown Disney to meet some relatives for lunch.

  • We ended up heading up river to the Riverside to grab a bite since they had never seen that part of Disney World then as we visited decided to take a scenic trip out to the Wilderness Lodge (bus to Magic Kingdom then boat to the Lodge) to show them that resort before returning to Downtown Disney so they could head home. Always nice to visit the resorts and just relax for a while.

  • We decided on a light dinner at Beaches and Cream. As we were waiting for our food we were surrounded by guests ordering Kitchen Sinks (one on either side). This is a large sundae that includes just about everything and anything you can think of including a whole can of whip cream on top! Neither group finished but always fun to watch guests try.

  • Headed to Epcot after dinner since I had not really spent too much time in the park this trip. The crowds seemed lighter than last night, I think the cooler weather and threatening rain were the primary driver.. but also curious if no extra hours came into play.

  • Tonight I remembered to check the wind and had a good spot weather wise for the show. Unfortunately Illuminations was delayed and then when it did go off there were issues with the Earth Globe and it did not open during the finale.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 24,743
Miles 9.3
Moderate 17,694
Walking Time 159