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Walt Disney World Day 9 Report

Sunday October 7, 2012

Trip Log:

Started off our last morning at WDW packing up and lugging all our bags to the front of the resort.  Checked the suitcases in with the resort airline checkin then our carryons with bell services and we then grabbed some breakfast at the Mill and were off to the Magic Kingdom.   Arrived at the park and hopped on the train to Frontierland.  Some went  on Big Thunder then we strolled along the Rivers of America to Liberty Square.  Picked up some Sorcerers cards and walked through Fantasyland one last time on my way to Tomorrowland to join up with the rest of my group.  Went on Buzz and the People Mover then we headed for the Monorail and EPCOT.  Ate lunch at the Electric Umbrella and then did the loop of World Showcase starting at Mexico.  Once back in Future World grabbed some ice cream at the Fountain View.  At this  point the rest headed for the Riverside and I wandered around a bit more walking through the West side of the park then Innoventions on my way to Spaceship Earth for one last ride.   Once back headed for the bus and the Riverside to rejoin everyone.  Retrieved our bags and waited for our Magical Express bus to head to the airport and head back to LAX.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Always sad to reach the last day of a vacation. Started off the morning packing up and checking out. This included dropping our bags at the Resort Check in Counter and then our carryons with Bell Services. No problems or lines with either, which was great!!

  • Due to the packing and bag checks we arrived at breakfast later than usual and reminded ourselves what a bad idea it was to eat after 9am at the resort. The place very crowded and it took much longer than necessary to get our food, a table, and eat.

  • First stop of the day was the Magic Kingdom. The bus ride over was slow. Then to top it off our driver instead of pulling into the empty stall to off load decided to block traffic and wait for the bus in front to off load a couple of ECVs then pull out of the way. So we sat for about 5 minutes at the bus stop. No clue why they could not have let us utilizing some of the cast members standing around to ensure no one wandered into harms way, even though traffic was completely blocked by our bus.

  • Nothing too interesting to report from the Magic Kingdom this morning. The park was really quiet, for example they walked on Big Thunder the first time they went and spent about 10 minutes in line the second time.

  • As a group we headed to EPCOT via monorail for lunch and one last circle of the Food & Wine Festival (what's another couple of miles on the tennis shoes). Nothing of note on this pass.

  • Had some extra time and a couple snacks to use so grabbed a great (huge) ice cream sandwich at the Fountain View. Wish I had managed to time it better and stop there on some previous days.

  • Made it back to the Riverside about half an hour before my Magical Express bus was to arrive. Got our bags and waited for the bus.

  • The bus trip back to the airport was uneventful but I still find the Magical Express route insane. I do not understand why they make the bus go to the Riverside, French Quarter, Old Key West and Saratoga Springs. Why not split the buses and the route. Seems to me leaving a few minutes earlier or later and only making one stop is much more efficient than four stops and buses what seems every 15 minutes. Sure it works out on some master plan but it makes for a painfully long trip to the airport.

  • The flight back to Los Angeles left about on time and no issues at all. LAX was its normal crowded/depressing self upon arrival but traffic home was not an issue.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 15,541
Miles 5.8
Moderate 11,607
Walking Time 100