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Walt Disney World Day 8 Report

Saturday October 6, 2012

Trip Log:

Started off the morning grabbing a quick bite to eat at the Mill then set off for the Animal Kingdom.  Walked out to the Safari to get a Fastpass and then joined the rest of my group in Asia to see the Tigers.  We then doubled back to Africa and went on the Safari.  Once back continued down the trail to Pizzafari for lunch (some hiked over to the Yak and Yeti counter service location).  Then it was off to the TTC and Magic Kingdom via ferry boat.  Wandered down Main Street USA and into Tomorrowland.  Went for a ride on the People Mover then Carousel of  Progress.  Strolled over to Liberty Square and took in the Hall of Presidents.  After the show picked up some Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards and some headed for A/C to relax and I walked along the parade route and out to Frontierland.  Hopped on the train and took it around to Main Street.  Arrived just as the parade had cleared the area.  Managed to get the last Monorail out before they shut them down for some reason.  At the TTC transferred to the EPCOT Beam and then walked into the park.   Finally made it onto Spaceship Earth, first time this trip, then made my way out to Canada to watch Off Kilter before heading for Yachtsman for dinner.  After dinner took a bus to the Magic Kingdom and the rest of my group transferred and headed back to the room.  I ventured into the Magic Kingdom.  Pushed my way down Main Street and into Tomorrowland.  Grabbed an ice cream cone and wandered through Fantasyland and into Liberty Square.  Found a spot to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade then made my way to Town Square to watch Wishes.  Exited the park after the show and did not see any Monorails at the station nor moving so opted for the Ferry.  Missed it by a handful of guests and was stuck there waiting for the next one.  Eventually made it to the TTC and hopped on an EPCOT monorail.  Arrived at the front of the park about 7 minutes before Illuminations was to begin.   Made my way to World Showcase Lagoon just as the safety spiel was going on and right before the show was to begin.  Watched Illuminations then headed for the bus and back to the resort to wrap up this last evening at WDW.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • The bus we were on left the Riverside a few minutes before 9am. I still do not understand the Blizzard Beach routes. Why were they running to Blizzard Beach before 9am when neither the park nor golf course opened till 10am. Also I do not know why they do not give Drivers the flexibility to ask if anyone is going to the waterpark and then skip it, especially at that hour.

  • Arrived at the Animal Kingdom and found the park had what felt like a heavier crowd than days past. So we opted for a Fastpass for the Safari instead of the line.

  • Finally made it to the Jungle Trek to see what the Tigers were up to, which was nothing. There were a couple out just laying around. No activity and one side/area looked to be closed this morning.

  • Had a relaxing lunch, we ate early and had Pizaffari almost to ourselves, which sure beats later in the day when it is a madhouse.

  • Arrived at the Magic Kingdom in the early afternoon and decided to use the time to enjoy some of our favorites as well as enjoy the A/C and stay out of the hot/humid/crowded afternoon.

  • Decided to head to EPCOT in the early afternoon and managed to make it on the last monorail out before they were shut down for some reason. They blocked the line behind us. Noticed the resort line had stopped too. Transferred to the EPCOT line at the TTC which appeared to be running normally. As we entered the park noticed some paramedics on the platform and a squad down below. By the time we made it around all was gone. So no clue what was going on this afternoon but seemed strange to have the MK lines closed off then a response on the EPCOT platform about the same time.

  • AS I roamed through the park had a little time to kill before dinner so finally made it onto Spaceship Earth and then caught most of an Off Kilter set before heading to Yachtsman to join up with the rest of my group for dinner.

  • Dinner at the Yachtsman was good as usual. Decent service and food this evening. The menu had been tweaked since our last visit but my usual was still there (filet mignon and fries). Comparing this steak to the Shulas on the first night I would give the nod to Shulas this time around. Yachtsman was good but I have had better there and Shulas was great.

  • After dinner took a bus over to the Magic Kingdom. The rest of my group transferred to a bus to the Riverside at this point but I went to roam the park and enjoy the evening shows and hope to avoid the on coming rain.

  • Upon entering the park Main Street was alive with activity and quite crowded. This was one of the few nights you could see the evening events, no Halloween party!

  • I made my way around to Fantasyland and it was actually fairly peaceful back there so snapped some pictures while eating some ice cream (which was sort of a challenge for me... I could really use a third hand).

  • Found a spot in Liberty Square for the Main Street Electrical Parade, decided that was better than trying to deal with the crowds on Main Street. Also it gave me a chance to try and get some pictures of the parade with the castle in the background. Was a little disappointed to see the train unit was not running this evening. Mickey and Minnie were walking right in front of the finale float.

  • After the parade made my way through the crowd to the end of Main Street to watch Wishes. No clue why but the show really bothers me. I just do not like it as much as the Disneyland shows.

  • As the final shells were going off I turned and headed for the exit. The monorail line was already backed up a good three trains. So decided to do something I usually do not do which was the ferry. I saw one just pulling in and figured timing was good. Made my way through the maze of ropes and just as I was about to the turn stile they closed the gate. The boat was nearly empty which made no sense to me, but there was another already docked so maybe it would be a quick turn around. No such luck. We had to wait for one to arrive and then board. Then they waited until it was absolutely full. Then as we were preparing to leave they turned the lights on and boarded the one next to us.

  • The positive of this was I was first on and first off and had a great view of the Electrical Water Pageant as it floated by. But making it to EPCOT for Illuminations was looking like a long shot. Made it to the TTC and hiked up to the Monorail platform just as a train was pulling in. Boarded and less than a minute later was on my way to EPCOT, wow some good timing! Arrived at the front of the park about about 7 minutes before the show was to begin. So set off on a faster than usual hike to the turn stile, through the park, and to a spot for the show. Made it to a decent spot just as the safety announcement was being made and the introduction, so had about a minute to spare!

  • After Illuminations walked back to the buses to wrap up on my last night of the trip. Tomorrow its time to head home.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 25,865
Miles 9.7
Moderate 20,030
Walking Time 173