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Walt Disney World Day 7 Report

Friday October 5, 2012

Trip Log:

Started off the morning with a 6am wakeup call then out to catch at cab by 6:30am to make our 7:30 tee time at Lake Buena Vista.  Played our round, returned to the Riverside, showed and was on a bus to EPCOT just after noon.  Walked through Future World and Innoventions West before heading to the Seas.  Visited Nemo and walked around a bit then headed for lunch at Coral Reef. After lunch stopped by the Disney Visa photo spot and then headed for the buses and Animal Kingdom.  Arrived at the park as a down pour was happening so spend half an hour or so hiding under the bus awning waiting for it to let up then decided to make a break for it through the light rain and puddles to reach the park.  Headed for Dino Land and took refuge in Restaurantosourus.  The rain let up again and Dinosaur re-opened so walked on for a ride then ended up roaming by Everest and around to Africa.  It was now just after 6pm and the last safari was at 6:15 so hopped in line.  Walked right onto a waiting truck.  After the Safari hung out in Africa a bit then headed for the park exit and took a bus to the Beach Club. Walked to International Gateway and out to the Liberty Inn for dinner followed by the 8:00pm Star Ship Concert.  After the concert made my way around World Showcase, stopping to purchase something for a friend at the festival gift tent.  Then walked by Test Track and Mouse Gear before going to the front of the park to pick up our free Disney Visa photos.  After which I headed for the bus and the Riverside.  Took some pictures when I arrived then headed to the room to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Another pre-sun rise morning. This time to play a round of golf at Lake Buena Vista. Nothing too eventful to report from the round except that I had major problems keeping the ball anywhere near the fairway so lost quite a few and did not play well and thank to the rain and cart path only meant that I was doing a lot of walking and looking for my ball instead of taking pictures. At least we had fun.

  • Ate a later lunch at the Coral Reef which I had not been to in several years. The food was better than I remember it being last time, maybe I was just more hungry after golfing? The service was as slow as I had remembered. We spent a long amount of time waiting for things, ranging from having our order taken to dessert to the check.

  • Walked by the Disney Visa photo area in Innoventions and was shocked to find only one group in line so we decided to have our picture taken. For those unfamiliar for a couple hours a day there is a photo op open to Disney Visa Cardholders. You get a free 5x7 print and they will also take pictures with your camera for you. Well worth checking out if you find yourself near Innovations in the afternoon.

  • Spent the middle part of the afternoon at the Animal Kingdom trying to avoid the rain. Got trapped out at the bus stop for a good half hour waiting for it to let up when we first arrived. It was really coming down plus some lightening. Eventually made a push for the park entrance and made it to Dino Land before another big cell came through.

  • Finally made it onto Dinosaur, which was the reason for coming over to the park. Reminded myself again how much I really do not care for it. Indiana Jones at Disneyland I can ride over and over.. but Dinosaur is really a once every 5 year attraction for me and that may be too frequent.

  • The rain let up and I made my way around the Animal Kingdom taking some pictures in between up ticks. It came to a near stop around 6pm so went for a trip right before the Safari was to close for the evening (it closed at 6:15).

  • Made my way to EPCOT to close out the night. Wanted to get a couple pictures, check out the Eat to the Beat concert (Starship was performing tonight) and then pick up our Disney Visa picture.

  • Due to the rain I ended up leaving the park before Illuminations and head back to the Riverside to dry out. After a late night last night watching football and a very early morning I was tire too and still had two more days to go this trip.

Pedometer Information for the day: (Golf)

Steps 29,992 (10,576)
Miles 11.3 (4.0)
Moderate 18,871 (4,343)
Walking Time 164 (38)