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Walt Disney World Day 2 Report

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trip Log:

Started off the morning a bit later than planned and then headed out to the lake to check out the Art of Animation Resort.  Took some pictures then rejoined my group at the bus stop.  We headed to Animal Kingdom first.  Walked out to the Safari and grabbed a fastpass.  Stopped by Pangani Forest for a while until it was time to ride the safari.  Went for our ride then walked around the Tree of Life and over to Flame Tree BBQ where some got lunch and then on to Restaurantosaurus  After lunch walked through Dinoland, around by Expedition Everest and caught the Flights of Wonder show.  Followed by a walk through the Jungle Trek.  Strolled back to Africa and grabbed another Fastpass for the Safari before hopping on the train to Conservation Station.  Walked around the station a bit then back to Harambe for our Safari.  On the way out stopped to watch the street party followed by the Jamin Jungle Parade.  Followed the parade and headed for the exit.  Next stop the Studios.  Walked to the line board then the Backlot Express.  Wandered down Commissary Lane and over to the Animation Building.  Took my fill of pictures inside and stepped out into a rain storm.  Not as bad as yesterdays..  Let the rain subside then decided to head for the bus and the TTC.  Hopped on the express monorail to the Magic Kingdom.  Stopped by the Firehouse to pick up some more cards before wandering down Main Street and toward Tomorrowland.  Met  up with some friends and backtracked to Liberty Square and Hall of Presidents.  After eating worked our way through Fantasyland and out to Storybook Circus.  Decided to eat dinner and some grabbed something from the Launching Pad and others Cosmic Rays where we all met to eat.  After dinner walked back to Storybook Circus with the goal of going on the train, but it was closed for the evening.  So doubled back through Fantasyland to the Haunted Mansion.  Crossed behind the Main Street Electrical Parade and into Advnetureland.  The goal was a citrus swirl for some, but the machine was broken.  We noticed it was two minutes till Memories started so mad a quick walk to the hub to catch the show followed by Wishes.  After the show went back to Adventureland and a trip on the Jungle Cruise followed by Pirates.  Stopped by the Frontierland train station, and found the railroad still closed so hiked back to the front of the park and out to the bus back to Pop Century to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Spent the morning and into the afternoon at the Animal Kingdom. The original plan was to only spend a little time there but since the crowd was mild and we were having a good day we just stayed.

  • As you will see in the pictures the family troop of gorillas in Pangani forest was active so I spent a good chunk of time there just hanging out and taking pictures.

  • We had one of the best Safari drivers in a long long time. I wish I had thought to grab a picture of him and his name. It was an old gentleman and he just kind of talked to you. He covered the spiel but added a lot of extras and his delivery was great, just like he was telling stories to friends. He told several. One that stuck out was at the beginning of the ride he asked if anyone packed the toilet paper because he forgot to.. then as we sat on the savanna waiting for something he went into a story from about a time he told that joke he said a small child that was sitting behind him tapped him on the shoulder and whispered to him not to worry, her mother had wipies. Or as we crossed the croc bridge he asked way they all looked so large and happy? The answer was because they were on the Disney Dining Plan of course!

  • I stopped to watch a couple of the Street Party sets in Harambe and I think it is a great addition. It brings some energy to the area and causes guests to stop for a bit. Usually they just crowd and walk through the area. All seemed to be having a great time, as you will see in the videos.
  • For the afternoon stopped by the Studios for a brief time. Decided to bail out early to go meet friends at the Magic Kingdom instead of hanging around. The park to park buses still seem to have the longest wait to me.

  • While at the Studios walked through the Animation building because I wanted to see the Brave artwork and was surprised by the number of characters out inside and the small lines.

  • The afternoon featured a couple good rain cells blowing through, but nothing like yesterdays.

  • The Bus to the TTC was sooo slow in coming and then traveling there.

  • Ate dinner in Cosmic Rays and the sound was all goofed up. We could not really understand Sunny.

  • We were disappointed to find the Citrus Swirl machine was broken this evening.. so no dessert for some in the group that had wanted to try one.

  • As I was walking around after dark I noticed the Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom windows a lot more. The bright displays really stuck out to me. During the day they seemed to blend in bit more. Also noticed much longer lines at them today vs yesterday.

  • As we headed back to Pop Century for the evening we ended up on a charter bus. I was surprised they sent one to Pop. They seem to load so much slower and are harder to get onto and off of than the regular Disney buses. Seems like a less crowded route would have worked better. But it was nice to have a comfortable seat for the ride back to the resort, made it go much faster. 

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 28,685
Miles 10.8
Moderate 24,631
Walking Time 191