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Walt Disney World Day 11 Report

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trip Log:

Started off this morning packing up and preparing to head home.   First trip up to the airline check in counter was to drop off the suitcases.   Second trip the carryons then onto breakfast at Everything Pop before heading out to the parks.  First stop of the day was the Animal Kingdom.  Hiked out to the Safari to grab a Fastpass then we took the train to Conservation Station.  Walked around there and doubled back to use our Fastpass.  After riding walked through Pangani then continued on down the trail to Pizzafari for lunch.  After lunch decided to head to the Magic Kingdom.  Took the bus to the TTC and then the Express Monorail around.  Strolled down Main Street taking some last minute pictures and made a stop by Sleepy Hollow for some who wanted funnel cake.  Took a couple last pictures as I headed back toward the park entrance and the bus to Pop Century.   Got our bags and waited for the Magical Express bus then plane back to LAX to wrap up this WDW trip.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • This morning ran into my first problem with the airline checkin/Magical Express service.   We went to check in as usual and a few minutes into the process they ran into a computer issue.  They said that the system was not talking to Delta.    After quite a while it was decided to check out bags with luggage services and they would keep trying Delta.  If it goes through they were to tag and move the bags.  They took our flight information and we headed off for the day.    We did check back one more time after breakfast and still no luck.  Find it odd there is no way to do this and we were the only ones flying Delta but did not push the issue.  When we returned in the afternoon of course our bags were still there and we had to take them on the bus.  It was not too much of a hassle but still not as nice as just checking in and being done in the morning.   One other interesting note.. at the airport we went to check in and they said we already checked our bags… so they had to fix that which took a bit of time. 

  • We headed to the Animal Kingdom first.  The bus ride there took forever again!  Slow to arrive, slow to board, Blizzard Beach stop, etc..  ahh!
  • The park was not busy at all, which was nice.  I decided to head out to conservation station to see if anything interesting was happening.  Nothing was going on at all.  I wish they would post the days schedule somewhere so you do not have to hike all the way out there.  Also it could help to plan when you want to go.

  • At lunch at Pizzafari which turned into a long wait and then they even managed to goof up the order (hard to believe pizza can be goofed up but  it was) since they kept trying to charge us for more food than we wanted.  So it took quite a while to get two

    pizzas and a couple cups of ice.
  • We then headed to the Magic Kingdom.  Again an extremely slow bus…  seems we had some bad bus luck today.  The park itself was calm and we were there for a very brief time as some wanted a funnel cake snack.

  • That wraps up our 11 days at Walt Disney World and the Cruise.  Hope you enjoyed reading about it and seeing the pictures.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 12,132


Moderate 9,063

Walking Time 81