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Walt Disney World Day 10 Report

Monday, December 12, 2011

Trip Log:

Started off this morning heading to the Studios and hoping the rain would hold off.  Walked out to Toy Story and it had a posted 45 min wait already but it sure seemed to be moving so we decided to give it a try.  Thanks to very few Fastpass return people it was only a 20 wait.  When we exited the attraction we were greeted with rain.  Put on the rain gear and roamed down Hollywood Blvd.  Decided I had seen everything so headed for the bus to EPCOT.  Strolled in the front gate and then into Innoventions East, MouseGear and then hopped on the boat from Canada to Morocco.  Walked around Japan for a while then grabbed lunch at the Liberty Inn.  Continued on through World Showcase and visited Italy, Germany, China and Mexico.  Saw the film in China and went on the boat ride in Mexico before going o Innoventions West.  Got our free Disney Visa picture taken.  After the picture visited Spaceship Earth and then decided to take the Monorail to the TTC and Ferry Boat to the Magic Kingdom.  Arrived on Main Street as the 3pm parade was stepping off so watched it then took the train round trip.  Had some more time to kill so took the Express Monorail round trip before boarding the bus to the Yacht Club.  Ate dinner at Yachtsman then walked through the Beach Club and over to EPCOT.  Walked around to the American Adventure and caught the 6:45pm Candlelight.  After the show doubled back to the UK to give the band a second try.  Made it through a couple songs then hiked to the front entrance to pick up our free picture.  At this point some of the group headed for the room to call it a night. I turned around and walked onto Spaceship Earth followed by Test Track.  Decided to take on last hike around World Showcase and managed to make it all the way around with a couple minutes to spare before Illuminations.  Watched the show then headed for the exit, bus, and back to Pop Century to call it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • As we looked thought about what to ride this morning decided to give Toy Story a try.  We were delayed a bit so did not arrive at park opening as planned.  When we found our way out to Toy Story it was already a 45 min posted wait.  We decided there should not be many Fastpass Returns yet so maybe that was wrong.  Our hunch was correct and we ended up waiting only a little over 20 minutes.  They were doing something different after you picked up your glasses they were letting some groups go on the right staircase.  It appeared to be single riders and groups of two.  Not sure why they would need filler groups of two but they were.   Guess this saved some time for those but it appeared they had to wait in the regular queue to that point.  Is this a common practice here?   I really miss the single rider line in Anaheim.

  • After exiting Toy Story the rain started to pick up and became fairly miserable to walk around.  So we decided to head for EPCOT and some indoor options.  Our goal was Future World so we opted for the bus.  Unfortunately the bus to EPCOT is now located out in the regular bus area and not with all the Disney buses.  This means there is no cover or protection from the rain/wind.  When we showed up there was one guy standing there.  He said he had been there 20 minutes.  His family was seeking shelter under some trees down the path.   

  • Innoventions East a shell of its former self with lots of walls as the current slate of experiences is being updated with new ones.    Walked through the West side too and it was fairly dead too, but at least less walls.   Wonder if there is any plan to bring some extra life to the park this upcoming year when it celebrates its 30th.

  • We arrived on Main Street just as the 3pm Parade was kicking off.    The daytime parade at the Magic Kingdom has really disappointed me in recent years and this was no exception.  It had plenty of performers and characters but it just seems lacking to me.  I think part of the problem is it is been around too long.  The other part is Disneyland seems to do more with their parades.  Plus I am still irked by the fact they refuse to run a Christmas parade for the general public except during the Christmas week craziness.  If you want to see the Christmas parade you have to pay extra and go to the party.

  • Since this was our last evening in the parks went to our traditional spot of the Yachtsman Steakhouse.   The food lived up to our expectations.  Service seemed a tad off but our meal showed up promptly and was correct so cannot complain too much.

  • After dinner while hanging out at World Showcase decided to give the band at the United Kingdom pavilion another try.  My first impression back in May was not favorable.   This time around had the same one.   I enjoyed the British Invasion and this group that plays several other British groups just does not seem as good to me.  I think most of it has to do with me not liking the groups/songs so that leads to a less than favorable impression of the performances.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 24,723

Miles 9.3

Moderate 17,879

Walking Time 158