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Walt Disney World Day 7 Report

Monday, May 16, 2011

Trip Log:

Started off the morning with a 6am wake up call, a quick bite to eat at Everything Pop and off we were to Oak Trail for 9 holes of golf.  After golfing returned to the room, showered, and started to pack up since we leave tomorrow.  Once everyone was ready headed for the Animal Kingdom.  When we finally arrived at the park strolled out to Africa and grabbed a Fastpass for later then doubled back to Pizzafari to eat an early lunch.  After lunch it was back to Africa and a walk through Pangani.  Heard from some friends and met them for a ride on the Safari then a second walk through Pangani.  We parted ways and headed over to Asia.  Did the Jungle Trek and then caught the Flight of Wonder show.  Roamed around a bit then headed for EPCOT.  Went on Spaceship Earth followed by a walk through Innoventions East.  Just missed Energy so opted for a walk on to Test Track via the single rider line instead.  Spent some time photographing what was left of the Flower and Garden Festival and made my way out to the International Gateway.   Made my way to the Yacht club to rejoin the rest of my group and we ate dinner at Yachtsman steakhouse.  After dinner we walked back to EPCOT.  Caught the last song of Off Kilter then headed to the UK to catch the new band.  After their set made our way around World Showcase to the American Adventure and just barely made it into the 7:30 show.  After the show headed off to Germany where the group bought some snacks and then we continued on around the lagoon.    The group headed back to the room at this point.  I made a U-turn at Mexico and headed back around the World Showcase for one more pass.  Worked my way around taking pictures and relaxing and arrived back near the start of World Showcase with a minute or two to spare before Illuminations.  After the show it was off to the bus and back to Pop Century to finish packing up and get some sleep.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Started the morning off with another quick round of golf at Disney's Oak trail course. We wrapped up our round right at the launch time for the shuttle. We hung out with the CMs and some other golfers looking but due to the cloud cover we were not able to see the launch.

  • We headed to the Animal Kingdom mid morning and the busses were running really slow and I still do not understand why we have to stop at Blizzard Beach on both the way there and the way back. I guess it makes it more covenant for those folks, but with a majority of guests going to Animal Kingdom it seems like an unnecessary delay.

  • We spent a couple hours roaming the Animal Kingdom and caught up with some friends who happened to overlap our trip by a couple days. Always fun to run into familiar faces at the park.

  • Spent the afternoon and evening roaming around EPCOT. The park seemed really quiet to me, guess after the energy of the Flower and Garden Festival plus the Pixar 25th Anniversary weekend the park was sort of catching its breath.

  • We ate dinner at the Yachtsman since it was our last dinner for this trip. A great meal and service as usual!!

  • I finally caught the new band at the United Kingdom, they replaced the Beatles tribute band with a new tribute band that plays songs from many UK groups spanning the decades. Overall they had some great energy and sounded pretty good. The audience was rather light, not sure if it was them or just the park crowd. I thought they put on a solid show, curious to see if they develop the same type of following that the British Invasion had or Off Kilter. I will have to stop by again on another trip.

Pedometer Information for the day:

Steps 32,640 (8,392)

Miles 12.3 (3.1)

Moderate 24,234 (5,228)

Walking Time 211 (43)

Parenthesis indicate portion that was golfing.