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Walt Disney World Day 8 Report

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trip Log:

Started off our last morning packing up around the room then making a load up to the lobby to check in our bags.  Back to the room to do one more sweep and get the carryons.  Stopped by luggage services to drop the carryons then off to the Animal Kingdom.  Strolled out to Africa and stopped for a Pretzel before walking on the Safari.  Went for our trip.  Once back headed out to Conservation Station, hiked out, nothing was going on, so back to the train.  Once back walked around the Tree of Life and made our way to Flame Tree and Restarauntosarous for lunch.  After lunch strolled to the park exit and hopped a bus to the TTC.  Then a Ferry Boat to the Magic Kingdom.  Made our way down Main Street and some headed for Sleepy Hollow and I went into Tomorrowland.  Grabbed an icee and then rejoined the group at Sleepy Hollow.  After they finished their funnel cake strolled through Frontierland and then cut over to Adventureland and headed back to Main Street.  Did some shopping on the way out and then stopped by Guest Relations to convert our tickets (did not use the package ticket since I have an AP).    Then headed for the Express Monorail to the TTC and transferred to the EPCOT line.  At EPCOT headed for the Pop Century bus and made our way back to pick up the carryons and wait for the Magical Express.  Headed for MCO then LAX and home.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Our first task of the day was to get our bags checked in with the luggage service. We were a bit worried this time since we are part of a United baggage program where we paid a flat fee for the entire year, so we were not 100% sure how it would work. We called the phone number and talked to a couple of people and they said we should be fine but gave us a name and said to have the CMs doing the check in to call if there was a question or problem. We checked in and had no problem at all.

  • Due to the luggage check and then checking the carryons we were later heading out to the parks. First stop of the Morning was Animal Kingdom. We were surprised there were no real lines and we again walked right onto the Safari.

  • Made a quick trip out to Conservation Station to see if there was anything going on. I wish they would make the schedule for the day available without having to go out there.

  • The Magic Kingdom was next and the park was more crowded than the Animal Kingdom but still not bad, we just roamed around a bit and used the rest of our snacks up.

  • Before leaving the Magic Kingdom stopped by Guest Relations and had our Magic Your Way Tickets transferred from our room keys to paper. Since we used annual passes this trip our tickets were unused and we will use them on a later trip. The Cast Member at Guest Relations gave us a couple interesting looks and comments, but in the end did what we asked with no problem at all. He made it seem like we were created a lot of work for him. This is twice now the CMs at the Magic Kingdom guest relations were not the that friendly. Earlier in the week we stopped by the Animal Kingdom guest relations and those CMs were extremely cheerful and willing to help. They advised waiting until we used all our meal plan up just to be safe because sometimes the plans get messed up when they pull the tickets off the card (this was not a problem in May but I heeded her advice).

  • Since we had some time to kill we decided to take the monorail to EPCOT. This allowed for a quick survey of the park and made the bus ride shorter back to Pop Century.

  • When we headed out for our Magical Express bus the 3:45pm bus was still there and experiencing delays. Our 4:15 bus showed up while they were still border and we walked right on with no problem. The 3:45 bus pulled out maybe 2 minutes before us.

  • Once at the airport we had no problems and for once the flight was on time and LAX even had a gate for us. The baggage pickup was crazy as always at LAX with several flights getting in the same time and using the same space. Outside the traffic was a mess as usual too but the shuttle to the parking lot picked us up eventually and we were clear of the airport in about an hour.

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