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Walt Disney World Day 7 Report

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trip Log:

Started off this cold morning heading for Everything Pop around 8:00am and the outside temp was 30 degrees.  Hopped on a bus and arrived at the Hollywood Studios about 9:00am.  Made our way out to Toy Story and grabbed a Fastpass, already for 12:05 return times and it was about quarter after nine only.  Wandered back and went for a spin on the Great Movie Ride then stopped by the Voyage of the Little Mermaid.   Circled by the ABC Commissary, the Sci Fi, the Backlot Express and back to the area in front of the hat.  Wandered out to Muppets and managed to just miss the show.  So spent some time roaming around then went to an early lunch at 11:00am at Pizza Planet.  After lunch worked our way back to Toy Story to use our Fastpasses.  Once I exited Toy Story roamed down Sunset Blvd to take some pictures of the Tower of Terror work and then out to the Hollywood Blvd to rejoin my group.  They decided they wanted to see Beauty and the Beast so headed back to where I just was.  After the show caught some of the street performers and then headed out of the park and onto the Friendship Launch to EPCOT.  Strolled through the International Gateway and the UK on our way to Canada.  Watched the Circle Vision film and then continued on past Mexico, Norway, China and around to Germany.  Stopped for some caramel corn and then continued on to Italy.  Stopped by the American Adventure to catch the 4:15 Voices of Liberty set then finished our round trip World Showcase tour before heading over to the Yachtsman Steakhouse for dinner.  After dinner it was back to EPCOT.  Walked through the UK, catching the end of the British Invasion set and then escorting most of my group back to Future World since they were heading out for the evening.  I roamed around the Fountain of Nations for a while then over to take some pictures of Mission Space and Test Track.  Made my way back to World Showcase and watched the last set of the evening of the British Invasion.  Then made my way around to Morocco just in time to catch the last song of Mo Rockin.  Continued on to the American Adventure and watched the end of the Candlelight before reversing course and stopping at Japan to check out its gallery, then spent some time roaming through France before deciding to head for a spot for Illuminations.  Watched the show and then joined the masses exiting the park.  Hopped on a bus and called it a night.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Yesterday was cold, but today was literally freezing... as we watched the weather channel to prepare for the day they said it was 29 degrees outside with a wind chill of 21. That is just crazy for central Florida.

  • We decided to head to the Studios and arrive just after opening. Toy Story was already crowded and Fastpasses going fast. We got some fro just after noon and when we circled back by an hour or so later they were gone for the day already.

  • Not much to report from the Studios as we roamed around and tried to stay warm. Did see a second cast for the Disney Channel Rocks show, this one was not as good as the other day but still better than the ones I have seen in Anaheim.

  • Stopped by to catch the Beauty and the Beast stage show. The aluminum bleachers were way too cold... also we really miss the preshow singing group, Take 5.

  • We stopped by EPCOT in the afternoon to stroll around World Showcase in the daylight (and without rain). The cold weather kept the crowds down too.

  • I was surprised to see topiaries covered in mid day, I guess they decided to just keep everything covered/protected for safety and because they were expecting another freeze tonight.

  • The Voices of Liberty drew a good size crowd to watch the set we attended. Only complaint I have is how short their sets are. I know they are that way because they are technically part of the pre-show but still it would have been nice to have an extra song or two. I was surprised by how many guests were like us and after the show left without going into the American Adventure show.

  • We ate dinner at Yachtsman as our traditional last night meal and it did not disappoint, but Narcoossees did give it a run for its money this trip.

  • The evening was cold but not as cold as last night. Temps were close to 40 and the wind was not as bad.

  • During Illuminations the Earth Globe had some issues and did not open for the regular finale, but it did for the Holiday tag.

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