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Walt Disney World Day 6 Report

Monday, December 13, 2010

Trip Log:

Started off the morning with another 6am wake up call and cold walk to Everything Pop for a quick bite before heading to the golf course.  Arrived at the course around 7am and headed out onto Oak Trail.  After our round it was back to Pop Century for a quick shower and then out to the bus stop and over to the Animal Kingdom.  Strolled out to the safari and walked right on.  After our safari headed to Pizzafari for lunch then walked around Discovery Island and into Asia.  Wandered through the Jungle Trek and grabbed a snack before the 1:00pm Flights of Wonder show.  Then at 2:00pm watched the Finding Nemo musical.  After the show headed for the busses and over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge to check out the holiday decorations and then a bus to Downtown Disney.  Wandered through the Marketplace, some stopped to eat at Cookes of Dublin.  I continued on through Pleasure Island and the West Side.  Grabbed some dinner at the Food Quest in DisneyQuest and spent some time roaming around and warming up.  After DisneyQuest walked back through the Westside and out to the Pleasure Island bus stops.  Some returned to the room and I went to the Yacht Club and walked over to EPCOT.  Killed some time in the UK and caught the 7:55 British Invasion show.  Then strolled around the World Showcase Lagoon and stopped to watch to 8:20 Candlelight.  Warmed up a bit in the American Adventure Gallery then back out to watch the end of the show.  Continued on around World Showcase Lagoon stopping again in Germany to warm up then in Mexico to do the same.  In Mexico went on the boat ride and then headed back out into the cold watched Illuminations from the new dining area.  After the show joined the masses heading for the busses and back to the resort to call it an evening.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • This was our coldest morning of the trip so far. The temperature was a cool 37 degrees when we showed up at the Golf Course and the wind chill was probably around 30. They were offering discounts and deals to anyone crazy enough to go out this morning, it sounded like they had more cancellations than they did players showing up. We went and played a quick nine holes on Oak Trail. An interesting note the cab driver left the meter on and it would have been just over $18 to get from Pop Century to the club house.

  • After our round of golf it was back to the resort for a hot shower to warm up before heading out to the parks. We decided to go to the Animal Kingdom and as we were leaving the room the weather channel said the wind chill was 33 degrees.

  • The park itself was really dead. We were able to walk right on the Safari. Also the myth about the animals liking the cold is just that a myth. It was too cold for them even as most were not out or were just trying to stay warm, not a lot of activity.

  • We swung by the Animal Kingdom Lodge to check out their decorations and they had quite a few in door activities going on for the kids being run by the life guard CMs, since the pools were closed due to the weather.

  • Next up was Downtown Disney and again the crowd was really light. Maybe it was because it was a Monday or maybe the weather. Also surprised DisneyQuest was fairly quiet. I was expecting it to be crowded since it was in a climate controlled building.

  • Headed out to EPCOT after Downtown Disney so decided to take the bus over to the Yacht Club (or Boardwalk, whichever showed up first). It was well over 20 minutes for a bus to show up and in that time span we saw at least two for ever other route and some routes a handful or more. Normally this does not bother me too much, but it was cold waiting out there! When we got onboard everyone was complaining about the long wait.

  • Once at EPCOT I found the park to be dead also. Since the temps were heading toward freezing again and the wind was blowing fairly constantly seems guests packed it in for the evening. Even the British Invasion group cut their set short (there were only a dozen or so guests in the area watching with me).

  • Out at the Candlelight there was an odd experience.. plenty of seats and the CMs actually asking if you wanted to come in and sit down. I opted to stand so I could try to stay warm (between that and spending some time in the American Adventure lobby to let me fingers warm up.

  • It was really odd to walk around the park and prior to 8:00pm to be able to get fairly wide shots with no one in sight.

  • I was hanging out in Mexico staying warm and decided to try viewing Illuminations from the new dining area, since I could walk right up at show time thanks to the weather. The view was good from there. It felt odd to me since I usually watch looking at the American Adventure it felt sideways to me (which it should not since its a show in the round). The sound was echoing a bit and not that crisp to me. Seems we were able to hear it from other spots around the lagoon. Not sure if this was the location or the nearly empty park combined with the weather?

Pedometer Information for the day:


29,781 (8,871)


11.2 (3.3)


20,794 (6,297)

Walking Time

180 (52)