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Walt Disney World Day 5 Report

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trip Log:

Started off the morning sleeping in a bit and grabbing a bite before heading out to take some pictures around Pop Century.  Worked my way around the Hourglass Lake and then out to the bus stop to meet up with my group and head over to EPCOT.  We walked onto Spaceship Earth then off to get Fastpasses for Soarin then over to the Seas with Nemo.  Spent some time roaming around the main area and then over to the Imagination Pavilion to see Captain EO and the Figment attraction.  Then decided it was time for lunch so hiked around World Showcase and out to the Liberty Inn to grab a bite.  The rest of the group went to the Sunshine Seasons food court.  I was delayed returning to Future World due to some rain that blew into the area.  Made it to the Friendship launch and then over to Future World.  Made a run for Innoventions then the Land dodging the rain as I went, so it took quite a bit longer than usual.  Met up with the group and went on Soarin followed by the Living with the Land boat ride and Circle of Life film before walking over to Innoventions West, followed by the games at Project Tomorrow then Innoventions East.  We ended up playing the garbage game and then over to Universe of Energy.   Then circled back through the Electric Umbrella and out to World Showcase.  Watched an Off Kilter set and then headed for the front of the park and the monorail to the TTC where I transferred to the Resort line and disembarked at the Grand Floridian.  Hung out in the lobby for a while before going out to our 5:45pm Narcoossees reservation.  After dinner back to the lobby and hopped on a bus to the Studios.  Walked down Mickey Ave and through Pixar Place on my way to the Streets of America to see the Osborne lights.  Took some pictures for an hour or so then headed for the exit.  Got sidetracked with a Mulch, Sweat, and Shears concert near Echo Lake before heading out to the Bus to call it an evening.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Hiked out to the far side of Pop Century from where we were staying to check out the progress on the Art of Animation Resort that will be opening in 2012. The official Parks blog released more concept art for this upcoming resort. Check it out here.

  • Stopped by the Living Seas (sorry the Seas with Nemo and Friends) and found quite a few people milling around but no real lines or waits. Also got to see them feed the eels which was something I had not seen and it was really interesting to watch.

  • Noticed at the Imagination pavilion that the Kodak signage outside is gone. The reference on the signs was still there but nothing on the main sign or the post show area. I was surprised by how rude the CMs working the ride were. We had three people in our group plus some bags (my large camera bag and a backpack) and the CM tried to squeeze us into one of the smaller front rows even though there was no line at all and you could just walk right in. They could have given us a 2nd larger row or just two rows since there was no one around.

  • I stopped by to see Captain EO to compare it to its Anaheim cousin. Overall same film and quality. The motion of the theater was much less in EPCOT. It seemed to be timed more to transformations instead of the music. Also Captain EO, no tribute signs, less bounce/movement than Anaheim.  The movement seemed to be timed more for transitions and transformations instead of on the music beats. Also found it interesting that the signage did not say tribute on it like Anaheim's. Also the audience seemed much quieter than the ones I have been with at Disneyland. The Disneyland groups usually cheer or clap or something when Michael Jackson first appears and/or the end of the film. EPCOT's was quiet.

  • Today was the only day of the 8 that had any rain. There were showers off an on for the early part of the afternoon. It was enough to slow us down and annoy us for a while but not that bad. Of course my timing was terrible and I hiked out to lunch at the Liberty Inn and did not take all the rain gear it was safe and dry inside the Land with the rest of the group so it took me a while to make my way back to them after lunch waiting to go in between cloud bursts and utilizing the Friendship launch to get across the lake. This also marked the beginning of a cold spell where the temps at night would be freezing with all sorts of record lows forecasted for the next few days. The morning started off as one of our best weather wise!

  • As we roamed through Innoventions and I really looked at the exhibits I think it could really use a refresh to showcase new or upcoming technology. What is there is ok, but its not that forward thinking in most cases. The interactive exhibits/games are interesting and well done but it really does not live up to showing us the future (near or far term).

  • Stopped by the Grand Floridian for dinner at Narcoossee's and was surprised at how busy the lobby seemed. Not sure if it was because of the day/time of day/weather or what but there just seemed to be a ton of activity in and around the Lobby. Dinner at Narcoossees was great as usual and thanks to the surf and turf the others ordered it turned out to be our most expensive meal.

  • After dinner headed over to the Studios to spend some time on the backlot with the Osborne lights (and to see if the rain or cold cut the crowds down, this was the late night for the park). In the end the park was busy but not jammed. Toy Story still had a long line and despite the temperatures dropping back down to the 40s there was a healthy crowd.

  • I spent a good hour or so just roaming around, taking some pictures and video and enjoying the lights and music. It was a great way to spend the evening.

  • I did not see it on a schedule anywhere but on the way out stumbled upon Mulch, Sweat and Shears near Echo Lake. It was great to watch their show, but a bit cold for me!!

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