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Walt Disney World Day 8 Report

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trip Log:

Started off the morning sleeping in a bit, finishing up packing and then taking the luggage to the Airline checkin and the carryons to luggage services.  After complete headed for the Mill and breakfast.  Then headed to the Animal Kingdom.  Hiked out to the Safari and grabbed a Fastpass then went on (about a 15 min wait).  After the ride walked through Pangani then used the Fastpass to ride again.  Once back wandered by the Tree of Life and into Dinoland.  Ate lunch and then headed for the busses.  Decided to go to the TTC and hop a monorail round trip to EPCOT and back.  Then transferred to the Express line and went to the Magic Kingdom.  Wandered down Main Street and stopped at Sleepy Hollow for an Ice Cream Sandwhich.  After eating walked around the Castle, through Fantasyland, then headed for the entrance.  Stopped by the candy store on Main Street and then headed for the Port Orleans bus.  Picked up my carryons, changed clothes and had about 15 minutes to kill till the Magical Express bus showed up and I was off to the airport.

Notes: This trip we took advantage of the free Dining Plan Promotion Disney had. So we had a standard DD plan.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • We used the resort airline checkin. Unfortunately United now collects bag fees (the last couple of trips they did not through Disney). But now you have to call the day before just like all the other airlines and pay. The process was quick and easy. The only problem was clearly hearing the person on the phone. Their call center was extremely noisy.

  • After breakfast we headed to the Animal Kingdom. We had the best bus driver of the trip. I do not remember his name but he was on a roll talking to everyone and telling jokes. Also he was cycling through many of the messages the new bus system can do. Wishing people happy birthday, anniversary, etc... also to see what people would say as we pulled into Animal Kingdom he played the park was at capacity message (which I had never heard) and it was great to listen to people's reactions!

  • We got Fastpasses for the Safari but opted to wait in line since the return time was a little too late for the rest of the group (they had an earlier flight out and were heading back toward the resort after the Safari). The wait was only about 15 minutes so it was not too bad.

  • I roamed around a bit then used a Fastpass to ride a second time. We were stopped at a great spot for just over 10 minutes on the main savanna area. It was fun to just sit there and watch the animals move around.

  • The crowds at both parks I visited today were not bad, actually on the light side.

  • I noticed a regular monorail pull into the EPCOT line (not the Tron-O-Rail) so I made a bee-line to jump on so I could get some clear pictures of the flower beds.

  • Made it back to the Riverside, changed, and was ready for the bus with a good 15-20 minutes to spare. The Magical Express bus was right on time and this trip (vs the last couple) we only made one stop at the French Quarter before heading off to the airport.

  • Speaking of the airport they finally finished the renovations on the concourse United uses. Everything looks great.

  • Nothing of interest to report on the flight home. As we left Orlando we flew right over Disney World, great sights.. I wish I had remembered to keep a camera out of the overhead bin! Wonder if you can even use a digital camera on take off anymore?

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