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Walt Disney World Day 5 Report

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trip Log:

Started off the morning with breakfast at the Mill and then hopped on a bus to the Studios, transferred to a Pop Century Bus, then waited for a Sports Complex bus.  Finally made it to the complex and spent some time wandering around the buildings and some of the fields.  After exploring all we cared to explore we headed for the bus and back to Pop Century and back to the Studios.  Wandered out to the Muppets and caught the show, since it reopened today.  Walked around the backlot and hopped on the Backlot tour.  After the tour headed for the park entrance and the boat over to EPCOT.  Finally arrived at the park and made our way to Canada and Le Cellier for lunch.  After lunch watched O’Canada and then walked over to the Garden Town (old Wonders of Life).  Spent some time walking around inside then headed through Innoventions and over to the entrance.  Hopped on a monorail to the Magic Kingdom and hopped on the train.  I disembarked in Frontierland and grabbed Fastpasses for Big Thunder and Splash and then hiked back to Main Street by way of Adventureland.  Stopped to catch some of the Pirate show along the way.  Watched the Flag Retreat then spent some time in the shops before catching the Street Party from the hub.  After the party headed for Tomorrowland and Monsters Inc.  Then stopped by the Hall of Presidents  before using the two Big Thunder Fastpasses.   Doubled back to Sleepy Hollow for a snack(I hiked to Tomorrowland for an ICEE) then back out to use the two Splash Mountain ones.    Walked briskly through the masses and found a spot on the Train Station just as Spectro was about to start.  Watched the parade and then headed for the bus and resort to call it a night.

Notes: This trip we took advantage of the free Dining Plan Promotion Disney had. So we had a standard DD plan.

Thoughts & Observations:

  • Since some of the group wanted to relax this morning two of us decided to head to the Sports Complex, now that it is called the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. We decided to head to the Studios and then to Pop Century to transfer to a bus to the Sports Complex. Currently you can only catch a bus from Pop Century, Caribbean Beach, or All Star Resorts. This little adventure took about an hour to get there. Once at the complex we learned that busses leave on the top and bottom of the hour.

  • It has been quite a few years since I was last out to the complex. There are a few more buildings and several more fields, plus all the ESPN signage that was added this past year with the name change. The complex was a live with activity due to several events going on including a special olympics competition. It was much more fun to see the complex alive with activity, last time we went there was nothing going on and it was deserted.

  • After visiting the complex we headed for the Studios (by way of Pop Century). Wandered out to the check out the Muppets since it just re-opened from a rehab. I noticed new screens in the waiting area, appeared to be LCD. The film itself looked extremely sharp too, thanks to new digital projectors (or at least that is what I read somewhere). Also noticed that the upper screens that were used for fireworks were not being used, guess those were phased out of the show?

  • I thought I read the Backlot tour was down for rehab recently so I wanted to take a run through it. They managed to make it even worse! The effects tank at the beginning was not even taking volunteers anymore. They just cycled through some of the effects and then you went on to the tram. The rest seemed about the same with a quick drive through the one building then Catastrophe canyon before being dumped off at the AFI showcase.

  • At lunch at Le Cellier and had a great time and meal. We were a little disappointed we could not get a dinner scheduled there but a late lunch worked. We kept commenting that it is only a matter of time before this counts as a two-table service location for the dining plan.

  • Since it was Saturday the Magic Kingdom had a much heavier crowd than our last few visits, but thanks to Fastpass and the attractions we wanted to visit the crowd really did not effect us.

  • Caught a little of the Jack Sparrow show across from Pirates, it follows the same template as the Jedi Training Academy. Kids are chosen to participate then they are trained to do a series of moves/mock fight and then they each get to go against a Pirate. It was fun to watch and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

  • We stopped to see the Laugh Floor. I am still surprised they strictly enforce the no photo rule in there.

  • Made it to Main Street just in time for Spectro Magic. Still a fun parade to watch.. wonder if they will make any changes while it is down for the summer (the Main Street Electrical Parade is slated to run all summer).

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